My Asian-American Identity Crisis

  • Published on: 28 June 2020



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  • Scott W Pilgrim
    Scott W Pilgrim   3 minuts ago

    Bruh, I would've been slappin' to some OG K-pop. Your old class can suck it.

  • Joe Bourn
    Joe Bourn   4 minuts ago

    This is nearly the exact same situation I've always been in except rather than both my parents being from South Korean, my dad was Mexican and my mom is a white southerner. I've always been surrounded by American culture and white people (I was born in America and live here). I don't know any Spanish and I've always struggled to embrace my Mexican heritage escpecially since my father passed away and I've lost all connection to that side of my family. I live in a mostly black rural community but in a completely white family now so I'm used to different cultures. Sometimes it's hard to try and keep up with my background and people ask me what am I, some saying I look Jewish or Native American but white at the same time. I'm sure many other people can relate and I really like this video and your story because it gives me a push to try amd embrace some of my heritage even of it's just a little bit!

  • Nana Asmah
    Nana Asmah   12 minuts ago

    I feel THE SAME EXACT WAY OMG. I'm not Korean, but I'm a first generation American. But it's CRAZY how almost everything you mentioned experiencing here is things I've had to deal with growing up too 😂 Literally everyone, from my parents to people at church to random relatives, have complained about how I don't know my family's language or culture very well. And when I do speak, I'm teased for my pronunciation. And since it's an African language, it's extremely hard to find translations or methods of learning besides just listening to others and using context clues. It's all frustrating but knowing I'm not alone in that feeling truly helps. And thanks for the advice!!!

  • Taylor An
    Taylor An   22 minuts ago

    It's cool hearing your grandparents say ur korean got better/is better and is very relatable (I'm korean as well and a lot of this is relatable from not very korean to the korean and responding in english well anyways, angyang hae sae yo!Edit: kimbap is my favorite korean food and so is homemade kimchi

  • Lucas Masuda
    Lucas Masuda   27 minuts ago

    Maybe if you learn another language that you're interested and see how amazing is be fluent in more than one language, you could be more interested in Korean kkkk. Is this just a suggestion so, good luck and I love your videos.

  • Octo 7786
    Octo 7786   32 minuts ago

    I love how inspiring her videos are👍

  • Mr Wierdo
    Mr Wierdo   39 minuts ago

    Will you do a video on your brother josh

  • Felice Aaralyn
    Felice Aaralyn   44 minuts ago

    My blood is pure Chinese. I live in Indonesia but I speak English most of the time. Yes I understand Chinese. No I can't speak Chinese very well. I speak broken Chinese with my family but my sister has the exact same problem so we speak English with each other.Basically I already speak 3 languages and I'm learning Japanese-

  • Mohamed Magdy
    Mohamed Magdy   1 hours ago

    Any job you do that capable of supporting you and your family then it's a good job as long as it is not something illegal.So go ahead and improve your self.

  • Mohamed Magdy
    Mohamed Magdy   1 hours ago

    It's hurt to listen to how people are suffering from a simple thing like this it is like if those people try to help you instead of simply asking you to deal with it because it is a shame then they are the one who should be ashamed. You can't just go to a child and build an inside him a thought like it's bad to not know Customs and traditions of your home country but all you did is just taking and you expect this child to understand your point of view, whereas you live in a country that has nothing to do with your country of origin.It's ridiculous that they blame you or anyone else who has the same problem.Anyway, I really do not know if you will see this comment but my suggestion is simply if you are not capable of ignoring those people and live your life then you can simply stay at your home country for a year or two and you will get to know what you need to know about it. This is exactly what I did to solve my personal problem.

  • Sound_Ninja
    Sound_Ninja   1 hours ago

    I'm not Asian but I relate to this I don't speak Spanish but if I tell any other Hispanic they go straight to "then you're no boriqua" or "but your parents speak both so why don't you?" you know how much it hurts every time I have to hear that now I just accepted that I'm "white washed" but I still would like to learn more about my culture through my weeb calls me to learn either Japanese or Korean since i have a Korean friend who wants help learning the language more too lol

  • NITRO Gamez
    NITRO Gamez   1 hours ago

    Well... Im Philippino 🇵🇭 but it's prrety much the same in still 10 tho

  • Smart Caterpillar
    Smart Caterpillar   1 hours ago

    I'm a Korean American in Louisiana and I when I visited Seoul, a group of older women stared at me for the entire trip in the subway. Also, this video was really relatable because my parents speak to me in Korean, but I can only respond in English.

