CICADA KILLER CAUGHT!... Return of the Sting?

  • Published on: 14 September 2020
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  • Runtime : 4:22
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  • Sener S
    Sener S   1 weeks ago

    We need Spider bites index.

  • JackSaysHi
    JackSaysHi   3 weeks ago

    Anything with a stinger freaks me out lol

  • Jonathan Byrd
    Jonathan Byrd   1 months ago

    Any won else see puss spit out around 2:00 in

    BRUH MOMENT   1 months ago

    He just doesn't care about his health anymore

  • Maeleigh Self
    Maeleigh Self   1 months ago

    I'm confused because the date that this is posted was sep. 14th, but in the video it said sep. 19th.

  • Destroyer Dog
    Destroyer Dog   1 months ago

    The legend continues Hes coming out of sting retirement The wild man Coyote PetersonCrowd: yaaaaaaaaaa For now Crowd: aaawwwww man

  • Vickie Mtichell
    Vickie Mtichell   1 months ago

    Good job coyote Peterson Peterson from doing this is a really good so far you deserve a treat good job love you coyote Peterson marry you

  • Amy Ballah
    Amy Ballah   1 months ago

    Ima just say bru y are u doing this

  • Wei Zhou
    Wei Zhou   1 months ago

    Sacred the the wasp is more scared and runs away

  • Velvet Ant
    Velvet Ant   1 months ago


  • Jessica Clarke
    Jessica Clarke   1 months ago

    We all know he is never going to stop getting stung on purpose.

  • Harmony Hutcherson
    Harmony Hutcherson   1 months ago

    i have never commenting on your vid I love your channel OMGGGGGGGGG IM talking to you!!!!!!!!

  • bottleo
    bottleo   1 months ago

    not technically?!? MAH GAD!?

  • bottleo
    bottleo   1 months ago

    oh god MY BUTT AAAAAA

  • Tea Time with Maddie
    Tea Time with Maddie   1 months ago

    how does cyote not have venom super powers by now :) hahahah I know super powers are not real btw

  • PChamileon97
    PChamileon97   1 months ago

    the claims it’s the “Murder Hornets”it landing on his footITS DESTINY

  • Jamie Banner
    Jamie Banner   1 months ago

    Yeah there should be a insect size index. I have one. Example just a few.Asian giant hornet'sEuropean hornet's/Brown giant hornetCicada Killer'sTarantula hawk'sThese most commonly known one's are all part same size index. Because these are all called giants. To me they're the same difference between Yellow JacketsHoney BeesBlue BottlesCommon Wasps In size comparisons, because its about the same for them. Obviously some are slightly bigger and rounder but all part of the same size index.There's obviously others like the Dahlbomii giant Bumblebee'sMammoth wasp's.Pale giant horseflies.Other kind of lesser known one's.But the size index would help. Because a lot of people think the giant Asian Hornet is twice the size of everything including the European Hornet lol. Which is nonsense completely not true. In fact they are very very similar in size Asians only slightly bigger. To me the size difference between a giant Asian and European hornet is the same size difference between a European paper wasp and a Yellow jacket. But they're in the same size zone.The funny thing is the ones I've mentioned aren't even the largest. Believe it or not there's a size index above them lol. There's an insect in China size of a human hand. Giant dragonfliesGiant BeatlesThe Giant Scoliid wasp, which is said to reach up to 3 inches. The true largest wasp in the world. not even the Megachilli Pluto Bee aka Wallace giant bee, and the Megalara Garuda aka the king of all wasps don't even grow that size. The Giant Scoliid is truly the king.There's really insane size insects that makes the ones I mention above look like common house flies.But it kind of helps to identify scarier ones people don't know much about.In animal Kingdom it's well known that Lions Tigers and Bears are all in the same size index. Why not do the same for insects?

  • Paulina A.M.
    Paulina A.M.   1 months ago

    Omg I started watching your videos and I died to no you were still making them

  • Jaemin Jeong
    Jaemin Jeong   1 months ago

    This man could've used facts and science, but he used himself

  • Linda Allen
    Linda Allen   1 months ago

    Coyote after 20 years I’m about to drown my self

  • Mary McGrath
    Mary McGrath   1 months ago

    At this point his left arm is stronger than the avatar

  • Shrimp With Sniff
    Shrimp With Sniff   2 months ago

    Coyote have you seen kings of pain? because that's basically what this is

  • Santenoturtle 2000
    Santenoturtle 2000   2 months ago

    I think at this point, any animal that bites him would die because all of his blood is now venom.

  • Masonator !!!
    Masonator !!!   2 months ago

    You clickbait in the sting videos by making it look like you get stung in the finger not the forearm

  • kyle Boi
    kyle Boi   2 months ago

    2:36 "it is not a creature to be afraid of" scary bug go BrRRrRrrR

  • Zoe Lewis
    Zoe Lewis   2 months ago

    Actually I clicked on this vid bc I thought my friendwas commenting

  • Frucht - Fliege
    Frucht - Fliege   2 months ago

    Does this dramatic song exist on spotif, if so I want it