Sasquatch Visits The Greenbrier Sporting Club

  • Published on: 08 September 2010
  • The Greenbrier Sporting Club catches what could be Sasquatch in the woods on a Sunday afternoon. On October 12, 2008 - we caught a very curious looking wildlife photo from one of our trail cameras. Take a look at the video and post a comment to let us know what you think it is.

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  • Runtime : 2:1
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  • Katherine Genge
    Katherine Genge   1 months ago

    My mom lives in alderson wv and few years ago terrible rains came through June 2016 while I was visiting I go on long walks being from Chicago I just loved it out there but anywho I believe we'll I heard some hollers in those woods that I just can't say I've ever heard before now I thought some locals were messing with me and I swear I'm thinking 🤔 now I see this video cuz it was shot right next door that they seriously is bigfoots out there beautiful spot of. Heaven they picked I have to say

  • EVK Sentic
    EVK Sentic   1 months ago

    Hmm.. I wonder what THINKER THUNKER would think of this.

  • JohnnyRebKy
    JohnnyRebKy   1 months ago

    It’s more likely than Joe Biden winning the election 🤷‍♂️

  • situated4
    situated4   1 months ago

    I hike in the state and national parks often. I've never seen a BF. Have they seen me?

  • Cory Cooper
    Cory Cooper   1 months ago

    Your camera only got one picture of it?!?

  • NFC Boys
    NFC Boys   1 months ago

    This species is most defiantly out there. I believe that there are varying forms of them as far as size etc but there is overwhelming evidence. Folks must keep in mind that the argument of, “If these creatures existed, we would have more evidence such as a body etc.” Sasquatch are the ultimate apex existence of the forest. If we see them, it’s because THEY allow it. These animals are extremely intelligent, are capable of building intricate structures, tracking etc. It’s pretty arrogant of us humans to just say they don’t exist as if we’re sure about all the millions of untouched acres out there etc.

  • Susan Heck
    Susan Heck   1 months ago

    the height convinces me--bigfoot is taller than you next to the tree. Using the small limb and going back and forth between the two views there is a definite difference.

  • Karen
    Karen   2 months ago

    It appears to be taller when hunched over than Mr. Sporting Club is standing upright, so there’s that…

  • Andrew Hammel
    Andrew Hammel   2 months ago

    I dont if any squatch pics are 'real'. But that thing does appear to have longer than human arms, and longer than human fingers. So its potentially real. Enough to to be taken seriously. Not one that can be dismissed as a bear, nor as a human in a gorilla suit.

  • Kerry Kelaher
    Kerry Kelaher   2 months ago

    " i suugest you " set a trap with cookies and a glass of milk " ( lol )

  • Corey Michael
    Corey Michael   2 months ago

    Come on guys, way too small to be a Sasquatch. Just another loser prancing around in a suit.

  • Sandy Bean
    Sandy Bean   2 months ago

    Gillie suit for sure, question answered... In my humble opinion......

  • Raphaela Hons
    Raphaela Hons   2 months ago

    Gosh i remember seeing this years ago. The filter really makes the features stand out !!

  • Larry Holcomb
    Larry Holcomb   2 months ago

    I grew up 20-30 miles west across those mountains. Those woods always had a weird feeling to them. Always strangely quiet too, never saw anything, but always felt something was watching you. Heard a lot of tree knocks, and some sounds I had no idea what it was, but like I said never saw anything. I’m in my mid-50’s now and occasionally still roam those woods but never without a high caliber gun. If they do exist they could def live out there and pretty much go unnoticed..

  • David Copson
    David Copson   2 months ago

    Have seen this before. It is nothing more than a tree stump. It's about four feet in height.

  • Atticus Finch
    Atticus Finch   2 months ago

    Yeah that looks real trying to get people to come up to his business smarten up

  • Terry Ogletree
    Terry Ogletree   2 months ago

    If only one of the thousands of pictures , videos and eyewitness reports is legitimate does that mean they exist or not

  • Yeltsin 68
    Yeltsin 68   2 months ago

    It’s obviously my mother in law. Sorry for all the confusion.

  • Doug Manor
    Doug Manor   2 months ago

    Bigfoot appears to be a lot shorter than the guy is when comparing photo's.Either a juvenile bigfoot or a kid with a costume.

  • Yoda _
    Yoda _   2 months ago

    I miss the weekly world news. So fun.

  • edmc1000
    edmc1000   2 months ago

    over forty Native American tribes had names for such a creature long before the first white man stood on these lands. So yes, they are out there. I have not seen a mountain lion in person yet but one was killed on the interstate highway between here and Omaha a few years back. Creatures still walk the earth at night while we sleep safe in our beds.

    ERIC WRENN   2 months ago


  • Lethal Weaboo
    Lethal Weaboo   2 months ago

    Obviously a elderly person with a walker in a ghillie suit

  • Tony Padilla-yeti zone your not alone

    From the Hoodlums in the Hood to the Bigfoots in the Woods Obsessed and Possessed by Manitou Champ of the Yetis, through his eye's I can see that he has left his Mark on me, Hooked like no other it's like Manitous my Brother, Yeti Zone your not alone, like a camera I use negatives for my Quest of Bigfoot, all you Bigfoot Whisper Wannabes ain't got nothing on me, I have no doubt I can call the Russian Killer out, Qualified Certified Yetified 100percent, Challenge anyone and Yeti, I'm a Bigfoot Rebel because they took me to the next level, the Best not like the Rest, I can find any Bigfoots nest, Tested and Accepted when others run I stay for fun, not out for the Kill in it for the Thrill, can't be Frightened because I've been Enlightened, Absorbed, Tagged, Checked, Read till the day I'm Dead

  • TheNutzandBoltz
    TheNutzandBoltz   2 months ago

    Well since they can avoid trail cams. lol. Well since they don't exist they don't show up on trail cams. Oh wait they can sense the shift in ions from 10 1.5v AA batteries.

  • Tucker Trucker Patriot
    Tucker Trucker Patriot   2 months ago

    I have seen BF in real life and this looks to me to be real. It was getting a high protein meal of grubs and bugs out of the stump it tore apart.

  • Brunton Harris
    Brunton Harris   3 months ago

    It would be a partially blind juvenile sasquatch if it is indeed a sasquatch as they can detect trail cameras and it looks like it was during daylight hours. Looking at its size it is probably a person in a monkey suit BUT you never know you could have got very lucky.

  • randy beard
    randy beard   3 months ago

    Every state in America has Bigfoot and Dogman including Hawaii!!!