A Journey to the End of the Universe

  • Published on: 07 June 2019
  • Could humans ever travel to other galaxies within their lifetime? The immense scale of the Universe seems to prohibit such voyages, after all the nearest galaxy is so far away that it takes light itself - the fastest thing in the Universe - 2.5 million years to complete the trip. Remarkably, there is a trick that might allow humans to accomplish this feat - join us today as we step onboard the constantly accelerating spaceship!

    Written and presented by Professor David Kipping.

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    0:00 - Prologue
    2:57 - A Journey to Alpha Centauri
    11:27 - Returning from Distant Shores
    21:12 - Onward to the End

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  • Runtime : 30:1
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  • André Martins
    André Martins   2 hours ago

    I have no idea how I ended up here. But I am so glad I did. Outstanding content :)

  • sylvious lizazi
    sylvious lizazi   3 hours ago

    This time story just doesn’t cut it for me. Time should be universal no matter how fast you fly. A clocks’ seconds on your wrist should still tick the same 60 times as it does on earth when standing still. So why would someone age faster than the traveler?

  • Robert Monson
    Robert Monson   6 hours ago

    Is there anything with mass in this area created as the universe expands?

  • Edniel Aldous Eng
    Edniel Aldous Eng   10 hours ago

    if youre running at speed of light so anything in front of you will disentegrate? what will happen? if youre accelerating at that speed how will it effect things that you are running in front of your ship? if something like your ship hits at you at a speed of light?

  • kenneth freeman
    kenneth freeman   15 hours ago

    so my mind is blown and im confused, he never actually goes faster then light yet the time of light is relative to speeds thousands of times faster ....jeeez this video and the one where the universe are either 3 or ten years old depending on if a photon sans left or right .. are up their with the most amazing understandings of Mother Nature and her creator

  • Electro522
    Electro522   16 hours ago

    The universe is in it's youth? No, no, no...in terms of the time from now to the last proton decaying into nothing...the universe hasn't even exited the womb yet.However, that comment on the CMB creating this eye like formation....I rarely get chills from such comments, but that made actively shiver.

  • Andy Ward
    Andy Ward   20 hours ago

    Fantastic presentation. Thank you . Keep up this amazing work 😊😊

  • forgotten father
    forgotten father   20 hours ago

    i would volunteer even for a one way solo trip for sake of everyone just need food and water and that window to watch the vast darkness till i die, its always been a dream of mine

  • SM
    SM   20 hours ago

    Despite all the signs, we still want to deny that there is ONE SINGLE Power...ONE architect, ONE Planner ... All these did not come about on its own. It s perfection

  • dennis de vulder
    dennis de vulder   20 hours ago

    I really enjoy how small distant travel through space makes me feel, all of the self importance and ego just seems to diminish once you get the perspective of how unimportant you are. The ever intriguing though of moving through space and time at a rate so different from our home while still experiencing our relative senses in this same event is absolutely mind boggling.It makes me realize that the values we hold and construct our world by simply don't matter and that's in the scale of galaxies, not planets or even tribes. In a very weird way, it's comforting. You don't matter, I don't matter and yet it only matters if we choose to.

  • Roy C Horton
    Roy C Horton   23 hours ago

    Some people can't grasp the concept of "endless" or "infinity" as it's basically numerically undefined.

  • Benjamin Gherasim
    Benjamin Gherasim   1 days ago

    Did someone tell you this while they were going through the black hole lol

  • Gianpiere Alarcon
    Gianpiere Alarcon   1 days ago

    Sir you have thought of things that I never would have. However, to you I raise this are you sure they would not be able to reach the end of the universe? At some point after enough time the universe theoretically should begin to contract. Giving those voyagers the opportunity to finally reach it

  • Colin Smith
    Colin Smith   1 days ago

    seems like we are finding it very hard to get men on the moon yet managed it in 1967 54 yrs ago strange with primatvve technoligy

  • fixit
    fixit   1 days ago

    imagine Aliens were looking for a planet to live on but couldn't find one and just followed voyager 1 back to were it came from. Then destroyed us

  • qwrtyasdf
    qwrtyasdf   1 days ago

    You can travel faster than the speed of light with DMT to other planets or dimensions. Physical limitations only apply to physical matter, not to the consciousness.

