Ferris Bueller's Day Off | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad

  • Published on: 28 June 2020
  • Bueller? Bueller? Josh gathers the cast of Ferris Bueller--as well as some VERY special surprise guests--to pay tribute to one of the most iconic films of the 80's and the man who created it. Be here at 9am PT/12pm ET on June 28th, because you know, life moves pretty fast.... and you are not going to want to miss this!

    Directed by James Merryman
    Produced by Meghan Monaco
    Executive Produced by Taylor Stuewe
    Edited by Will Newell & Alex Stuewe

    Matthew Broderick
    Alan Ruck
    Mia Sara
    Jennifer Grey
    ....and many more!

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  • Runtime : 45:50
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  • Maserbeams
    Maserbeams   37 minuts ago

    Well done, please do The Breakfast Club!

  • Anibal Babilonia
    Anibal Babilonia   2 hours ago

    Man! The 80s had the best movies! And john Huges made the greatest teen movies, and all of them from chicago!👌😎👍he was a legend! Ferris Bueller what a classic! Its so great to see this guy's reunite again and reminisce.

  • That 70s Guy
    That 70s Guy   2 hours ago

    Sorry please be clear. It's a plandemic not a pandemic. Read Agenda 21

  • Michael Emmerson
    Michael Emmerson   3 hours ago

    Hey, don't diss Return To Oz lol. The person who voiced Jack the the pumpkin head was by Mia Sara's husband Brian Henson. And if the cast came on to talk, you would have some good actors. Fairuza Balk(Water Boy, The Craft, American History X), Jean Marsh(She was also awesome as the evil queen in Willow), Piper Laurie (Carrie original version), and other talented people.. On that note, a Willow reunion would be a good one. Or maybe the teen vampire movie The Lost Boys. Or Coming To America with Eddie Murphy, they are filming part 2.

  • Angela Arnold
    Angela Arnold   3 hours ago

    I would love to see a reunion with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, Shannon Doherty ... one of my fav shows!!! ❤️

  • SingSoftKitty
    SingSoftKitty   4 hours ago

    Guess what just started on tv? have to watch it since I just watched this.

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre   5 hours ago

    When my son was a little boy he was convinced he was Ferris Bueller we danced to Twist and Shout for the Mother-Son dance at his wedding!

  • Leelhrsf0
    Leelhrsf0   5 hours ago

    I watched this for the first time a few years ago and it was not good at all. It was really bad, terrible even but I’ve been told it’s a generational thing. You needed to been a teen when this movie first came out.

  • Lailonna J
    Lailonna J   7 hours ago

    what an awesome laugh moment .. we need more of Reunited Apart!

  • Grace Markley
    Grace Markley   8 hours ago

    Please please please release the uncut 2hr 45 min version of the movie! Thanks Josh for this wonderful reunion.

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith   9 hours ago

    No teaser for the next one at the end?

  • Jeff Braun
    Jeff Braun   9 hours ago

    This was the funniest and most enjoyable video I've seen on YouTube in a long time! All John Hughes movies defined my teen/20's years and FB was one of my all time favorites. I'm now going to educate my 10 year old on this gem of a movie! Thank you!

  • Alexandra Quijada
    Alexandra Quijada   12 hours ago

    Josh Gad I absolutely love that you did this Reuniting Apart. You have taken me back to so many times thus far. Love it!!!

  • Tony Jenkinson
    Tony Jenkinson   12 hours ago

    Can we have some more of these Reunited Apart videos please!!!!

  • Jane Shaka
    Jane Shaka   13 hours ago

    Wow, this was just brilliant. Have to watch the movie again now. Waiting for a second film...got to have the original cast in somehow.

  • pilot2002010
    pilot2002010   14 hours ago

    Mr Gad, I’m pretty sure you could come very close to Mr John Hughes.

  • Donna Jordan
    Donna Jordan   15 hours ago

    Thank you, Josh! Loved this so much! What a great video! What charming people! Almost as good as the movie! Still love the cast, always will!❤️

  • Kevin ツTM
    Kevin ツTM   16 hours ago

    I think I speak for all all when I say the series has been AMAZING!!! thanks so much Josh (shame Rooney couldn't be involved due to his obvious 'issues') and the Bueller parents ain't still married! :(

  • czars salad
    czars salad   19 hours ago

    When are we getting "The Breakfast Club" reunion?

  • Doc Brown
    Doc Brown   20 hours ago

    I was wondering if Jeffrey Jones was available for this Video?

  • Redice Box
    Redice Box   21 hours ago

    I actually cried a river with the end of this video, I am 40 year's old and John's movies where there during my childhood and teen years! I actually own all of them on DVD! Thank you very much for this video! 🙋🏾‍♀️Greetings from South Africa!

  • Kellie Meyer
    Kellie Meyer   22 hours ago

    Grew up by Chicago and on our school field trips we went to the art institute, Sears tower, and cubs games, needless to say we would impersonate Ferris Bueller while there. Great fun.

  • slmcav
    slmcav   1 days ago

    Message received John. RIP. My life wouldn't be the same without these movies and people.

  • Steve Tatum
    Steve Tatum   1 days ago

    I forgot that Charlie Sheen had tiger blood even back then.

  • Steve Tatum
    Steve Tatum   1 days ago

    Jennifer Grey dressed as Princess Leia talking about embracing her Dark Side. Yes. I'm down with that.

  • Gary Dunn
    Gary Dunn   1 days ago

    They could be talking about wood glue, cereal ingredients, or roach spray. Doesn't matter. I just love seeing them together again.

  • J.S. Connolly
    J.S. Connolly   1 days ago

    THIS WAS MY FAV "REUNITED APART" EVER! Well Don Josh! I've been a HUGE FAN of your Acting and NOW I'm a HUGE FAN Of THIS!It's Stuff like THIS That shows how People LIKE YOU Are Bringing out THE BEST From People during this Horrible Pandemic! THIS is EXACTLY What we all need right now!THANK YOU SO MUCH JOSH! You REALLY Are making people Smile and Forget the Pandemic we are in! :D

  • J.S. Connolly
    J.S. Connolly   1 days ago

    I ACTUALLY Have an HO 1/64th. Scale 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California. Slot Car. WITH Ferris, Cameron and Sloane figures IN The Car! It's one of my FAV Cars in my Collection!