NoCap - Drown In My Styrofoam [Official Music Video]

  • Published on: 14 September 2020
  • NoCap - Drown In My Styrofoam

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  • Runtime : 3:25
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  • Tyler Griffin
    Tyler Griffin   2 weeks ago

    “Catch em on a holiday Eve and we go right at em (Adam)” simple but still heat 🔥

  • Rian Thomas
    Rian Thomas   5 hours ago

    Please release this on Apple Music🙏🏾‼️

  • YRN6IX
    YRN6IX   15 hours ago

    nocap so underrated 😪

  • Tay 1k
    Tay 1k   16 hours ago

    Can u put ALL of your songs on Apple Music cause my playlist dry with out the new no cap

  • Shimon Zatzman
    Shimon Zatzman   23 hours ago

    So underrated this song 🔥 hope this get to Apple Music I’m tryna add this to my playlist

  • Its Lanii
    Its Lanii   1 days ago

    It’s been a week man please put this on Apple Music😭😭😭

  • EMXN RvO
    EMXN RvO   1 days ago

    Need it on Apple Music 🦅🤧

  • SMP KB
    SMP KB   2 days ago

    on repeat since it dropped. Big gas

  • Young Rich
    Young Rich   2 days ago

    I’m so quick to drop my shells this clock cheat on Obama

  • 2lane Ceelo
    2lane Ceelo   2 days ago

    I wander if rogervile 2 ever gone drop

  • 山本丈晶

    You broke my heart into a million piecesI left my Louboutins and all my YeezysThat ain't nothing, I really hope you bleach 'emBurn up my garment, have fun with that designer, bitchI just want you beside me just like my cup is girlI want Ceelo on side me just like my gun is, I wish he never leftI gotta ask myself, would I drown in this styrofoam tonight? Yeah, yeahAnd float up to the top of the ice, yeah, yeah

  • Kyle Rackz
    Kyle Rackz   2 days ago

    Damn man only if Top jumped on this bitch man what have been cap breakthrough single 💯still 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 910 Suave
    910 Suave   2 days ago

    This is NoCaps love sick 🤞🏽💔

  • Big G!
    Big G!   2 days ago

    2:13 how the hell u think of this shiit?🥵

  • sunshineSZN []
    sunshineSZN []   3 days ago

    My favourites rapper 🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐

  • Matt Harris
    Matt Harris   3 days ago

    Forget this man 🤮🤮 he 🗑

  • Bitesize'sha
    Bitesize'sha   3 days ago

    “They say that I changed but why nobody think I’m just working hard 🥺🥺 “So many people will never get that line

  • Official Jah Bandz
    Official Jah Bandz   3 days ago

    I'm so quick to drop my shell, this Glock cheat on ObamaThey only serve white in that house

  • 216 facts
    216 facts   3 days ago

    Dude got hard punchlines and metaphors a 80's baby could feel

  • Jstrxnge Channel
    Jstrxnge Channel   4 days ago

    This gone my favorite fa a lil min🐐🔥🎸🧢

  • Jauntae Smith
    Jauntae Smith   4 days ago

    I’m so quick to drop my shell (Michelle) this glock cheating on Obama, they only serve white in this house. Narcs tryna bomb me. 🤯🔥

  • Jared Sour
    Jared Sour   4 days ago


  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson   4 days ago

    Me and my girl broke up that's what brought me here

  • Shawn Lewis
    Shawn Lewis   4 days ago

    I swear I feel where he coming from 🅱️lood if you from the streets and had to grow up fast and pay bills for moms and help out and watch yo lil bro and sis you know where he coming from and can understand and relate