  • Sweat and Tears
    Sweat and Tears   1 hours ago

    when I visited China with my siblings, people could tell we were from America before we even said anything (we're fully Chinese). we were walking around an airport, not really saying anything, and someone said "look at those Americans". my sister says we probably secretly smell like butter and don't realize it

  • Alec Nightcore
    Alec Nightcore   1 hours ago

    I have an Irish father and Luxembourgish mother but born in America People: So ummm What do you eat French Fries with? Me: Mayo? Them: Why not ketchup???? Me: Cuz everyone from mom’s side eats it with mayo? People: D I S G U S T I N G Or another thing is my mom grew up in a farming family and whatever is gotten from the farm they eat or sell veggies/fruits or meat my family has a farm in America too so when “nicely” send cows “away” we eat or sell which includes the tongue (Mom said she did this back in Luxembourg so I dunno if it’s common?) People: What’s your favorite dish? Me: (Forgot how to spell) People: What’s in it???? Me: listing how to make it/ingredients ..... Cow Tongue...... People: What?!??! Me: Cow Tongue??? People: EWWWWWW.

  • Syrus Angi
    Syrus Angi   1 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing. Funny thing is that I'm a Nigerian n I always felt like an odd ball among other Nigerians. My peers would even ask me if I grew up in the US because my accent sounded different which is ironic cuz I lived in Nigeria most of my life. I can't speak my tribal language neither do I know that much Nigerian slang n I don't even listen to that much Nigerian pop music cuz the majority of them just don't fit my taste. I had a hard time fitting in my highschool n I was nervous of going to a national University till I was relieved to be enrolled in an American University. Basically, I don't fit the general personality or qualities of a typical Nigerian n I'm somewhat insecure about that as well. So in a way I can relate n I appreciate you sharing your own experience.

  • Un0riginal Skittlez
    Un0riginal Skittlez   1 hours ago

    You’re good at explaining things. Like you could be the narrator in an anime. (Wait I’m not racist I just think about anime alot)

  • Percy Silva
    Percy Silva   1 hours ago

    My first job was in a korean restaurant, in a korean area of Brazil and the only one client who ordered a dog was a brazillian and the owner was like "Dog?! Are you nuts?!".

  • Jun Lei
    Jun Lei   1 hours ago

    Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendaryAnyone gets the meme

  • Black_teddy _bear
    Black_teddy _bear   2 hours ago

    I’m from Saudi Arabia but I’m really bad at it and I’m really good at English

  • KHd KHd
    KHd KHd   2 hours ago

    Stay safe love ur vids so yeah o and also just want to say ur just like me but I am a kid and ur and adult I am 13 in high school so yeah

  • LoveAnime 3015
    LoveAnime 3015   2 hours ago

    I am Asian too and I know how it feels to not have the same race as you in school or other Asians and in public places as well as not being able to speak my countries language. I can't even say a sentence in my language, being Filipino for me is hard in America. T^T

  • Hannah S
    Hannah S   2 hours ago

    I'm a bit opposite because I learned Korean first even though I was born in America😅

  • Andrei Gacha Ro
    Andrei Gacha Ro   2 hours ago

    I am bilinguial I can speak my natal language which is Romanian and american english if there is something wrong it is 5 am and I did not sleep

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi   2 hours ago

    I am half Korean half Japanese, raised in America, and am in good connection with traditions from my heritage

