The Cherokee Search for Bigfoot

  • Published on: 04 November 2019
  • Join OsiyoTV as we journey deep into the hills of the Cherokee Nation in search of the elusive Bigfoot, a creature with roots in Cherokee folklore and legend.
  • Runtime : 10:23
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  • Gabriel
    Gabriel   9 hours ago

    if you know that they exist,and the governments know it,if there are treaties between us and them,why don't you let them be?it's like poking the devil,and that is stupidity.they wer human once,let them be.all those tribes are hunted for hundreds of years,maybe more,and you should not

  • seko
    seko   13 hours ago

    Ärrrrbe maahäärrrrrrrrrrrbäää!

  • seko
    seko   13 hours ago

    Pathetic attempt to

  • Waltergeorge Waswa
    Waltergeorge Waswa   15 hours ago

    I had a dream of bigfoot one time me and my late uncle heard something near by breaking branches we thought it was a moose but when we got closer is was a tall man standing there we tried shooting it but it just stood there & walked away

  • Kristopher
    Kristopher   1 days ago

    Why is he called Bigfoot shouldn't it be Bigfeet..,

  • LKIC
    LKIC   1 days ago

    I feel like everything is a sign of bigfoot nowadays. And you can almost tell if someone hunts for bigfoot in their freetime

  • Brian Holloway
    Brian Holloway   2 days ago

    With all the technical equipment you can have now especially hidden cameras Trail cameras and we haven't seen any great photographs yet very very very disappointing. If you gave me a couple of million dollars and with the technology I have as a wildlife photographer in that area if there's a big foot there you would see If you gave me a couple of million dollars and with the technology I have as a wildlife photographer in that area if there's a big foot there you would see evidence in weeks. On film on videos. So if you have been doing this for 20 years obviously it's an enormous failure. And if you have 500 members obviously the financial backing is no problem. So where are the films where is the evidence. Nothing can hide in the bush with electronic surveillance 24 hours a day it is absolutely impossible. So I think you need some professional people like myself to do it properly simple

  • Silverback Animal
    Silverback Animal   2 days ago

    Picture of health these two , been poisoned so bad by sugar over the years

  • five stones
    five stones   5 days ago

    Sasquatch Bigfoot Yeti Yarin Yawee Hairy man the man of the woods, forrests they've been sighted all around the world

  • Ray Aussie
    Ray Aussie   5 days ago

    You all should get together to present uniform sasquach,because of all that i can actually see on vids are all different except the ones hidden by forest or fog. Yet not one in the last 100 years has been shot and presented. And no skeletons scientistscan study.

  • Ó Ruairc M.
    Ó Ruairc M.   1 weeks ago

    What a fuggin' joke. Bigfoot does not exist. Scientifically, it is unlikely such a creature even could exist. People are imbeciles.

  • Bb Ed
    Bb Ed   1 weeks ago

    Here's Ohio bigfoot on camera

  • Bb Ed
    Bb Ed   1 weeks ago

    Here's bigfoot in Ohio

  • Wilbur Collins
    Wilbur Collins   1 weeks ago

    Agreed, we need to find out what they are. Thank you.

  • Jonh Cheffo
    Jonh Cheffo   1 weeks ago

    I spent many a night in a lot the mountains, deserts, jungles Olone for a week at a time , 50 miles or more in never saw or heard big foot?

  • Poor Old Roy
    Poor Old Roy   1 weeks ago

    Lived in Adair County at Bidding Springs. My father and grandfather farmed after World War II. Both my father, grandfather and grandmother spoke of seeing a creature which is exactly as described by other claimants. One time a sighting was at Horseshoe Bend of the Illinois River between Stilwell and Tahlequah off of Highway 51 by both my grandfather and grandmother while fishing. I know this is a very popular location now and I am sure there have been additional sightings. We moved to Oklahoma City in 1949 and sometime in the early sixties built a cabin at Lake Tenkiller. I heard many deer hunters tell of spotting a creature unknown to them and described as a very tall gorilla. Keep up the research and I personally believe from the tales of the Cherokee Nation they are here and have been here for many years.

  • Rick Groth
    Rick Groth   1 weeks ago

    I lived with a BIGFOOT,BIGFOOTS or BIGFEET family for 3 months.

