The Perfect Proposal (Warning: YOU WILL CRY!)

  • Published on: 10 August 2018
  • She said Yes!!! 👰🏼💍 & She said yes too!!! 👧🏼
    And guess what? Baby Mendez coming soon!!! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👣

    On my 2 year anniversary I told my girlfriend we were going out to take family photos 📸 and to record a video 🎥 announcing to the world that we were expecting 👶🏼.
    ...but I surprised her with the most PERFECT PROPOSAL!

    We picked them both up at her house. Drove her to our secret location. I made them both close their eyes. I walked them to our "secret destination". I placed headphones over her ears and played a video.

    I created a video of the timeline of our relationship. From our first EVER text message. To our first date. All of our monumental moments of 2015, 2016, and 2017! At the end of the video her instructions were to remove the headphones, stand up, and turn around! That is when she was surprised with everyone in front of her!

    She broke down crying - I broke down crying. I poured my heart out to my girlfriend in front of all of our loved ones. I wanted everyone to witness my love for her - and she said yes.

    For the past 2 years I've watched her beautiful daughter grow into this perfect little angel. I dropped to my knee again, asked her if it was okay to marry her mother - she said yes - but that wasn't all...I asked her if I could be her Dad and be there for her as she grows older. She told me yes!

    Thank you to all of our family, friends and everyone else for making this surprise proposal possible!

    I thank you Lord above for blessing me with such a beautiful family! Thank you for watching over us! Thank you for guiding me and turning me into the man i needed to be in order to receive such a heavenly gift. Thank you my God for all your heavenly blessings!

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  • Runtime : 9:36
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    THE MENDEZ SQUAD   1 years ago


  • Antonio M
    Antonio M   4 hours ago

    What name of song in the beginning

  • Sophia R.
    Sophia R.   18 hours ago

    This is an absolutely heart warming video, absolutely beautiful. The speech to his daughter was beautiful, and so was everything else. Best if wished yo your future and God bless. Beautiful family! ♥️

  • Graziella Sacco
    Graziella Sacco   2 days ago

    You will cry I didn’t expect that he’s gonna talk to his daughter like that this video made me cry 😭😭😭

  • Rekha Dk
    Rekha Dk   4 days ago

    Wow.. it's emotional his words.. getting a loving caring partner is a blessed thing ..both of you stay blessed 🥰..respect to him

  • MrMcToasty 103
    MrMcToasty 103   4 days ago

    Omg it's an ace family ripoff channel which doesn't even make sense.

  • Sheila Chepkorir
    Sheila Chepkorir   4 days ago

    Still watching this it really broke me down😓😓😓Blessing to your family

  • Randy Kekahu
    Randy Kekahu   5 days ago

    Thank you for posting this, 2020 has been rough on a lot of us. Letting us share some sort of happiness even from many miles and even years later. This give us hope that there will be a better future for each and everyone of us.

  • kenei Sorhie
    kenei Sorhie   6 days ago

    Among all the proposals here in you tube this is the best still watching this video for like thousand times already😭❤️love u both

  • Nanyonjo Cissy
    Nanyonjo Cissy   1 weeks ago

    Woow OMG watched on September 2020 wat a dad to a daughter

  • Hingsi Irang
    Hingsi Irang   1 weeks ago

    Lucky she, she got a man like him who is ready to shoulder everything for her like her biological father, and lucky she, she just hit the golden buzzer by loving a man with such a big heart.

  • Das Right
    Das Right   1 weeks ago

    Did they get divorced yet since he found out she was sleeping with his friend.

    ANKUSH   1 weeks ago

    u r soo lucky and me 😢😢😢😢

  • Benjamin Neri
    Benjamin Neri   1 weeks ago

    Me before the vid : I’m not gonna cry After it finish me shedding a few tears : this really warmed my heart ❤️😭😭😞

  • liz S
    liz S   1 weeks ago

    Beutifull ,i hope i can be like this in my life n congratulation both off u 🙏

  • Ro N Na's vlog
    Ro N Na's vlog   1 weeks ago

    Shooktt ..i didn't expect i will cry atbthe end of the video 😭😭

  • daynes fire
    daynes fire   1 weeks ago

    Hello everyone my name is dayness fire for Tanzania please give me your support

  • ♡Road Vibes♡
    ♡Road Vibes♡   2 weeks ago

    I really thought i could do this without crying lol what a fool i was...sitting here bawling like a baby 😂

  • Charles Bennett
    Charles Bennett   2 weeks ago

    This video was truly emotional but in a great way . The way he did the video n how it was all set up was perfect n is how a proposal should be

  • Hasifah Nankinga
    Hasifah Nankinga   2 weeks ago

    But am always asking my self what happened to the African Men 🙄😏They don't hv true love 💝

  • Hasifah Nankinga
    Hasifah Nankinga   2 weeks ago

    I wish I can gt someone who can love me seriously 😭😭😭

  • Aditya Raut
    Aditya Raut   2 weeks ago

    It was good at first but the moment (7:28) he started talking to the little girl 😍😍 shows what a great man he is! Congratulations both of you🥂Keep him forever, men like him are rare.

  • khia christine
    khia christine   2 weeks ago

    i find the proposal simple but special and his words just made me crying here 😭 u're wife is so lucky to have you

  • LIA Gang
    LIA Gang   2 weeks ago

    When he started talking to the little girl I cried 🥺🥺

  • LIA Gang
    LIA Gang   2 weeks ago

    Awww 🥺🥺 Congratulations I wish you all many many more years ❤️ this made me cry for real 🥺😫