Man Claims To Have Encountered A Female Sasquatch | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 08 September 2020
  • The shocking story of a man who claims to have seen a female sasquatch leads the team to Louisiana.

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  • Runtime : 8:39
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  • Larry Carmody
    Larry Carmody   2 hours ago

    Be. CArful or a Bigfoot will have you for breakfast.

  • Chris T
    Chris T   2 days ago

    All these people on this show are smokin meth I assure you

  • Cameron
    Cameron   6 days ago

    4:04 What if some people report rancid wet dog smells when a bigfoot is near because they have swamp muck matting down their hair? That would explain why it isnt always reported, bigfoots aren't all in swamps.

  • Jay876
    Jay876   6 days ago

    At 5:40 my husky heard the big foot calls and just stared at me like I was an idiot 🤣😂

  • Weird Kids TV
    Weird Kids TV   1 weeks ago

    Anyone else noticed something behind him at 00:26

  • Mike Horton
    Mike Horton   2 weeks ago

    LOL. A couple of nights.... You really think they spent nights apart and slept in that???? WOW! LOL.....

  • Nicole Blount
    Nicole Blount   4 weeks ago

    Bigfoot exists. It’s just this show do a lot of fake stuff for the tv show. I like the show These woods are haunted which give people’s own account

  • Michael Linkroum
    Michael Linkroum   1 months ago

    Yeah the show was bogus but I like seeing different parts of the country and hearing different accents!

  • Justin Fendelet
    Justin Fendelet   1 months ago

    this guy seems,like he knows what he dam well saw....

  • Greta Leukert
    Greta Leukert   1 months ago

    "I ain't coming to you but you don't come to me, either." I've said that a few times...not about bigfoot though lol.

  • CrazyBear65
    CrazyBear65   1 months ago

    A hiker lost in the deep woods and a young female sasquatch both sought shelter in a cave during a severe thunderstorm. 20 years later they now have three kids.

  • Andre Ellis
    Andre Ellis   1 months ago


  • Landen Emch
    Landen Emch   2 months ago

    This show has single handedly instilled a fear of the woods in me. I know it’s fake but there’s always that possibility of what if.

  • Landen Emch
    Landen Emch   2 months ago

    “I got beat up by a Samoan chick in high school, so I’m used to it” 🤣🤣💀💀💀

  • robocowboy
    robocowboy   2 months ago

    A female sasquatch comes out of the clearing, and she's wearing spectacles she says "Huh huh. A sasquatch with spectacles...have you ever seen such a thing?"

  • Wanda Dienner
    Wanda Dienner   3 months ago

    I like this show and I adore bobo .he is so loveable much like a life long family friend. And I do believe there are sashquatch creatures. A type of ape .. and I think it's probably God keeping it hidden and protected.. giving us mere humans a mystery to keep us guessing and our minds off the ridiculous condition of this messed up world. By the way I have been places where bears are rather abundant but I myself never got to see one.

  • Darrin Long
    Darrin Long   3 months ago

    It's a shame that "Finding Bigfoot" is allowed to post their bullshit, fake ass videos on YouTube. There might very well be a big hairy creature wandering the wilderness but this group of ass clowns haven't been within 1000 miles of it.

  • Sarah Treece
    Sarah Treece   4 months ago

    I love the PERSONALITIES of the team and the STORYLINES - BUT - these guys clearly have no freaking idea what they’re doing or talking about. Never found one solid piece of evidence. Never spend more than 1-2 nights investigating with CAMERAS AND LIGHTS AND A CAMERA CREW AND THE LOUDEST SHIT POSSIBLE .. yet They have never produced ANYTHING… and meanwhile they have the AUDACITY To accuse REAL BF RESEARCHERS like: yes, TODD STANDING, who spends literal WEEKS in the most dangerous parts of the country and has gathered more evidence than any of these guys could ever have a chance or HOPE of gathering and yet these guys try to say that people like todd standing (a guy who DEVOTES AND RISKS HIS LIFE AS A CAREER TO EXPOSING and PROTECTING these creatures. Todd standings footage is not fake, there’s no ways and yes before you ask there Are so many ways to PROVE that his findings are legitimate, as he’s gone out with peoples like SURVIVORMAN, JEFF MELDRUM, JOH BENDERNAGHEL (rip), and many others who have ALL validated Todd’s techniques and research and findings. These jig heads are only entertaining cause Ranae is hot (lesbian hot) and BoBo and Cliff are Gods gift to earth. Otherwise this whole show is total BS and they Always come up endu handed. 🙄 sorry for the rant yall but I’ve been watching this show since it aired like 15 years ago and…. They’ve still no real evidence or experiences even CLOSE to the evidence and experience that Todd Standing has.. yet THEY wanna call HIM a fraud… 🤦🏻‍♀️ man do they have NO IDEA how far off frontbencher theta snd evidence )sch to

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith   4 months ago

    That guy could be mistaken for a bigfoot, lol.

  • Kaily armenta
    Kaily armenta   4 months ago

    There were somthing behind the tree 👀👀

  • 09 Simon
    09 Simon   4 months ago

    0:24 what is that in the background

  • Justin Moga
    Justin Moga   4 months ago

    I think i saw something 24,25,26 second in on the left

  • Walt K
    Walt K   5 months ago

    This is the stuff of trailer park boys for sure

  • Mr6wolfdog
    Mr6wolfdog   5 months ago

    "I'm going to make sure it hears me".. . You better carry an olive branch or a bag of apples .. just in case you do run into one By Yourself in caddo swamp!

  • Ahmed Jartu
    Ahmed Jartu   5 months ago

    Big foot arrived with an UFO from Africa to the USA

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord   6 months ago

    I love watching these, it’s such BS and i love how serious they get🤣

  • Sarim Khan
    Sarim Khan   6 months ago

    I don't know if you guys noticed but at 0:27 there is something behind the guy almost 7 feet tall. :E

  • Mr_kiwi676
    Mr_kiwi676   6 months ago

    0:24. OMG did anyone see the thing moving to the left of the guy

  • John Janczyn
    John Janczyn   6 months ago

    How'd you know she was female , did she flash you

  • Danielle smuzinsky
    Danielle smuzinsky   6 months ago

    No one noticed the fire by woods behind guy explaining his experience?