Simon PAIRS UP Two Girls To Make New Duo... Watch What Happens! | The X Factor UK 2018

  • Published on: 08 September 2018
  • #Full Segment | The X Factor Season 15 | Audition Day 2 |
    Audition: Aaliyah & Acacia K

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  • Runtime : 9:59
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  • Talent Recap UK
    Talent Recap UK   2 years ago

    Hey everyone! Thank you so much for watching. Simon knows always what he does❤️ PLEASE SHARE This video guys with friends and family. Thanks so much!

  • 1D.fangirl 26xx
    1D.fangirl 26xx   3 days ago

    Only me who can only focus on Louis Tomlinson?😂🥰💕

  • Fernando Oliveira
    Fernando Oliveira   3 days ago

    Lindas, cantaram muiyo bem👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻....

  • Uri Megan
    Uri Megan   1 weeks ago

    Simon is my MAN. It is 2020, people, Get it.... Simon is a true born PROFESSIONAL at his field. Without him judging, I do not bother to watch the show. He also oozes Sexyness.

  • what's not up
    what's not up   2 weeks ago

    I'm here to see Louis .He looks so cute when he smiles

  • AMB Squad
    AMB Squad   1 months ago

    I hate Simon who else hates him??

  • joobsjr
    joobsjr   1 months ago

    pov: your here from teesquared 😂

  • David Gunn
    David Gunn   1 months ago

    Get at there Instagram account @acaciaxaaliyah_official !

    HOT TOPICS   1 months ago

    Who’s here from tee squareds video😂

  • Milana
    Milana   1 months ago

    And that’s how a friendship begins😁🤗

  • Shelby N
    Shelby N   2 months ago

    They prolly best friends now

  • Amanda Panda
    Amanda Panda   2 months ago

    People are saying the girl in the red was bad but I think they both did fantastic!🔥

  • Euph G
    Euph G   2 months ago

    I'm sorry but I don't like her singing

  • Servant Michael
    Servant Michael   2 months ago

    🤮🤮🤮 vomit song! A 14yr old bending like a stripper and saying she can "give it to you all the time?" Wth!

  • Katara Buie
    Katara Buie   2 months ago

    I didn't like how the girl in red was dancing. Its inappropriate for her age and Simon even looked like wth is she doing

  • Ann Caine
    Ann Caine   2 months ago

    They have both got good places and putting them together they sound much better

  • Nicol Doherty
    Nicol Doherty   2 months ago

    They weren't as good to me when singing together but they were good when singing alone in the last song

  • Ashtha Mishra
    Ashtha Mishra   2 months ago

    Anyone else wanna watch the guy that just got 4 yes'

  • r.j otd
    r.j otd   2 months ago

    3:11 sooo what's her name? The subtitles aren't helping.

  • willywonkaswife
    willywonkaswife   2 months ago

    i frigging love her accent. that’s literature first thing i said when the video started 😂

  • Zoey G
    Zoey G   2 months ago

    Simon: BANG BANG Me: yasss Simon show them u got talent too

  • cash macgregor
    cash macgregor   2 months ago

    great call, simon. this is what makes you the strongest judge on the panel. the other 3 would have just let them do their act and send them home. this could be the start of big things for these 2.