• Published on: 28 September 2019
  • Thank you everyone so much for all the love on our exciting news!! We can't wait to continue sharing this journey with you! Hope you enjoy this video of us telling our families we are having a baby. Their reactions are priceless :)
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    LAST VIDEO: Finding out we are pregnant!

  • Runtime : 10:54
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  • Ryan Hammond
    Ryan Hammond   8 months ago

    Hell yes Logie Bear! How did I miss this? Must have kept it Hushin....!!! Lol

  • Brianna Gordy
    Brianna Gordy   8 months ago

    I vividly remember watching Logan’s 16th birthday vlog. There was probably a couple of his bday vlogs before that too but I don’t specifically remember them. But the night that vlog came out, I’d just gotten a new laptop and bunk bed. I was on the top bunk, watching YouTube when I saw Shay uploaded. I remember them dancing to Poker Face and Ana the family all going shopping beforehand. Sontard wanted to get balloons or something I think. It’s so weird to think he’s gonna have a kid soon.

  • toy man
    toy man   9 months ago

    There are hundreds of children desperately wanting and needing loving homes. What's wrong with adoption? NOTHING! It's the right thing to do.

  • Mae Moxham
    Mae Moxham   9 months ago

    Regardless of the fact she’s had many grandchildren I still think she RUINED a moment for the parents. Even if you know stay QUIET and act surprised. Selfish

  • Khatoon AlSadah
    Khatoon AlSadah   9 months ago

    Merry Christmas god bless your family pray pray for us every one who don’t have kids ihope you safe brith healthy baby 👶

  • DaLeadBull
    DaLeadBull   9 months ago

    When Grandmatard said "you guys are too little". hahahaha exactly my reaction.

  • GOKU 432
    GOKU 432   9 months ago

    Has soon as Morton told Logan's mom she was like Morgan sit down

  • Fatima Seyma
    Fatima Seyma   9 months ago

    Grandma Lauri KNOWS hahah also I can't believe it, little Logan from the Shaytards channel all grown and having his own kid 😭

  • theblancbox
    theblancbox   10 months ago

    love how high-pitched grandma lorri's voice gets in moments like these ! :D

  • Laura Hardie
    Laura Hardie   10 months ago

    Congrats Morgan and Logan! 💞😀 xx

  • LiA
    LiA   10 months ago

    Does Morgan not have a dad?

  • Kelsey Jenkalenk
    Kelsey Jenkalenk   10 months ago

    I cannot deal with you being married and pregnant Logan!!!! I’m an OG fan and wow I’m so happy for you and your wife!!!!!!

  • Michelle Ramirez
    Michelle Ramirez   10 months ago

    Congratulations Logan and Megan the parents to the baby

  • Adrian
    Adrian   10 months ago

    Guys dont get pregnant. Shes pregnant. Its a disrespectful thing for girls to say guys get pregnant.

  • shelby9109
    shelby9109   10 months ago

    Kinda happy knowing more boys will carry on the butler name with Gavin, Brock, Daxton, gage and Winston

  • Robynelaine28
    Robynelaine28   10 months ago

    She always knows with every one of her kids lol

  • wazowski
    wazowski   10 months ago

    Beautiful video, congratulations guys!

  • Alison Barr
    Alison Barr   10 months ago

    Logan And Morgan Are So Cute Together

  • F.A
    F.A   10 months ago

    why is everyone pregnant

  • Pickingwilddaisies
    Pickingwilddaisies   10 months ago

    “As along as it isn’t my daughter it’s okay” 😂😂😂😂

  • Taylor Keiran
    Taylor Keiran   10 months ago

    It’s crazy to see Logan having a baby when you watch the old shattered vlogs and he seems so young😂

  • Aaron Jensen
    Aaron Jensen   10 months ago

    You guys seem to be real genuine people, don’t screw this up like all the other family YouTube channels. Like👍

  • Kasey Black
    Kasey Black   10 months ago

    I wish so badly every in law relationship could be like this family

  • Alison Ren
    Alison Ren   11 months ago

    Very sweet! Congratulations! I loved Morgan's family's reaction! That was great!

  • Adam Shellard
    Adam Shellard   11 months ago

    See Grandpa Carl cry. Thats the best reaction!

  • Chele Linda
    Chele Linda   11 months ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s the woman who is pregnant

  • Ayanna Reynoso
    Ayanna Reynoso   11 months ago

    This makes me so happy, but yet I feel so old lol.