  • Haiyanakma
    Haiyanakma   2 weeks ago

    If there's power lines running through the area, it isn't unchartered and people have been there. Well, unless bigfoot or aliens put them up. Lol

  • Pommie 🐻 Bears
    Pommie 🐻 Bears   2 weeks ago

    I worry. If humans find it, that we will treat it poorly, and harm them. I don’t trust us to treat an equal with kindness, and compassion.

  • Jean von Pickartz
    Jean von Pickartz   2 weeks ago

    Why are you not using a: SEISMOMETER!! A seismometer can pick up the vibrations caused by your footsteps even standing still next to one. think about it and get one. you can get a cheap one from as little as 3 bucks. you can place in 3 locations or 60 and know if something big is coming inn on you location. their is no tricking a seismometer if you have big as feet like bigfoot. no amount of stealth is getting past it you can pin point location and fly a drone out to it. they can`t run and hide! it will be impossible as you can just track them with the seismometer as they keep trying to move away. you can network a hole area and sit back and watch where they coming from and returning from. you can find out if they are migrating from north to south. you will be able to track their every move from your home station. they would not know how you are tracking them and so I ask again. Why are you not using a: SEISMOMETER!! they stomp the ground so hard you would easy tell if its a bear on 4 or something on 2 legs

  • Felicia Ashabranner
    Felicia Ashabranner   2 weeks ago

    Does anyone know how to spell the word for Big Foot? Please comment thank you.

  • Worgan Freeman
    Worgan Freeman   2 weeks ago

    Native Americans have said it for generations. Even leif erikson and his group mentions them.

  • Wild Man67
    Wild Man67   3 weeks ago

    I love this 'I have a BigFoot youtuber channel 'its from the first BigFoot that was recorded in 1967'.

  • Maria Acosta
    Maria Acosta   3 weeks ago

    and Elvis it's a life 😉😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Bradwick1
    Bradwick1   4 weeks ago

    Everything past 1 minute 40 seconds is a morbidly obese load of malarkey.

  • siemprefidelis7
    siemprefidelis7   4 weeks ago

    I've noticed most of these investigators are over weight

  • Robert Webb
    Robert Webb   1 months ago

    What I do not like is y’all say is that a Bigfoot has to be “Put on a slab”, to Dicect it in order to protect them. That’s gotta be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! They’ve been captured and studied and that’s the reason why we’ll never catch one.

  • Cathy Hetzel
    Cathy Hetzel   1 months ago

    I totally believe they are protectors and curious about man. I don't think they are dangerous!!

  • Misguided Angel
    Misguided Angel   1 months ago

    This creature is indeed very real, me and my cousin seen 1 of these back in 1994 not to far away from Radium Hot Springs BC

  • HDVICTORY ford
    HDVICTORY ford   1 months ago

    It is funny to have City people make these judgments. I always believed he existed. Because of eyewitnesses, castings, hair, photos, etc. It wasn't until 2013, while riding through WV on my m/c that it happened. It was just outside the town of Romney. While riding next to the river, it was near sundown in the late evening, 90's temp wise. I decided to stop and just relax for a few mins. Right across the river was a pasture, and this big hairy thing, walking on 2 legs, came out of the tree line. As it walked across the pasture, I could clearly see the creature, covered in fur, not in any hurry, but it was covering distance with each stride. When it walked behind a cow, I could clearly see it's hips above the cows back. And now the scale of the animal was clear. Wide, wide shoulders, and seemed to be around 9 feet tall. I watched for several min till it disappeared in the tree line on the other side of the pasture. I did talk to some locals and ask if there were any tall people living in the area. All said the same thing, how tall,lol. When I told them, the response was the same. You saw the big one! Many locals see these creature on a regular basis.

  • Tonchy Shultz
    Tonchy Shultz   1 months ago

    I will say that I was "lucky" to see one long before 2017 during the hunting season in Alberta, later I think he got used to my presence and later I thought about it and I never wanted to tell anyone the position where it happened ok ..!?? They may be curious but not dangerous to man .! Hello greetings from Canada👍🍁💕🌿🍷✌

  • Hepi Ghost
    Hepi Ghost   1 months ago

    How far can these big belly guys walk in the woods? Bigfoot could sniff their sweat a hundred meters away.

  • Matt Gribble
    Matt Gribble   1 months ago

    A primate isnt going to successfully and deliberately avoid detection, especially with todays technology to the extent they are able to. These beings are a hybrid type of people. Thats the only logical explanation, because id say they are at the least smarter than these yay hoos