BFDI 4: Sweet Tooth

  • Published on: 02 April 2010
  • Pin thinks ice cakes are terrible. But can she, along with the rest of the contestants, possibly do any better!? Find out in this thrilling episode of BFDI!
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  • Runtime : 10:8
  • battle for dream island bfdi cartoon total drama tdi tda tdwt competition cakes


  • An idiot
    An idiot   10 hours ago

    9:14 that one classroom when a bee/wasp enters their room

  • katie Pearce
    katie Pearce   18 hours ago

    Match you could keep the 20 dollars and brought 4 1 for bubble 1 for you match 1for pencil and 1 for woody because there are 4x5=20. Do you get what I mean

  • Trigex
    Trigex   1 days ago

    If that “needles cake” thing was real it would actually be kinda scary

  • suteng1985
    suteng1985   2 days ago

    Where is your mask and a lemonade because it’s one of the best fattest one I don’t like it so eliminate you later okay if you don’t really later I will never come to you ever again I will give you every type of times down okay okay

  • Rainingsupernova
    Rainingsupernova   4 days ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about how rocky got 2nd with 22 points even though his cake was just a bowl of water with vomit?

  • cqitlin
    cqitlin   5 days ago

    man that first part got me😭

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  • Jo G
    Jo G   6 days ago

    I love to eat 100 chocolate balls

    ODOBB   1 weeks ago

    Fun fact: this has 11 million views and did you know that was 11 years

  • Cup O' Noodle
    Cup O' Noodle   1 weeks ago

    Why does ever a video sound gets cut off and just sound just a little sound

  • maria fe
    maria fe   1 weeks ago

    This is when Rocky forgot how to talk.

  • Aaseds 28
    Aaseds 28   1 weeks ago

    Wait this was posted on april 2nd!!!

  • llama
    llama   1 weeks ago

    11 years ago :,) man this feels nostalgic