This Game Looks UNREAL (World Exclusive) Man of Medan Part 1

  • Published on: 27 August 2019
  • Man of Medan:

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  • Runtime : 58:1
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  • Chad MacDonald
    Chad MacDonald   1 days ago

    I'm literally going to sub to you now as I had the same thought on the Mia song in the start 💀 lol nice

  • Heather Law
    Heather Law   1 days ago

    Hey are you gonna do little hope when it comes out since in done by the same creators

  • Sarah Jacobs
    Sarah Jacobs   2 days ago

    Is it horrible that I want everyone but Brad to be at least harmed?

  • Prince of Darkness
    Prince of Darkness   3 days ago

    Cant wait for him to play "Little Hope" next in the anthology series if he does.

  • Treasur White
    Treasur White   5 days ago

    Pews; I wanna go to China2020 people ; trust me you don’t wanna

    ADOBLO   6 days ago

    disliked bc u paused to turn on subtiteless and ruin everything

  • Bomonjirei
    Bomonjirei   1 weeks ago

    I was impressed by the Chinese those characters say. It's not 100% right. There's still a little bit weird accent sometimes(especially from that girl in red cheongsam). But honestly, it sounds better and more understandable than many other Hollywood movies.

  • Tiffany Barker
    Tiffany Barker   1 weeks ago

    PewDiePie how do you feel about getting overpass by T series by 40 million subscribers

  • ʂɬཞąყ
    ʂɬཞąყ   1 weeks ago

    Man these characters are snappy, I can’t imagine spending time around these type of people lol

  • 💜Monnie💜
    💜Monnie💜   1 weeks ago

    I haven’t watched your videos in a while but you got me obsessed with Until Dawn (even though I have yet to play it because it’s exclusively on PS4) any ways I am getting an Xbox One in a week and I was looking at Until Dawn and stumbled across this game and felt it was appropriate it watch YOU play it instead of someone else because it’s made by the same company and looks similar because that company makes similar games. Still love you and your channel I need to watch you more. There are so many people here on YouTube so I hope you understand that I don’t watch you as much as I used to. I hope you and Marzia are doing well.

  • Jeddar Cheese
    Jeddar Cheese   1 weeks ago

    2:00Pewds 11 months ago:are those melons? Epic!!! Pewds right now: *hates watermelons and made a new cocomelon parody intro to trick children because of a new channel growing fast

  • HeroGravity_x
    HeroGravity_x   1 weeks ago

    Been catching up on these videos for a while now glad I can finally watch this lol,

  • Bravo
    Bravo   1 weeks ago

    Compared to until dawn this game seems absolutely terrible... The quicktime events, the voice acting, the storyline

  • KAAL
    KAAL   2 weeks ago

    He says are those melons .. Now his biggest competitor is cocomelon

  • Jake Thejeweller
    Jake Thejeweller   2 weeks ago

    So making some knuckle dusters that say "fubar" on them hahahaha

  • Apex sounds
    Apex sounds   2 weeks ago

    Want good mantage songs and wallpapers and thumbnails for YouTube video watch out my new videos

  • Chubby Wubby
    Chubby Wubby   2 weeks ago

    I cMe to rewatch and for some reason disliked it, i was probaly scared lmao

  • Flack
    Flack   2 weeks ago

    12:14 dude i thought the notification was mine lol

  • • R e n •
    • R e n •   3 weeks ago

    31:23 sounds like a guy putting on a girl voice 💀

  • KINO 나의 유니버스 \ 아랍인

    2 things one the quality of the video making the game look less than the way it is and the other thing is really an amateur mistake dude THE FREAKING MOUSE!!!

  • John Foster
    John Foster   3 weeks ago

    Anyone else realize this is the origin story of Coronavirus?

  • Darth Gorthaur
    Darth Gorthaur   3 weeks ago

    19:52 why was the anchor down on the ship when it's ment to be at sea ?

  • Darth Gorthaur
    Darth Gorthaur   3 weeks ago

    I'm sorry pewds did you just say that there shipping back dead peeps to "help with history lessons" haha lol

  • christian riddick
    christian riddick   3 weeks ago

    He completely missed the thing in his friends room on the desk lol

  • Plump Pink lips
    Plump Pink lips   3 weeks ago

    9:24 13:55 13:57 (smoll) 14:33 14:35 16:15 17:25 (childs play) 18:07 18:30 18:35 (ew stop)23:42 31:26 39:48 45:42 (sharktale) 51:22 (smoll geez) 51:40(haabalabah) 55:21 (aalex)