What Happened Before History? Human Origins

  • Published on: 23 June 2016
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    Humans. We have been around for a while now. When we think about our past we think about ancient civilizations, the pyramids, stuff like that. But this is only a tiny, tiny part of our history.

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    What Happened Before History? Human Origins

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  • Runtime : 10:6
  • history humans evolution early humans homo spapiens human developement prehistory human evolution ape nature anatomy brain conciousness behaviour stone age neanderthals extinction past farming genome intelligence language origins revolution funny species documentary


  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker   3 hours ago

    It seems that the more we advance the more destructive we become. COVID 19 is resetting this planet.

  • Mahjong Live Streaming
    Mahjong Live Streaming   19 hours ago

    Please remember it ain’t just white people who made a bunch of scientific inventions... it’s been a collective exploration done by different races and sexes.

  • taewoo kim
    taewoo kim   21 hours ago

    I think Kurzgesagt is a bunch of time travellers who tell us how to survive until future

  • iemgei
    iemgei   22 hours ago

    I like how all science fake their stuff the real man on earth was adam and he was sent by god because the devils told him to eat an apple from a tree it was no ordinary tree it was a  forbidden fruit and god punished him by sending him to earth as a human with eve known as a women.

  • SlowMiki
    SlowMiki   1 days ago

    Me getting an ad the second he sais not to be angry: okay, we have never been so progresive than now... BUT THIS ADD IS KIND OF ANNOYING

  • Solo Ann
    Solo Ann   1 days ago

    The reason why those last humans died\disappeared sooner is because they were weak and less intelligent and did not have excellent survival techniques.

  • Jerome
    Jerome   1 days ago

    My ancestors: Today I hunted 4 mammoths, discovered 2 more species and taught to my 4 kids to huntMe: I still don't know how to pronunce Kurzgesagt

  • CKQsquid; ZSCwoomy
    CKQsquid; ZSCwoomy   1 days ago

    All of that evolution only for the greatest thing humans have created...Memes

  • Rob Molino
    Rob Molino   1 days ago

    I could have sworn I saw Fred and Wilma Flintstone right in the middle of this documentary, LOL!

  • Louis B.
    Louis B.   2 days ago

    I remember in my history class in college we talked about this and he showed us what the cities and buildings looked like. Makes you really miss doors in some places lol.

  • Louis B.
    Louis B.   2 days ago

    The fucking evolution"Babe I'm gonna go slay that fucking wild tiger so we may dine this eve with my cave lads" "fine go hunt with your dumb friends""Babe I'm gonna play some call of duty with the lads" "fine go play your stupud ass game"

  • scarlet eyes
    scarlet eyes   2 days ago

    who else knows the truth that God created the earth and it is all revealed in the bible and that these things that scientist say is fake and a lie, because they don't wanna believe in the truth

  • Mohammed Al-Kaabi
    Mohammed Al-Kaabi   2 days ago

    There is no evidence for change in the primary of any animal. Only secondary etc. Evolution. Not in its primary. No fish became land animals. No monkeys turned Human. There is no proof of it and more

  • Ury Superfin
    Ury Superfin   3 days ago

    The Russian language in this video is just awful :(

  • foxx037x
    foxx037x   3 days ago

    8:36. Star fox for snes!!!! Great video by the way.

  • Andrew Walters
    Andrew Walters   3 days ago

    Was the video game towards the end of the video “Star Fox?” Lol

  • rahul mahendra
    rahul mahendra   4 days ago

    Sub standard video. Disappointed. I think homo erectus did not go extinct, they evolved into homo sapiens. Homo habilis ➡️ homo erectus ➡️ homo Sapiens

  • Antonio Romero
    Antonio Romero   4 days ago

    2:42 wait I don't think marshmallows existed back then

  • TechTube
    TechTube   4 days ago

    If you are in high school you are lucky.. because back when I was in high school internet was not a thing..

  • Mr.Mythical Legend
    Mr.Mythical Legend   4 days ago

    super religious people watching this be like: your super dumb for a smart person

  • michael jackson
    michael jackson   4 days ago

    Australian aborigines head shape looks similar to Neanderthals

  • Mera Arts
    Mera Arts   4 days ago

    This video really said yeah, sciences were first created in the 15 hundreds by white people

  • No Name
    No Name   5 days ago

    I bet you ancient women would kill the feminists of today

  • Sandra Hollett
    Sandra Hollett   6 days ago

    I think the next few generations of humans are going to become emotionally superior

  • Reakefit
    Reakefit   6 days ago

    If you were born during 50,000 BC, you could have been playing real life Minecraft.

  • aa
    aa   6 days ago

    1:35 ten millenia later narration: 10000 years ago there were existed another races: brown, red, yellow even black!

  • what the hell?
    what the hell?   6 days ago

    God made our life balance to fulfill emotions. Perfect life is boring, and hardship is challenging. Thats the purposes of creating woman.

  • Lawson Lawal
    Lawson Lawal   6 days ago

    All these Evolution theory was formed by man. We ignore the creator and and admire the wonders created by the creator. In the beginning God made heaven and earth. On the 7th day he made man. Homo sapiens didn't originate from apes. Think about it there is a living God that made the seas , the moon and even all the things man is trying to explore in space. Why not ask yourself how did they just emerge and why is there only life on Earth. He has made these things for man to adore and glorify his name not to form theorys like evolution