• Published on: 12 February 2013
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  • Runtime : 23
  • battle for dream island again bfdi bfdia cartoon competition game flash game platformer puzzle


  • OctoInklin
    OctoInklin   10 hours ago

    Alright, who gave Coiny and Firey gay drugs?

  • Hxzzys
    Hxzzys   1 days ago

    The thumnail looks sus

  • adrzi Games
    adrzi Games   4 days ago

    well now isint anymore becuse of flashsadly

  • J-Bird
    J-Bird   4 days ago

    That thumbnail...It is so freakin cursed

  • Isa Trujillo
    Isa Trujillo   4 days ago

    First comment by @SurvivorAnthony 8 years ago said “Sorry whens the episode out?”

  • iiAlicq
    iiAlicq   5 days ago

    When did objects get butts

  • Slime396
    Slime396   5 days ago

    man i remember i played this a long time ago and finished it for like 2 hours.but now it is gone. rip flash.

  • BreadzRoblox
    BreadzRoblox   5 days ago

    nobody:not even a single contestant:the thumbnail: butt

  • Santix YT
    Santix YT   5 days ago

    Tuberculo:Expresion de todos al ver la miniatura del videoTUBERCULO O_o

  • OregonRailfanner 3001

    Everyone if you want to play the game you can’t anymore since it was made with flashRIP flash player 1996 - 2020

  • LAKottke
    LAKottke   1 weeks ago

    Okay thicc firey and thicc coiny are cursed

  • Jabrannn
    Jabrannn   1 weeks ago

    The thumbnail is cursed just talk about it

  • 8-Ball
    8-Ball   1 weeks ago

    I Love This Music

  • Highway
    Highway   2 weeks ago

    R.I.P BFDIA 5b Flash died

  • Decearing Apple
    Decearing Apple   3 weeks ago

    5b: We made a game2021: Sorry, but um, you can't play it.

  • Earth ball
    Earth ball   4 weeks ago

    I got rid of the game yeah yeah yeah flash is no more yeah yeah yeah

  • Team Bloxy
    Team Bloxy   4 weeks ago

    Sadly you can't play the game anymore since Adobe