• Published on: 15 January 2019
  • I spray painted daddy and a peepee on my brothers brand new car warp XD

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  • Runtime : 21:39
  • Dolan Twins Grayson Ethan Spray painted car prank Prank


  • Grazi
    Grazi   4 hours ago

    I'm dying with Grayson screaming ETHANNNNNNNNNNNN

  • Roma Kealy
    Roma Kealy   23 hours ago

    Sorry Gray but u gotta admit Ethan has nerve, he's gotta be the sexiest asshole i ever did see.. Gray needs to up his game cause man would I do Ethan good.. ;000

  • Shereen Elise
    Shereen Elise   2 days ago

    I’m honestly confused as to why Ethan didn’t use washable red hairspray to vandalize his own car

  • Dax Booker
    Dax Booker   3 days ago

    Ethan - that's not a prank Grayson- you fucking did it bitch

  • shannon hedden
    shannon hedden   3 days ago

    He should have put some of the washable paint over the spray paint... that would have been epic.

  • Holly Smith
    Holly Smith   3 days ago

    Do more pranks on grayson I love his reaction

  • Isla Buttercup
    Isla Buttercup   4 days ago

    It would’ve been better if Ethan put a layer of washable paint over the spray, then when Grayson tries to wash it it would still be there 😂😂

  • AsHLiegH-MaRie HoPe
    AsHLiegH-MaRie HoPe   4 days ago

    They have washable paint in a can and looks more real for next time lol

  • Z O Ë
    Z O Ë   4 days ago

    Can they change their outro? Like I’ll be watching their vids at 4 am and then there’s the screaming and I get in trouble so like

  • Avneet Kaler
    Avneet Kaler   4 days ago

    why didn’t ethan just use chalk spray paint or sum

  • 04coolfire
    04coolfire   5 days ago

    Well, it’s clear which one’s the EVIL twin!

  • Bujar Bajramaj JR
    Bujar Bajramaj JR   5 days ago

    So nobody gone talk about that baby blue bronco next to his car tho?????

  • Avari Llanos
    Avari Llanos   5 days ago

    Omg this video always gives me anxiety becuase I dont want Gray to kill Ethan lol

  • Eleven_StrangerThingsGod

    Ethan: ITS WASHABLEEthan after multiple times of saying its washable: So its not washableGrayson: I told you bitch ass

  • abby johnson
    abby johnson   6 days ago

    ethan should’ve put the washable paint on top of the spray paint

  • Azul Borrasca
    Azul Borrasca   1 weeks ago

    Anyone know the music playing during Ethan's therapeutic art session?

  • Angela Bingham
    Angela Bingham   1 weeks ago

    ethan should have put the washable paint for his car in an airbrush so it looked more like spray paint

  • Red Dinawanao Facto
    Red Dinawanao Facto   1 weeks ago

    It could be even more believable if Ethan layered washable paint in the spray paint.

  • Di Lya
    Di Lya   1 weeks ago

    It just broke my heart seeing the video being released a couple days before their dad passed

  • sydney k
    sydney k   1 weeks ago

    ethan should have put the washable paint over top of the spray paint and that would have been less noticeable and grayson would have been more pissed off lmao

  • Liz Acosta
    Liz Acosta   1 weeks ago

    You could’ve just used chalk spray 😂 it looks exactly like spray paint. And it’s washable and it would’ve been a lot cheaper

  • Gabrielle Jacques-Hachey

    I don’t get why Ethan just didn’t use chalk spray paint on his car so Grayson wouldn’t realize so easily.

  • Stefanie Barrett
    Stefanie Barrett   1 weeks ago

    Ethan should have put the washable paint on top of the spray paint on graysons car so the paint looks the same

  • martina farber
    martina farber   1 weeks ago

    Grayson is so over reacting he really cares about his insta pics and his car

  • ItsWisdom
    ItsWisdom   1 weeks ago

    at 13:39 i love when they do that. it’s cute🥺 even though gray was mad🤣

  • Darlene Ortiz
    Darlene Ortiz   1 weeks ago

    2:50 why did the oh dude you got me actually sound really like Grayson I swear sometimes I forget that they’re twins