Ep. 9 | The Basement Office | World War II UFOs, Antarctica and Kecksburg Crash | New York Post

  • Published on: 20 May 2020
  • There is one wild conspiracy theory that refuses to go away... that UFOs originated in Germany during World War II, that they built a secret UFO base in Antarctica, and that one of these UFOs crashed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965. Nick Pope and Steven Greenstreet dive into the documented evidence, witness testimony and scientific analysis in order to separate fact from fiction. And, in this case, the truth just might be weirder than previously thought.

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  • Runtime : 33:52
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  • Dave L.A
    Dave L.A   1 years ago

    I love this series!! Thank you NY post ❤️🗽🗽

  • zew 1
    zew 1   2 days ago

    I think we all need some new episodes! One of the best shows I've ever seen that doesn't go all out for or against. It presents evidence in a professional manner and explores every possible explanation. 👏

  • zew 1
    zew 1   2 days ago

    Werner von Braun said after the first successful V2 launch. "It worked! It just that it landed on the wrong planet."

  • Low Fi Noir'
    Low Fi Noir'   3 days ago

    maybe Antarctica is growing into the next Pangaea. and the rest will be flooded. then Pangaea will be split and civilization will have to start over discovering us and discovering themselves.

  • I Oftheuniverse
    I Oftheuniverse   3 days ago

    Under one minute in: CAN IT BE NAZIS HAD UFOS????Me: No, they would have won...Video Over.

  • Norman Terrault
    Norman Terrault   5 days ago

    I don't know why "New York Post" haven't gotten in touch with Dr. Greer !

  • Ben Moore
    Ben Moore   1 weeks ago

    What did buzz aldrin see? And why and what did he say about it?

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones   1 weeks ago

    I suspect that is was the Sputnik 2 capsule with the dog , Leika , U.S.S.R , since we're able to track every piece of space debris in space , and yet there's never been a mention of Leika's where about I suspect the CIA was behind the retrieval...

  • Kennard Johnson
    Kennard Johnson   1 weeks ago

    Nope,they probably been around since the big bang. The acorn is interesting, kecksburg pa?

  • Mark Rowland
    Mark Rowland   1 weeks ago

    A Colonal of the German airforce, flying across the Baltic in 1944, did after the war, revealed that he had observed an enormous explosion. When describing it he mentioned purple light. This had been secret until the atomic explosions in August 1945. The fact that there were two secret attempts to build atomic bombs in Germany, that which was underfunded and that which succeeded. The Buna factory set among and Autswitch and associated concentration camps, never delivered artificial rubber. If that was kept secret, then the Bell might also.

  • Erwin van de vegte
    Erwin van de vegte   2 weeks ago

    if you google Kecksburg UFO you find many pictures take by locals . so 2e oopsy here ? sorry makes the whole series corrupt and propaganda to the coverup group USA

  • Russ
    Russ   2 weeks ago

    My grandfather was a fighter pilot in WWII p-51D mustang. He told me about chasing one at the time and how it was so much faster than him and only to disappear straight up into the sky.

  • Mr, Boo Boo 1972
    Mr, Boo Boo 1972   2 weeks ago

    That questionable pyramid in the Artic ... Is it is it just a mountain....? Nothing in nature Is like that pyramid. Nature doesn't do triangles. A Mountain that looks like that with sides sloping in... And he thinks it's natural....? I'll believe the Conspiracy theories... Oh wait I am one. Why....? Because there's too much cover up for what...?? Oh NASA has a tin can going to the moon. Come on man. Such a do. There's more in the fbi files than high jump and two possible different ways to decipher it. Grow up man.

  • Patric Russell
    Patric Russell   2 weeks ago

    What a GREAT show you guys. My only problem is fighting sleep in order to get in a few episodes after work. You're reaction to the guy from Rendlesham, the Staff Sgt. Who saw the 1's and 0's, man you're reaction was so freakin' funny. I rewound it like ten times... Arghhhhh!! Argh, argh!!!. Lol that was hilarious.

  • Macht
    Macht   2 weeks ago

    23:47 their whole reason for going down there is sus lol why do you need to go to Antartica to test planes on ice… there’s plenty of ice alot closer than Antarctica.

  • Mark Rowland
    Mark Rowland   2 weeks ago

    The south Atlantic Annomoly is a WW2 wonder weapon base. That's why our public information demands are laughed at.

  • n0tyham
    n0tyham   2 weeks ago

    I've been reading about the UFO phenomenon for 60 years, and the UFO phenomenon did not originate with Foo Fighters, the Kenneth Arnold sighting, or Roswell. There were reports of UFOs back in the 1800s, and long before that.

  • Glenn MacArthur
    Glenn MacArthur   2 weeks ago

    Also were the abductions of americans the price of "SOLAR WARDEN"!???

  • bdoubleu6
    bdoubleu6   2 weeks ago

    Not a theory they did have them and disappeared with them to Antarctica 🇦🇶

  • MostLikelyCrazy
    MostLikelyCrazy   2 weeks ago

    I dunno why, but everytime somebody says "little green aliens", I kind of want to punch them in the face.

  • partista77
    partista77   3 weeks ago

    Maybe the global warming is a conspiracy to prevent the ice from melt and the truth is revealed......Is Greta an alien or a CIA agent??

  • justanotherguy
    justanotherguy   3 weeks ago

    Just hearing you constantly use the term "conspiracy theorist", really causes me to cast doubt on the legitimacy of your reporting.

    BLAZENYCBLACKOPS   3 weeks ago

    I’m kind of surprised that this series of videos, which are excellent by the way, have so little views, priorities people, stop watching 69 videos.

  • Bond Babies
    Bond Babies   3 weeks ago

    So if these ETs work with NAZIS how can anyone think they are trying to help us advance?????

  • Glenn MacArthur
    Glenn MacArthur   3 weeks ago

    The first roswell was Aroura Texas 1889 the windmill crash next was Friesburg Germany 1928 the black forest crash this was the first time the ufo craft and aleins recovered leading the group was Hans Komler who would head up all alein technology in support of the german effort!! He lead the effort on the Natzi bell ,he used the bell as bargining chip to continue researching,then in 1968 he visited his former friend Von Braun,some say he was there to sell the bell as an adjuct to the saturn V engines on a possible mars mission!! needless to say it failed it test a suborbital test and came down in PA six months later

  • alexis carrillo
    alexis carrillo   3 weeks ago

    The wunderwaffle is a hand held long semi automatic right that zaps a whole crowd at once with lethal voltage ⚡ 😳

  • Droxy Maine
    Droxy Maine   3 weeks ago

    What alien face? @29:20 Have you ever seen one? You have seen a gorilla though. It's a gorilla!

  • Ginsu Diaz
    Ginsu Diaz   3 weeks ago

    if aliens and humans battled and we lost BADLY Do you think our government will tell us? Should they?

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan   3 weeks ago

    Read the book 'Secondworld' by Jeremy Robinson (the audiobook is amazing). It takes pretty much all of the conspiracy theories about the nazi's and makes a crazy story that you can't put down.

  • AMF 69
    AMF 69   3 weeks ago

    I'm finding the static on the TV distracting and annoying.

  • AMF 69
    AMF 69   3 weeks ago

    Love the series. You need to loose the Mulder/X Files genre though. It's comes off as insincere. Keep it coming.

  • Carl Baillie
    Carl Baillie   4 weeks ago

    Whoever was in charge of subtitles needs sacking, the dictation is abysmal !