  • Raven Bakley
    Raven Bakley   2 hours ago

    My abuela (great grandmother) and my gmom (abuela’s daughter) are from Argentina, in fact, my Tio Eddy was the first person on my gmom’s side of the family to be born in America. Abuela’s husband, my great granddad, was German. I don’t remember much of my abuela bc she passed when I was very young but I’ve always struggled with that side of my identity. I wanted to learn Spanish at a young age, and my mom tried to teach me and my sisters, she even had Spanish to English children books, but my gmom didn’t pass down the language, and rarely passed down the recipes too. Sometimes it felt like she was ashamed of being Argentinian American, or she felt ashamed to be an immigrant. But it’s been hard to learn the culture and language on my own. I’m almost 25 and I’m still having trouble learning the language. But it was also hard growing up bc I’m white, and even Argentinian’s are white, but when ever I’d talk about my Hispanic heritage, kids would say things like “you can’t be Hispanic, you’re white!” Or “you’re too white to be Mexican!” (Despite me saying I’m Argentinian. But let’s not gloss over the blatant racism in thinking that all Hispanic/Spanish peoples are only brown or tan). I’ve had similar issues with the German and Irish parts of my heritage, but it’s not quite the same as my Argentinian heritage. I want to embrace all sides of my heritage more.

  • SacredWater Mage
    SacredWater Mage   2 hours ago

    I’m half-African and half Australian (Black/Caucasian), I was born in Hungary and then moved to Australia when I was 2. My experience was similar to yours. I felt very insecure about my heritage, as most of my friends (at least at school) were white and so were my family. To this day, I’ve never met anyone besides my father on my African side. It hurts to even say but back when I was younger I really wanted to be white. It’s so easy to internalise self loathing when all you see on tv and all the people you interact with are mostly white. I think the most harmful thing I used to hear was “Don’t worry you’re not that black, you’re like.. caramel” , as justification for racism or racial slurs and I was told i basically didn’t have the right to get offended because I was..Caramel..I guess. Basically that phrase was saying that they saw a part of me as inferior or not desirable. Which at the time I took as a compliment. I was always made to feel like I was borderline ugly because of my black features like my nose, lips and hair by my friends at the time (which is a whole other story) One of their favourite things to do was to come up to me and tell me the most racist jokes they could come up with to me specifically cause I was black. This was all in primary school. At least my primary school had some diversity, My high school on the other hand was 99% white kids and 100% white staff, with a handful of kids that were Asian or black. Needless to say I didn’t feel like I belonged in any way and there was no one I could relate to or look up to. I ended up in a nerdy group of white boys who were very similar to my primary school friends, but now they would draw horrible pictures of me with huge lips, nose or forehead which was apparently the funniest thing in the world and were SUPER sexist on top of it, Great.. I was really shy and didn’t make friends easy, my old friends ignored me at school most of the time because ‘hIGh sChOoL StATus’ so I didn’t have much of a choice but to sit with them. The majority of students were blonde surfer kids which made things worse for my cultural identity, because I developed the idea that blonde hair was far more attractive than brown which resulted in me routinely bleaching my hair in the 7th grade. Around the 9th grade, I sunk into depression (not surprisingly) that was fuelled by anger to everything around me. Instead of being a teachers pet, I was the one arguing with teachers, drawing through class, barely showing up to school. Because I started to realise all the shitty stuff that was going on around me. I stopped trying to maintain relationships, I would lash out at teachers, friends and family a lot, I strictly used my work books as a drawing book, I stopped wearing uniform and dyed my hair blue out of spite I’m pretty sure. (LMAO, teenagers.) I’m sure that a part of that was just high school in general, but I also think it’s cause i felt a heightened sense of disconnect from everyone around me and myself as well. I’m 18 now and I have a much clearer idea of what I was going through, but still am working the whole puzzle out. I’ve removed myself from damaging people and learned to embrace being black and now genuinely LOVE being black. I think it took me a long time because as well as my environment, my only connection to my African side was my father who I haven’t seen in 12 years. And he was well..let’s just say a bad man, who i chose to cut out of my life. So that definitely didn’t help things. Anyways sorry this is so long, it’s hard for me to make my writing concise (i know it’s all over the place xD). I obviously only touched on some of the more important parts, as I don’t have all day to write this, but, I can totally relate to what it’s like being a mixed kid in general. And thank you for making this video, I think the story of your personal struggles with your cultural identity is really interesting with the dynamic of a second language. That must have been really hard, especially as kid. The way you and your cousin used to hang out is super cute tho <3

