Is Seafoam Deep Creep the Best Penetrating Oil? Let's find out! Seafoam vs Gibbs vs Liquid Wrench

  • Published on: 26 August 2019
  • Seafoam Deep Creep competes with Liquid Wrench and Gibbs Penetrating Oils in this showdown. Each brand won previous penetrating oil showdown episodes. Their ability to penetrate rust, prevent rust, and tolerate heat get put to the test. Thanks to everyone who requested this one and sorry it has taken me a while to complete this test.

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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 11:33
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  • Scott Allen
    Scott Allen   3 days ago

    What Cetane booster is best for diesel engines?

  • atty garland
    atty garland   4 days ago

    Why didn't you include PB Blaster and Kroil in the competition?

  • Chris Arnold
    Chris Arnold   6 days ago

    Looked like big outliers on the gibbs bolts brought the averages down by enough to win the unseizing part. Why is there a 40-50-ish ft-lbs difference between some of the results? I'm a stats guy by trade. I think your variance there requires a much larger sample size to make any definitive conclusion. However, I still appreciate the best scientific approach that I have found to the effectiveness of so many commercial products. I buy liquid wrench now, thanks to its affordability and the results you demonstrated.

  • Chris hotrod
    Chris hotrod   1 weeks ago

    Great informative video. Can u do a video on double flaring brake line tools? Also use different types of brake line tubing as well

  • Kenny Manchester
    Kenny Manchester   1 weeks ago

    Thank you so much for this... it really does help narrow the field of choices

  • Martin Jørgensen
    Martin Jørgensen   1 weeks ago

    Plz test rvs tech, claims you can run engine with out oil. Also claims more HP, less polution and better compresion. Would love too see the engine before and after RVS treatment

  • Mayank Lakhlani
    Mayank Lakhlani   1 weeks ago

    Your videos are going to help people doing their own repairs for a long time.

  • Chandler Winstonworth

    In the real world spray all your bolts the night before you work on it and again when you’re about to. Trust me I own a Subaru.

  • TeamWrecMiata
    TeamWrecMiata   1 weeks ago

    Time for another penetrating oil showdown? I’d love to see a “mechanics” format. Maybe do 3 arrays of bolts, and apply penetrant in the vertical, horizontal and upside down, all using the spray nozzle. It should only sit fir 15-30 min MAX. This would better replicate shop conditions, where time is money! Keep up the great work!

  • Mud Hole
    Mud Hole   1 weeks ago

    How about a test on welders, one that does mig,tig, and stick

  • Tall Sean
    Tall Sean   2 weeks ago

    How tight were those nuts installed? I would like to know how many foot pounds it would take to break loose a non-rusted nut in your experiment.

  • Jason Hill
    Jason Hill   2 weeks ago

    I just don't know why you didn't use PB blaster or good old WD?

  • mabloodhound
    mabloodhound   2 weeks ago

    KROIL has the best penetrating power for rusted parts.

  • Joe KS1I
    Joe KS1I   1 months ago

    Being a statistician for many years I find it useful when reviewing averages to also review the range (sometimes standard deviation) of the data. For example the average of 4, 6 is 5 and the average of 1, 9 is 5. The difference between the two averages is the range.

  • Isee Ulook
    Isee Ulook   1 months ago

    Does it speed up if you combine all three in one nut? 😅

  • Ultegra10SPD
    Ultegra10SPD   1 months ago

    05-08ish Ford v8 owners often need to put faith in something like ATF/Ace to help them remove those stupid 2pc spark plugs without fear and without thoughts of that expensive extraction job. Even if you snap the first 1 the tool is about 150 from ford (cyl head stays on) and A/A will still help you remove the busted core. Let it sit o/n and go! Ford quoted my brother 800 for the job 1500 if they have to remove a head and 100 additional per plug if they should break (scum prolly would ‘break/lie’ about all other 7). Bro asked Ford can i buy the tool. They said yes but its expensive and takes 2wks to get here. He heard price, bought it from Tousley Ford instead (good people) came in 2d. Next morning his stang had 8 holes ready for new (and wisely 1pc) plugs. It was one of the first affirmations we had after reading another test I believe in popular mechanics about A/A. Good luck all. By the way he sold the tool to another stang owner in a pickle for what he paid for it after we provided him visual proof that it worked. -U10PS - have to ring stuck fasteners with a hammer when able.

