NBA's Top 60 Assists Of The Decade | #StateFarmAssists

  • Published on: 31 December 2019
  • Check out the top 60 assists of the decade!

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  • Runtime : 14:42
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  • Andrew Isenberg
    Andrew Isenberg   2 days ago

    How is Lebrons fake to the corner to Korver not in this????????

  • Andrew Isenberg
    Andrew Isenberg   2 days ago

    I swear the NBA is overly infatuated with Stephen Curry. So many of his passes were outshined by multiple LeBron passes that are not even on the list.

  • nick aglyc
    nick aglyc   3 days ago

    Where are Zaza's assists to Curry ? One vs Sacramento and one vs Memphis. Those 2 plays deserve to be here.

  • Jules Tube
    Jules Tube   5 days ago

    Derrick Rose assist is amazing... just amazing 😳

  • Christopher Gülle
    Christopher Gülle   2 weeks ago

    Enjoyed that vid. But what you don't do, is to exclude Jason Kidd from the best 60 assists.

  • King Russell
    King Russell   2 weeks ago

    This is invalid asf where tf is cp3🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Seth
    Seth   3 weeks ago

    Steph is an underrated passer

    RAYS REALM   3 weeks ago

    Manu Ginobili only gets a few clips?!?!!?

  • Boki
    Boki   3 weeks ago

    Off the backboard Wade to LeBron and a no-look celebration is missing here, at number 1 spot.

  • Red North
    Red North   1 months ago

    Half of them are Curry and LeBron

  • Josua Cafino
    Josua Cafino   1 months ago

    Kyrie's hypnotizing pass to baynes also not included

  • Will
    Will   1 months ago

    Ok d wade #46

  • kkkfts
    kkkfts   1 months ago

    Nr. 1 is not even top 20 lmao

  • William Song
    William Song   1 months ago

    there r much more excellent passes by nash than the video

  • Chonsae Howard
    Chonsae Howard   2 months ago

    Not sure about that #1 spot🤔...nonetheless, super dope top 60🔥

  • Jean Lacaba
    Jean Lacaba   2 months ago

    What about that Chalmers-Wade-James murder on Jason Terry?

  • Jakub Voracek
    Jakub Voracek   2 months ago

    That lebron to wade pass to save it from going out of bounds should have been way higher than 31

  • G Lyle
    G Lyle   2 months ago

    This list is fucking awful. I’m sorry.

  • MyXxx77
    MyXxx77   2 months ago


  • Aeytam Nino
    Aeytam Nino   2 months ago

    This video is missing many Lebron assists which deserved top 20 at least

  • Niv Zelber
    Niv Zelber   2 months ago

    Wade's full court to lebron should be at #1