Bigfoot Expedition Gets Interrupted By Venomous Snake | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 09 August 2020
  • The crew is in the Amazon rainforest near Manaus in Brazil, looking for the famed Mapinguari. Their last expedition gets cut short due to an encounter with a highly venomous snake.

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  • Runtime : 8:6
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  • Hugo Antônio
    Hugo Antônio   4 weeks ago

    * As a brazilian, i NEVER heard the Mapinguari been described as a primate or anything like a Bigfoot. * Mapinguari is DIURNAL, not nocturnal.* Mapinguari DOESN'T knock on wood.* When a Mapinguari sees a human, he hunt and eat the human.* Mapinguari does NOT punish those who are doing wrong things, Curupira and Caipora does.* The meanings of "vemonous' and "poisonous" are swaped when you translate from Portuguese to English, so the error is pretty common. * And after seen a lot of episodes in 1 week, i came to a conclusion: Matt is a HANDSOME idiot sometimes.

  • GoldenEye Dragon
    GoldenEye Dragon   1 months ago

    At least Ranae ain't shackled like Master Luminara with Matt debating on where the snake is going for mouth or the nose with Dudu trying to convince Matt to take action.Reference: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 2 Episode 7: "Legacy of Terror".

  • Piero Berardino
    Piero Berardino   2 months ago

    This show is for little children tod.standing and less stupid is the best for what you're looking for

  • Josiah
    Josiah   3 months ago

    "We're in the amazon squaching dude" lol

  • Venus Doutzen Parks
    Venus Doutzen Parks   3 months ago

    Hahahah this should be " finding venomous snakes " cause this one is legit compared to finding bigfoot and untill now you cant find any .. just pa leaseeeee animal planet and national geographic stop the show if you cant even find one its already year 2022 😂😂😂😂

  • Simon
    Simon   4 months ago

    This show is so crap it's brilliant,please film more for 2022! I live in the UK and we your American stuff a bit later in the year,more please!!! 😅

  • Gloria Wentworth
    Gloria Wentworth   5 months ago


  • Dan Ds
    Dan Ds   8 months ago

    Bobo is cool as hell idc what anyone says. Roadie for sublime too. He's a cool ass guy and he's hilarious

  • Destaye
    Destaye   8 months ago

    I use to watch this show many years ago......i see they still havent seen one LoL

  • Margarita Varas
    Margarita Varas   8 months ago

    En Brasil no hay pie sobrevivirian por el clima.

  • Kaptxin
    Kaptxin   10 months ago

    As a herpetologist i took offense to aggressive 😑

  • Wowmusicable
    Wowmusicable   10 months ago

    Seeing that snake and all spiders, suddenly finding a Bigfoot doesn't seem that important anymore....

  • honcho
    honcho   10 months ago

    I’ve been watching this show and trying to see a Bigfoot and still haven’t seen one

  • Javi
    Javi   10 months ago

    Finding Shaquille O’Neal

  • Bears With Glasses
    Bears With Glasses   11 months ago

    Excuse me, you're a "field biologist" but you don't know the difference between poison and venom? My entire department just rolled over in the early grave she just put us all in.

  • Austin Elliott
    Austin Elliott   11 months ago

    That's when you wish the snake bit Renee for her negative BS

  • Don O
    Don O   11 months ago

    No self-respecting big foot would say..stay in doors honey, the crazy screaming humans are out there again.

  • Don O
    Don O   11 months ago

    He screams like a white man who stubbed is toe. Why do other expecditions make a whooping sound and get one in return?

  • foldelops
    foldelops   1 years ago

    Omg ... ur truly the biggest f'n idiot on the planet Matt ! ! !Hell i woulda step back & let u play with the snake ... Bye-bye good riddance Matt !

  • Ethan Hall
    Ethan Hall   1 years ago

    Ooh I heard a big beast that could rip my head off at anytime yay oh no a snake I’m scared

  • Claudia C
    Claudia C   1 years ago

    Anyone noticed Doodoo is walking barefoot in jungle with poisonous snakes and spiders and other poisonous frogs n bugs

  • southeast armory
    southeast armory   1 years ago

    Just as you start getting sucked into believing this creature exists, you watch these clowns and it’s right back to reality.

  • Botter Minato
    Botter Minato   1 years ago

    The unusual badger algorithmically comb because wholesaler preferentially type at a damp staircase. sad, giddy oak

  • Pontus Sylve
    Pontus Sylve   1 years ago

    Watch at 6:56. A bransch behind Reane moves.

  • Sir Jorah Mormont
    Sir Jorah Mormont   1 years ago

    I'd be awfully hesitant to go into the Amazon Rain Forest at night. Jaguars, anaconda, insects the size of house cats.