special order

  • Published on: 08 October 2017
  • a man walks into a shop to buy some poison..

  • Runtime : 1:27
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  • Poyo Doyo
    Poyo Doyo   3 days ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how great "That'll be $47."*smushes little green berd"That'll be forty EIGHT dollars." was?

  • Red Rose
    Red Rose   6 days ago

    Anyone else hear yourpalross at the end?

  • MasterRainer251
    MasterRainer251   1 weeks ago

    i like the red berd dead is just like the green berd

  • Spencer Sonnefeld
    Spencer Sonnefeld   2 weeks ago

    So is there sufficient evidence to charge the store owner as an accessory to suicide?

  • Speetza
    Speetza   2 weeks ago

    Did I just watch a speedrun of the ending of Romeo&Juliet?

  • Guy Boo
    Guy Boo   2 weeks ago

    "Don't Tell nobody you bought it here.""Won't, for sure. I will leave the body here tho."

  • Reese
    Reese   2 weeks ago

    that's the idea :D

  • 0cean Svnset
    0cean Svnset   2 weeks ago

    berd diesother bird at desk: what a wacky dude

  • breh
    breh   3 weeks ago

    For the joke

  • Caesar salad
    Caesar salad   3 weeks ago

    *guy literally c o m m i t t s d i e * "What a wacky dude."

  • Stephanie Streicher
    Stephanie Streicher   3 weeks ago

    Is this a reference to Romeo and juliet , where romeo goes to the poison seller to buy a poison to die with juliet ,but here instead he just kills himself right there🤣

  • Black ferno
    Black ferno   3 weeks ago

    He died in the same position as the mini berd 😂

  • Katie Kat
    Katie Kat   3 weeks ago

    Philbert is 48 dollars when smushed?

  • Brickson Blue
    Brickson Blue   4 weeks ago

    Pleasure doin bu- AuEAuwRRaiauaea -Red Berd's last words

  • Luke Nearing
    Luke Nearing   4 weeks ago

    U just know that when voicing this over he was drinking lacroix

  • Aram Hayyan
    Aram Hayyan   1 months ago

    Dude committed suicide from an under table product of his shop in front of himWhat a wacky dude

  • Lewis Wheater
    Lewis Wheater   1 months ago

    0:22 P H I L B E R T W T F A R E Y O U D O I N G H E R E?

  • Erik Footz
    Erik Footz   1 months ago

    “Did you just-““Yep”“But you-““Uh-huh”“You know there’s no antidote for that”“That’s the idea, pleasure doin’ Kuhn aa BLEH”“What a wacky dude”XD

  • Plastic
    Plastic   1 months ago

    jeez the guy over the counter is acting like he never poisoned a guy before

  • loaf of lies
    loaf of lies   1 months ago

    "dont tell anyone you got that here" other berd dies in his shop.

  • Sad
    Sad   1 months ago

    Literally Dies"wHaT a waKccY dUde"

  • Zander Tagle
    Zander Tagle   1 months ago

    I was wondering where the wacky dude thing came fromMy quest is now complete