Please don't photoshop our wedding photo. (YIAY #409)

  • Published on: 25 April 2018
  • Original photo credit to The Ponces Photography
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  • Runtime : 5:40
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  • Memerath
    Memerath   1 weeks ago

    4:10 SCP-096 after killing someone who saw 2 centimeters of their face

  • Leah Jam
    Leah Jam   1 weeks ago

    This was the first video I saw from jack, at first I thought he was serious

    TRIPLE8   2 weeks ago

    0:12 “and if you did uhh see you in court” don’t know why that’s so funny to me

  • abc123
    abc123   3 weeks ago

    3:34 gene looks a cute baby

  • Flex4249
    Flex4249   3 weeks ago

    Somone said hawaii wasnice

  • Your Grandma
    Your Grandma   3 weeks ago

    3:05 um,I didn't get the "Where's Waldo part" of course,because I'm dumbBut I did realize that there's like a screaming cat right behind Jack...

  • Earrape Metal
    Earrape Metal   4 weeks ago

    0:29 there’s something about the way he said “god dammit brock”

    TRUU • GAMING   1 months ago

    I wish someone edited, he is hugging a pillow with that weebs thingy lmao

  • Sad Breloom
    Sad Breloom   1 months ago

    1:01 why did poosheyan become a furry

  • Neonek1553
    Neonek1553   1 months ago

    death to furries am i right guys?

  • Arya pradipta
    Arya pradipta   1 months ago

    deep sighI've Made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgeMent and I dOn't expect to be forgiVen. I'm simply here to apologize. So what we camE acrOss that day on the woods was obviously unpPanned aNd the reactions you saW on taPe were raw, they were unfiltered. NOne of Us kNew hoW to reAct or how tO fEel. I should havE never posted the video. I shoUld have puT the cameras down, and stopped recorDing what we weRe goiNg thrOugh. There's a lot of things I shOuld have doNe differently, but I didNt, and fOr that from the bottom of my heaRt, I am sOrry. I want to apoLogize tO the inteRnet, I want to apoLogize to anyone whOs seEn The viDeo, I wAnt To apologize to anyone who has Been affeCted or toUched by mental illness, or dePression, or suiCide. But, most impOrtantly, I want to apologize to thE victIm aNd his family. FOr, my fAns, wHo arE defending mY aCtions, please don't, they do not deserve to be defended. The goal of my contEnt is alwAys to entertaiN, to pUsh The bounDaries, to bE all inclusive and in the wOrld I live in I sHare almost everything I dO. The iNtent is never to be heartless, cruel, or malicCous. Like I sAid, I maDe a huge mistake, I don't expecT to Be forgIven, I'm just herE to apoLogize. I'm ashamed of myself. I'm disapPoInted in mYself, and I promise to be beTter. I will be better, thanK you

  • Jgxm
    Jgxm   1 months ago

    0:33 i love this, jack looks like a surfer and erin a 2020 woman

  • Je Gas Station Caltex
    Je Gas Station Caltex   1 months ago


  • Summ3r. Sunsh1ne
    Summ3r. Sunsh1ne   1 months ago

    John it’s your fault for putting the question up not ours

  • Amosa323
    Amosa323   1 months ago

    3:07 it took me 6 min to realize that Erin has Jacks forehead

  • kiwiato
    kiwiato   1 months ago

    3:08 Erin’s forehead is big

  • Unus Annuser
    Unus Annuser   1 months ago

    I’m waiting till marriage I’ll be back in a bit

  • Hehe Hehe
    Hehe Hehe   1 months ago

    3:06 Erin's forehead was slightly larger

  • Gloop
    Gloop   1 months ago

    Is no one gonna mention how genius the one ar 2:04 is?

  • Ragingmex
    Ragingmex   1 months ago

    It's been 2 years and I still haven't seen the difference in the one at 3:05

  • CrappyQuack
    CrappyQuack   1 months ago

    I took 2 years to figure out what the difference on the real one and the one on 3:06 was and it was just the forehead I am beyond disappointed

  • Conflex
    Conflex   1 months ago

    0:22 It seems like Jack marrying with Gru.

  • SB SB
    SB SB   1 months ago

    I never understood why game theory is such a meme on this channel