  • Joel Stevens
    Joel Stevens   1 months ago

    I just saw this infomercial for super Zilla lubricant! I got to see this go head-to-head with the liquid wrench would you be willing to do a video of the top two verses this product?

  • Dylan Shabtai
    Dylan Shabtai   1 months ago

    I'm having trouble finding a place to purchase the Gibbs. Where did @project Farm buy? I see a two pack on Amazon, don't wanna spend on a two pack.

  • awmh1990
    awmh1990   1 months ago

    Grandpa used liquid wrench. Dad was never around. I use liquid wrench. I'm sticking with liquid wrench. Great video.

  • Mike Gro
    Mike Gro   1 months ago

    I use wax and heat, old school method, takes a little longer but way less stripping and breaks in those pesky rotten nuts and bolts.

  • Casa Mia
    Casa Mia   2 months ago

    Suggested Video: what about difference between different Seafoams? Why are there two: one for marine/RV and one you tested here and is the markup worth it or just marketing? Should you buy the cheaper one or is there a really an application for each as intended by the manufacturer?

  • Casa Mia
    Casa Mia   2 months ago

    Man these are the best tests on Youtube. You are one hell of a scientist.

  • BiG BeAR
    BiG BeAR   2 months ago

    I was about to suggest some toilet related products for testing (TP, or maybe Diapers?), but I see the rest of the audience has beaten to THAT I won’t. 😉

  • W1ldt1m
    W1ldt1m   2 months ago

    Doesn't surprise me that the poorer lubricants penetrate a bit better.

  • IronDuke502
    IronDuke502   2 months ago

    Project Farm. I have a 165 John Deere lawn tractor that the wheel is seized onto the shaft. Of Course, I’m a fan of the Seafoam Deep Creep and CRC’s Knock Er Loose/CRC Freeze Off and will try each of these products to dissolve the rust between the axle key way and wheel if at all possible. I’m not familiar with the Gibbs brand that you tested in your video. Who sells the Gibbs products?. Last night, I broke my Snap-on retainer ring pliers just trying to remove the snap ring. I will share whatever brand that seems be the most effective in breaking the rust bond to keep within the parameters of your test. Thanks again for your great videos.

  • Jack Wood
    Jack Wood   2 months ago

    TBH man this guy summarising the results at the end of every video, is amazing! He follows a standard video format for all of his videos which is so awesome!

  • always dirty
    always dirty   2 months ago

    Another Nobel prize worthy work.thanx so much for this:)

  • Sande Halonen
    Sande Halonen   2 months ago

    Hello, ProjectFarm. Could it possible to do test with brake cleaners? Is there any differences between them?

  • Barret Harms
    Barret Harms   2 months ago

    I will get it this way I can use 3 shots a liquid wrench one shot of Gibbs and still pulled dime back off of liquid wrench

  • laika thedog
    laika thedog   2 months ago

    after spending three days with heat and wd40, i drilled out a seized stud..on the other side I tried heat and wd40, did not budge, and could not face three days of drilling so watched this and ordered seafoam, applied over two days, and the stud drew out, amazed.

  • xXHaPPyHumPerXx
    xXHaPPyHumPerXx   2 months ago

    Love your videos, catch myself watching for hours at a time. Was wondering what video editing software you use? Anyways thanks for the great and entertaining videos!!

  • Adam Borg
    Adam Borg   3 months ago

    Thank you for a showdown of these! And that you did a more rigorous testing with 8 bolts this time. I've always found the variability to be too large for only 4 bolts per oil