The Alien Files: UFOs Under Investigation (Full Episode S1|E10)

  • Published on: 02 July 2021
  • Some treasures of antiquity contain irrefutable proof that the human race descends directly from ancient alien beings who visited Earth. This episode relies on archeological discoveries with a cosmic twist to examine the merit of such a theory.

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    This investigative series takes a definitive, scientific look at the search for unidentified flying objects, documenting UFO stories that have been debunked and bringing viewers up-to-date on the state of the most famous UFO investigations, many of which still remain unresolved and unexplained to this day.

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  • Runtime : 46:33
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    ROBERT SMITH   8 hours ago

    Whenever somebody comes close to the truth----- we all know what you do to them--. try to discredit them-- save it.

  • Graham McNeill
    Graham McNeill   9 hours ago

    Do u think you could stop playing pointless stupid adverts ,

  • Paul Beadle
    Paul Beadle   11 hours ago

    The pyramids were there before the Egyptians were they just tuck over and added to something which was already been built 🤔

  • Katherine Hawk
    Katherine Hawk   12 hours ago

    Now hear they go trying to change our Bible. They were the falling ones they left because they were flooded out now their back again but God's going to destroy them with fire this time them and the non believers .

  • Katherine Hawk
    Katherine Hawk   13 hours ago

    Look out people it's written by that man would think to change the Bible and the times everything in the Bible is coming to past . Stop listening to these people they don't have spiritual eyes to see with. Saten set this up for the future now God did sent his son to die so we could live. Read your bible with spiritual eyes. Not everone will find the road to the truth.

  • Brad
    Brad   17 hours ago

    This show is SO MUCH SUPERIOR to Ancient Aliens!

  • octart
    octart   21 hours ago

    this series is quite decent and I like the format (statements by scientist/experts to certain topics) but the music is utterly horrible.

  • larry snipes
    larry snipes   1 days ago

    I liked this documentary, very interesting indeed, I liked how they look at different sides of the question, that being the question of are there, or were there so-called ' ancient aliens'?

  • Ivor Biggen
    Ivor Biggen   1 days ago

    Had to be another book writer, no real truth on YouTube

  • BiGG X
    BiGG X   1 days ago

    LOL why do you add sound to EVERY scene transitions over and over... I was just listening while I was doing something else and those transitions made me think "WTH is going on?" Then I realized it was just the video. 🤣 Very odd, and a little annoying... kinda like a child that cant stop playing with a automated door. BUT at least they are children and just curious.

  • Mike Hood
    Mike Hood   2 days ago


  • ur mom
    ur mom   2 days ago

    LOL Neptune tugs on ur anis O_O

  • Assetto Corsa Tuner x

    wrong information this video supewr useless xD like egypte you fucked up story men you tell lied to everyone but not knowing whats you speaking about

  • Richard van Bergen
    Richard van Bergen   4 days ago

    The average stone block weight 2,5 tons and can easily be done by 17 men on a wooden slee ??? And some were 10 tons, in the upper part, he said. I think this French dude lost his mind. Did he ever visit Egypt…?

  • Phillip Ward
    Phillip Ward   4 days ago

    Aliens have landed on this planet many times over thousands a even millions of years.. because its a planet that can sustain life.. Yet the scientists of this planet seem to want to go to Mars..IT CANNOT SUSTAIN LIFE.. THEYRE BLOODY IDIOTS..

  • TJ
    TJ   5 days ago

    There has not been one single credible explanation on how the Great Pyramids were built,not one,the idea that they built ramps and laid a block every couple of minutes is absolutely absurd.

  • Light Years Away 👽 The Day we left Earth

    Is there life outside the Earth in the universe? This question has fascinated humanity for a long time they still do not know the star seeker many times visited us. Our minds and upbringing do not allow us to believe in such things.You were deceived.My childhood and adolescence I spent the time repairing on a alien spaceship. 🚀👩‍🚀👽

  • Carlos De León
    Carlos De León   1 weeks ago

    Debería tener subtítulos en Español ho castellano.

  • Timmy Patterson
    Timmy Patterson   1 weeks ago

    I don't appreciate having a subject I am interested in, interrupted by half hour religious diatribe of Dr David Jeremiah.This is unfair to your subscribers of which I am not longer.😡

  • FullCircle
    FullCircle   1 weeks ago

    This French professor is so negative lol. Reminds me of a french guy I used to work with, they have the same voice lol, very arrogant I couldn't stand him.

  • monster x
    monster x   1 weeks ago

    if a ufo series doesnt have alien puppets then it's not worth watching

  • Gregory Dahl
    Gregory Dahl   1 weeks ago

    You can't roll palm tree trunks . On sand it is even more impossible . And a 2000 pound sand sled for 5000 pound blocks of stone is the most absolutly ridiculous thing . 😑 That looney tunes professor daniel pourchot must be a drunken bum .

  • Mrmike Mrmike
    Mrmike Mrmike   1 weeks ago

    This production is nicely done. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the series.

  • Drain Monkeys
    Drain Monkeys   1 weeks ago

    Neptune tugs on my anus .. I knew something was going on

  • Morgun Styles
    Morgun Styles   1 weeks ago

    Maybe there used to be a planet there. Things change.

  • Beatz My G
    Beatz My G   1 weeks ago

    What a load of cobblers ...von danniken where are you.

  • Joseph De la torre
    Joseph De la torre   1 weeks ago

    These frenchmen have no idea what they're talking about. I've been to Egypt five times, and when I asked Egyptians their, "who built these" they say "we did, our ancestors did" and when I asked them how? They said "oh I don't know our ancestors were smarter than us". Excuse me, you evolve you don't go backwards.🤯

  • NOBULL ziggster
    NOBULL ziggster   1 weeks ago

    We know now the pyramids were not built during the Egyptian time. Re worked is a better term. We also know now that the pyramid builders built all over the world and used machines. The marks on walls are undeniable. Thousands of pyramids dot this planet. I am thankful that people have taken this challenge to try and understand our history, right or wrong it propels us to learn and research more and more to learn the Truth. Thank You all.

  • spidy9237
    spidy9237   1 weeks ago

    The height of humans in ancient Egypt 1,6m max you really think that people can move mountains?

  • John Laccohee-Joslin
    John Laccohee-Joslin   1 weeks ago

    If as was said, these strutures were put together by manpower, then tbey would have taken more than twenty years to complete.I tend to think they were given information or instrutions as one of these men said, we could not complete one today, despite all the equipement that is there for us to use.I would ask all those who dispute the building of these with the simple option, Build one, and do it in twenty years and do it without cement and with stone work that will stop a bit of paper from being placed between the stones.To me, its a fair question, and leaves no room for debate,THEY DID IT, YOU DO IT,after all, look at the tools we have today itshould be a bit of cake for todays technology .