  • RobbO DeeO
    RobbO DeeO   1 days ago

    Light emitted is not infinite. Light we see is the point of Light , its end.

  • RobbO DeeO
    RobbO DeeO   1 days ago

    This guy.... What big imagination you have........

  • Make McCarthyism Great Again

    Imagine we do this and hilariously enough Alpha Centauri is just enormous... extremely bright...and more distant than anything else we can observe lol

  • Joshua Rosquist
    Joshua Rosquist   1 days ago

    it is quite humbling observing the universe, and its size

  • Senhor Durante
    Senhor Durante   1 days ago

    It’s impossible to know for sure what’s really out there.....everything has an end and it could well be the Truman show where he hits a board thinking it’s the sky at the end.We are just not intelligent enough to actually know and cipher what’s really out there

  • Aeriel Blackwood
    Aeriel Blackwood   1 days ago

    So after watching all this do you people STILL think evolution terra formed the earth? after seeing how hostile inhospitable and VAST the universe is, you STILL think a random process like evolution prepared our earth PERFECTLY FOR LIFE? well since there is no God or Creator who..terraformed earth...keep wacthing mars through your telescopes...any day now "evolution" is going to randomly out of no where terraform mars.. so you, jeff bezos, and the tesla guy can move there...i mean since there was no definite design and intelligence behind life on earth..."evolution" should ALSO be randomly creating life on mars, venus, uranus, pluto, saturn jupiter, neptune, mercury...i mean MILLIONS of years have past...why hasnt "evolution" given me a martian wife yet?.....why hasnt "evolution given me a mercurian neighbor? why has this " Random" process....STOPPED at the borders of earth??...and dont tell me there might be life out there...we have BEEN to mars via space craft...its a dirty dessert.. NOTHING IS THERE NO LIFE.. FACE FACTS STOP DREAMING WE HAVE ALL SEEN MARS WITH OURS EYES GOOGLE IT...NOTHING..IS THERE... and take mars as a pattern i GUARANTEE THE OTHER PLANETS ARE THE SAME OR WORSE...so if evolution, this RADOM thing is responsible for life why did it stop at the earth?

  • Tom Cooper
    Tom Cooper   1 days ago

    Hope you will be judged someday for detonating my brain ...

  • Yami
    Yami   1 days ago

    Just how God the creator, The one and the only, the first before anything, and the last after everything, has created all this the first time from nothing. God will create it again and bring all of us back from nothingness. God is the greatest, God created greatness.

  • Rudiger Shinnick
    Rudiger Shinnick   1 days ago

    The daily cheque progressively refuse because sausage geographically lighten absent a ready math. unwieldy, kindhearted africa

  • Christopher S
    Christopher S   1 days ago

    What episode of Star Trek TNG is that at 15:52?

  • Jakob Kerman
    Jakob Kerman   1 days ago

    When we die on earth, we leave this world knowing that the universe will go on for an unimaginable amount of time. There will be people like us living their lives in a young and thriving universe. We know that there is a lot of time left for humans and maybe other civilizations as well to explore the world they live in. I think it's terrifying to imagine going on that journey and then dying knowing that by those few decades, the universe has become empty and will soon end as well. You haven't just left Earth, you have surpassed everything that would have come after you. Everything you ever knew or that you could have known is long gone so after you die, there is nothing left. It's almost as if you have ended the universe and everything in it.It's really difficult to put this into words but I hope it was possible to somewhat understand what I mean by that.

