When Khabib Entered the Matrix! 🤩 (Film Study)

  • Published on: 24 August 2020
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    When Khabib Nurmagomedov entered the UFC, he was not as skilled in the striking department as he is today.
    No performance highlighted this better than his fight with Conor McGregor!


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  • kenanK TV
    kenanK TV   1 years ago

    Who wins, Khabib or Gaethje?- Be sure to like and subscribe if you're new, it helps out ❤💪

    KEVIN RAPOSO   7 months ago

    The observations and explanations are perfect. Good learning in your clip.

  • nayeem afridi
    nayeem afridi   7 months ago

    at the starting of the video what's the name of the music

  • nayeem afridi
    nayeem afridi   7 months ago

    at the start of the video what is the name of the ringtone?

  • Saf R
    Saf R   8 months ago

    Best breakdown yet

  • Naufal Amin
    Naufal Amin   8 months ago

    On point video. You are brilliant. Khabib is a very intelligent fighter calm and compose. Legend. Best of the best. GOAT!

  • Awan Ahmed
    Awan Ahmed   8 months ago

    Can anybody tell me what is tge name of the intro music

  • Skeleton Rowdie
    Skeleton Rowdie   8 months ago

    Incredible fight breakdown. Literally the best I have ever seen.

  • code X
    code X   8 months ago

    I wonder why the judge gave the round 3 to Conor... Biase

  • Sherif Aliti
    Sherif Aliti   8 months ago

    It will have a difference if a rematch occurs, Khabib will win in 1st round 👍

  • TheRedmart
    TheRedmart   8 months ago

    Enjoyable and insightful analysis of the fight. McGregor would never fight Khabib again, he would lose every time, and with more damage done.

  • golo5000
    golo5000   8 months ago

    It shows in your film study, that they study our fighters and form a game plan and execute. No longer can a Gracie or Tank Abbott dominate, that time is over. Your film study is the future. I will watch. Had to edit to add....I subscribe. LOL.

  • Miftah Farid
    Miftah Farid   8 months ago

    What is soundtrack this oppening ? May I know it ?

  • Humaid Abubakar
    Humaid Abubakar   8 months ago

    I don’t think so Khabib dominates again probably even worse then before he will maul and smesh him to bit 😅😅😅

  • David I
    David I   8 months ago

    When I need to feel good I just watch Khabib smash 💥

  • Abdullah Yousef
    Abdullah Yousef   8 months ago

    I ALWAYS said that his striking was really good! people just did not think so because of how good his grappling is... it covered up on his striking... but i ALWAYS said his striking was extremely underrated ..amazing analysis and thank you for this video!

  • mojoman xero
    mojoman xero   8 months ago

    Undoubtedly my favorite fighter of all time. That's my lifetime while the fighter is alive so we're excluding several beasts that are also my favorite fighters.

    PIXEL GAMING   8 months ago

    It is all bcoz he love God as his family." Alhamduhlilah, god is everything" ~khabib nurmagomadov

  • Dr Ham
    Dr Ham   8 months ago

    This is not the matrix, only one man ever entered the matrix in that octagon and that man is Anderson the spider silva

  • Edvin Parmeza
    Edvin Parmeza   8 months ago

    Khabib retired, so Conor could live in peace....

  • NewEra
    NewEra   8 months ago

    Do I have permission from you kenanK TV to print that frame?

  • Serkan E
    Serkan E   8 months ago

    Khabib has a lot of fighting experience. He has been fighting since very young age. You can clearly see that from his way of fighting. He calmly analyses or predicts well the movements of his opponents and counter acts accordingly. If he has been through of all the situations he experienced, he knows what to do. That’s why he is good. Simply compare his amount of matches with the amount of his opponents and u will see the big diff.The same holds true for example for Thai fighters. They fight around 400-500 matches during their carrière, that’s insane, and that’s why they are so hard to win against.

  • AH Z
    AH Z   8 months ago

    Watching again after the eagle has long retired. Amazing video

  • mufur
    mufur   8 months ago

    But you know that most of that is based on instinct and muscle memory...

    FM VRPV   8 months ago

    Your voice is amazing bro,,, argghhhh

  • kursieu p
    kursieu p   8 months ago

    Viele wissen mittlerweile wie Caney diese leben so sieht