  • 长安
    长安   2 hours ago

    I was born in America and have lived there for 11 years of my life when I moved to China, as my mom put it, "to embrace the culture." Back then I felt so resentful being in my supposedly home country, I'd whine everyday complaining about either the school the people or the food (I was exaggerating, the school was fine the people were awesome and the food was spetacular I was just biased) and would be begging to return to America. Years past and now I can read and speak fluent chinese, made some really awesome and caring friends that don't care about my nationality (the literal only type of comment I got referring to my nationality was "Oh you're from America? Cool!" ) and managed to vibe with a culture I'd never thought I could before. Alas, I think it's totally ok to feel confused about your true background, you don't have to feel obligated to embrace a culture that could feel just as unfamiliar as it is to anyone else, sometimes you just have to go with the flow and it just comes naturally. But hey, it never hurts to explore the other side, I believe it opens up your worldview and it's the experience and adventures that come with it that are unique and priceless :)

  • Cute Carrots
    Cute Carrots   2 hours ago

    I have the same problem but in an opposite way like I don’t get the why are your eyes so small question because I wear glasses and it makes my Eyes look bigger

  • notTerabyte
    notTerabyte   2 hours ago

    6:17-6:20 translations-할머니, 할아버지, 안녕하세요 and 네(Grandma, grandpa, hello, yes)6:22-6:25 translations-어이구, 우리 윤해 한국말 잘하네!(Wow, Eunhae, you're good at speaking Korean!)⬆️ (This is my own direct translation, one on the video gets to the point better though. Also, sorry if I butchered the korean name)6:25-6:27 text bubble-감사합니다...(Thank you..)Extra notes-The k-drama clip at 7:30 used is called "Kimchi slap", and is on the "Important Videos" playlist.

  • Jenna Bangle
    Jenna Bangle   2 hours ago

    I'm half Hispanic and half white and seeing how I'm closer to the Mexican side of my family, distance and relationship wise, and how the white side of my family is......not a very kind family, I feel more Mexican than white but because my skin is way paler than the rest of my family and I can't tan, people assume I'm 100% white and think I'm lying for attention when I say my great-grandparents came from Mexico. People look at me like I'm weird when I say I can relate to Mexican traditions or culture and say stuff like "Wait you're Mexican? You're lying." I feel a pang of pride and victory when I'm talking about something that my family does and someone tells me that it's a "Mexican thing". And, with the BLM movement(which I support wholeheartedly) and minorities speaking up, I feel weary about speaking up about the things I've experienced because I'm half white so what do I have to complain about. So I constantly feel the need to prove myself as a Mexican and I'm desperate to be darker skinned so I won't be seen as "white" anymore and prove that I'm nothing like the white side of my family and now I've grown to resent my whiteness and try to deny it at every turn. I know my ethnicity is nothing to be ashamed of and I'm not saying all white people are like my family, but I can't help being ashamed and I'm trying to get better at it but I'm really struggling when it looks like I'm the only white child in a large family of Mexicans when most of my cousins are half-and-half like me but look nothing like me. (i don't mean to be offensive, I'm just saying I relate to having similar identity crisis, I'm not trying to drag white people or anything) sorry for rambling

  • iEnthusiast
    iEnthusiast   2 hours ago

    searched up eminem and accidentally clicked on your name

  • Minami Hara
    Minami Hara   2 hours ago

    I'm half Japanese and Canadian ❤️👍

  • Keni F.
    Keni F.   3 hours ago

    Mom : Salvadoran Dad : SalvadoranMe and My siblings : Salvadoran-AmericanMe : ok time to learn Portuguese and Japanese

  • Rhyme Minahan
    Rhyme Minahan   3 hours ago

    Connor's British accent as the Korean dad is so amazing:)

  • Aniya Marrero
    Aniya Marrero   3 hours ago

    my mom: i know my side of the familys darker than you are but thats okaymy dad: Yeah everyone here speaks spanish But i'll translate for youyounger me: IM BLACK AND HISPANIC BUT I LOOK WHITE!...WHY CANT I BE NORMAL!?Me now:...yeah im still insicure about this....