The Cherokee Search for Bigfoot

  • Published on: 04 November 2019
  • Join OsiyoTV as we journey deep into the hills of the Cherokee Nation in search of the elusive Bigfoot, a creature with roots in Cherokee folklore and legend.
  • Runtime : 10:23
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  • situated4
    situated4   5 hours ago

    Here's the deal. Yes, 10 feet x 700 pounds is very large to us, but it is still very tiny relative to the great outdoor forest areas.

  • Joe Ragusin
    Joe Ragusin   2 days ago

    You nerds know that only a body will suffice!? Oh and the Bigfoot know when it's y'all making noises like that woooooo! SMH

  • Bob Patty
    Bob Patty   2 weeks ago

    Punkin’ Hollar in Cherokee and Adair counties holds many of the creatures the white man calls Bigfoot. There are two species, the large ones and the small grey one we call “makesforget “ who can erase your memory of seeing him. We have lived in peace with both. In the winter food is left for them.

  • Mary Cook
    Mary Cook   2 weeks ago

    Bears don't stand on two legs and have long arms

  • Mary Cook
    Mary Cook   2 weeks ago

    I was climbing the rocks just being a kid, and there it was staring at me from about 50 yards away, at the time I didn't have a clue what it was as I got older i realized what it was.

  • Mary Cook
    Mary Cook   2 weeks ago

    that would have been in 1979

  • Mary Cook
    Mary Cook   2 weeks ago

    I saw a Bigfoot in big bear California when I was 7 years old

  • randall crawford
    randall crawford   2 weeks ago

    I had some strange experiences but weather it was supernatural or Bigfoot I'm not sure here is one I'll tell you. 15 miles or so from the Appalachian trail and blue ridge bear and deer are plentiful..the property where I live are right outside ,we have fruit and nut trees, berries plenty of water and food... And game which is a problem to keep or dogs from chasing after them .on this 110 acre farm..,One winter morning I was cleaning the waters for our chickens so as I looked down to get the next waterer a small smooth river pebble hit my jacket just below my chin. I saw it bounce off of my jacket ? My first was what the ? There wasn't anybody outside except me ! And I picked up the pebble and looked at it...but could not explain how the pebble like it was thrown and hit me and had a feeling that what ever it was got a laugh at my reaction... Like I had just been pranked ...all that know for sure it was not a human. Thanks for sharing your stories and having a place I could share mine.

  • Time B
    Time B   2 weeks ago

    Big foot trying to hide from big gut

  • Faydene Reed
    Faydene Reed   3 weeks ago

    There’s thousands of them and the woods are not safe for humans!

  • BeastRealm wolf
    BeastRealm wolf   4 weeks ago

    You men making calls will be regarded by the squatch as a nuisance, they know where you are and what you're doing already, you are the guest there not the other way around.

  • Taste of Gibby
    Taste of Gibby   4 weeks ago

    These guys just have no clue what they’re doing. Habituation is the only way.

  • PBAC
    PBAC   1 months ago

    big foot likes to strut like he knows he's hot sauce

  • Terrence Brann
    Terrence Brann   1 months ago

    If they hear a response to the whooping call, it's probably from another group of bigfoot hunters.

  • Sooner Mimi
    Sooner Mimi   1 months ago

    Does that blondish gray haired man comb his hair? Hehehe! I told my husband he should comb his hair more than once a day. But, I keep it short enough it doesn’t look as bad.

  • Judy Burden
    Judy Burden   1 months ago

    Very beautiful man im. Cherokee myself and very proud

  • Bichin Fishin'
    Bichin Fishin'   1 months ago

    Yes, I am 100% cheerokee Indian even though I have blonde hair n blue eyes I am 100% native Indian super tracker

  • rossco henderson
    rossco henderson   1 months ago

    Not so fast people , I'm in the cherokee forest all the time , and I mean every week . I have never seen any creature to be called Bigfoot . I have seen all the other animals many times there . I would like to think they exist but have never seen any in the Cherokee forest . I'm been there for 21 years now .

  • Charles Berton
    Charles Berton   1 months ago

    I would not use whooping calls, or any calls at all. If I were tracking Sasquatch, I'd be as stealthy as possible. I am sure Sasquatch can tell between human and Sasquatch calls.

  • Locblac Sales
    Locblac Sales   1 months ago

    Iam from Mississippi n I lived n the country n we had dogs but the land across the street wz Fram land cows and stuff but the lady always come over to iour house talking about iour dogs killing da cows 🐄 but now iam grown-up it make sense to me they where killing da cows n the new Brons n she thought it was my dogs doing it but dats what I had to be back then cus all my dogs where put away

    BEARaCUDA   1 months ago

    Use spray foam, it casts instantly

  • Jay Minasi
    Jay Minasi   1 months ago

    the size of these gentlemen is hard to not notice.

  • Bill None
    Bill None   1 months ago

    I am Cherokee I have family that live in the Cherokee Nation funny none of my family or friends have ever heard such sounds. My family and friends hunt these areas I would like to hear from some of the other Cherokee Nation people who have truly heard these sounds. And out of all these so called sightings show me one true piece of evidence. There should be some sort of skeleton found somewhere and why is it there are never any clear footage of these so called creatures.

  • Tre Nesbitt
    Tre Nesbitt   1 months ago


  • j c
    j c   1 months ago

    The first man speaking should narrate a channel on this topic and similar topics. His voice is very soothing.

  • Adam Heredia
    Adam Heredia   1 months ago

    But calling out like that would just let them know that you’re there. Plus with all the noise you make, perfumed hygiene products all together say to Bigfoot “Hey! We’re Here stay away” unless it’s a deaf, dumb & blind Bigfoot.You should take recordings of known Bigfoot noise & play that back. Then quite as a mouse, smelling like your a deer go out & do your thing

  • Ed Korsa
    Ed Korsa   1 months ago

    Let’s go Brandon and Trudeau stop communism.

  • J.J. Anthony
    J.J. Anthony   1 months ago

    Those boys don't hike much at all. Maybe they did in their youth.

  • J.J. Anthony
    J.J. Anthony   1 months ago

    How does he know they are above average intelligence ? He hasn't given all bigfoot a IQ test to work out their average intelligence.

  • Thomas Gams
    Thomas Gams   1 months ago

    Are you guys using pancake mix for casting prints? Lol

  • K. Leo
    K. Leo   1 months ago

    We just call them bears. Hey where were the Bigfoots we when were busy getting our land stolen away from us? Were they tired of those fruits and berries "protection" offerings?