  • V45udhy4v.KuTum6hK4m

    Hi Sir, i think for future humans to travel to any place beyond our galaxy and still make life meaningful first we are gonna have to solve the problem of time or atleast make some technology so that the death of our bodies dont effect and us and hence aging does not has any affect on us… Any ppl attempting such voyages would have to transfer their consciousnesses to a more resilient body maybe like a steel humanoid body which doesnot decay with time and has unlimited energy resources to support our consciousness….Such humans could preserve thier original natural bodies in hibernation or some similar technology which either stops or slows down aging considerably….and hence would have the ability to transfer thier consciousness to and fro thier human/robo bodies….. Ultimately death would become a choice for such humans…. it would become more like a serene experience a literal passing away after a satisfactory nomadic life 🙂

  • SunpacPlus Software
    SunpacPlus Software   2 days ago

    The narration of this video is superb and the thought and concept that went into this is mentally astounding!

  • dennis jump
    dennis jump   2 days ago

    Man is always trying to predict the future. Especially, with science. They are constantly predicting catastrophes of one sort or another. Their outlook paints a grim future for people, if any at all.However, the Bible predicts a wonderful future for mankind. God has not left us in the dark about His purpose or what He intends to do. Revelation 21:3,4 states, " And God will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. Look! The former things have passed away> " God has purposed a world of mankind free from sickness, death and old age. War and hunger will be no more. His original purpose for man and the earth will be fulfilled. Even the dead will be brought back to life. (Acts24:15)We can be a part of that new earth, but God does have requirements.. Now is the time to find out. We have to want to be a part of it.

  • Larry Ellis
    Larry Ellis   2 days ago

    Don't. Think. God. Wants. Man. Too. Go. Too. Far. Out. There

  • Jose Baez
    Jose Baez   2 days ago

    Thank you for your viedo, in my book "The Epistemology of the Crocodile King, the Lord of Sahu " and Sahu is ancient Egyptian for the Greek, OrionIn my book based on my Esoteric dreams, I am an astronaut who uses a MerKaVa created from SpaceTime itself and I can go from the Earth to the edge of the UniverseI can even travel even to the Singularity that gave rise to our Universe and live within and on it, by this experience, Nature subdue me because I am subjected to the laws of the Singularity In the end I go forward, I want to understand the First Sentient Being in Creation and in relation to Nature and the Multivers, I erase myself from Creation What is Creation, everything that can be known or understood by the experience of the senses and what we call reality?This is not enough, let us cross from Being to No-Being, from Thing to No-Thing, and from dynamic motion to inactivity Strip yourself from desire, necessities and emotions and you find yourselves as simply Unfathomable Darkness and Consciousness, no body, no spirit, no soul is like been SpaceTime without no energy and no physical objects In the end I become the ancient Egyptian Atum, I am G-d, the Kosmos "Multivers " and Man residing within Nature herself and I become the infinite potential of being in an inactive state of Non-BeingYet I can bring myself back, Nothing is lost, but all things will return as they were, they will be againI am Atum, the Primeval Atom, Adam, DNA or ADN, ADÁN I am the dualistic male and female principles I am the infinite potential that has or is the infinite possibilities of Reality and Existence to produce or to become what I was, I will be againEverything in Creation is me and I am Everything becomes I am the Manifold G-d, who as a spiritual man can connect to SpaceTime by connecting my spinal cord to SpaceTime and it's filaments in which the Quantum Pulse Energy travels within the Neural Network In my Metaphysical experiences, I experience SpaceTime as Unfathomable Darkness and as a Primeval Ocean of Electromagnetic Energy and a Field in which I live, moves and have my being, and drink from and become one with itI am a Cosmic BorgThis year, "The Pyramid Text of the Crocodile King Sobek Ra, The Evolutions of Atum, the Lord of the Boundless Regions"Ebook and Softcover José Miguel Baéz

  • Roxana James-Hernandez

    I love this video so much! The narrator is so right about appreciating this time that has been given to us! Imagine being born into another form of life, such as a reptile, a tree, something other than a human being! We are thought of by our Divine Creator, "GOD!" as being a little lesser than an angel. An Angel ( an Angelic Being), and we are given the power to live and breathe life around us! After watching this video, I appreciate the divine connection between space and matter!