• Published on: 19 July 2016
  • We tell you and show you a bunch of things that piss us off hahahahah. Hope ya like the vid :)

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  • Runtime : 7:26
  • pet peeves Things that we hate Dolan Twins Twins Dolans dolan brothers ethan grayson steals joke everyone laughs one finger text phone in pocket without locking aux cord broken charger empty container in fridge


  • Nounika Mehta
    Nounika Mehta   6 days ago

    the fact they’re vegan now and gray is asking for a glass of milk cracked me

  • Jakayla McLaughlin
    Jakayla McLaughlin   3 weeks ago

    The last one is so true, EVERYTIME that happens, I feel like getting up, and going to wipe it off myself 😂😂

  • Dua Ali
    Dua Ali   1 months ago

    For the pet peeve at 6:20, I feel the EXACT SAME WAY. I mean, is it that hard to move your hand a little bit more to get a tiny spot off of the board? I swear, I became so confident in myself in school that I gained the confidence to walk up there and just wipe down the spot off myself. Or, sometimes I just raise my hand and tell the teacher about the spot so that they can get it off.

  • hehe w/h
    hehe w/h   1 months ago

    omg we are so much alike

  • Aubrey Tillison
    Aubrey Tillison   1 months ago

    Grayson: I hate when tang tops straps a twisted Me: does he not know that his tang top strap is twisted 😂😂😂😂😂😂Love y’all so so so much you guys are so awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Ps. My mom types with one finger and its really annoying 🙄

  • Ruby’s Life
    Ruby’s Life   1 months ago

    4:57Grayson: Thank you for saying happy birthday on my birthdayEthan: Our birthday

  • Esleidy Lizbeth
    Esleidy Lizbeth   1 months ago

    I’m binging all their old videos in 2020 and let me just say I love them but I miss this type of content idk maybe that’s just me 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • ana koka
    ana koka   1 months ago

    5:19 my sister is alway that one frickin' kid 😂😂

  • ana koka
    ana koka   1 months ago

    4:40 this is literally me through the whole video 😂😂

  • Disco Dolans
    Disco Dolans   1 months ago

    awweee when E said hate at 0:32 my heart melted :(

  • Victoria Washington
    Victoria Washington   1 months ago

    At 0:36 I Can't Stop Laughing My Ass Off!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • gauri sairam
    gauri sairam   1 months ago

    hb v.fredsdrfvgtubhnijmok,mojnhbgvt6rc5edx4wsxedcfvgbhunjm

  • NekoBrenda521
    NekoBrenda521   1 months ago

    Oh my god, i cringed with the happy birthday, i hate that too, i agree with so many of these pet peeves

  • day
    day   1 months ago

    6:20 My English teacher does that ON PURPOSE at the end of the day because he says that if he erases everything, the janitor will not wash the board. So if he accidentally erases everything, he draws random lines.

  • Kalbe Abbas
    Kalbe Abbas   1 months ago

    I also get really awkward when people singing happy birthday.....thank God I am not alone😂

  • Alexandra Ratsoy
    Alexandra Ratsoy   1 months ago

    Ethan comparing Grayson to a cow had me dying of laughter 😂😂

  • Smyrna Thapa
    Smyrna Thapa   1 months ago

    I can totally relate to all their peeves😬😬

  • Internet Johnny
    Internet Johnny   1 months ago

    This video plus Bob and Rob season 3. Some of the most hilarious videos on the tube ngl

  • Internet Johnny
    Internet Johnny   1 months ago

    HAHAHA 1:30 the charger is me at job interviews hahahahahaha

  • SweetHope 4444
    SweetHope 4444   1 months ago

    That little smile when ethan said "hate" was so cuteee. 0:33