Reading Mean Comments! (Dear Ryan)

  • Published on: 07 May 2016
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  • Runtime : 7:44
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  • Edward Torres
    Edward Torres   1 days ago

    7:06 Ryan be like dammit! We missed the hobo guy

  • human0
    human0   2 days ago

    5:53 I don’t know why but I laughed so hard at this.

  • Sadhguru Soulstone
    Sadhguru Soulstone   3 days ago

    At the end screen there is no element... Why does Ryan ask us to click

  • Ir. Potato
    Ir. Potato   3 days ago

    People who hate on pets should get jailed

  • 44 Echo
    44 Echo   5 days ago

    Who else slowed down the part when Ryan is rapping....... Or it's just me

  • Shawn Clayton
    Shawn Clayton   1 weeks ago

    4:05 bro that subtle SoFlo impression is so fire 💀💀

  • RoKrish Gaming
    RoKrish Gaming   1 weeks ago

    I was eating lunch while watching this and spit out my soda in my mouth during the try not to laugh challenge

  • Lenniyang Perme
    Lenniyang Perme   1 weeks ago

    Why don't you upload anymore skits or dear Ryan 😭😭...u are my most favorite YouTuber ❤️❤️❤️...but I can't watch your podcast...boring😂

  • G Gajendran
    G Gajendran   1 weeks ago

    the most people on a hoverboard is 66

  • JAI _1908
    JAI _1908   2 weeks ago

    Dear Ryan, can u see other ppl reacting to ur vids pls!!!

  • Ilya Playz
    Ilya Playz   2 weeks ago

    Dear Ryan can you do a simply piano parody

  • Khrome
    Khrome   3 weeks ago

    Those hate comments had a great level of creativity. Lol I mean WTF is di@k sh&t?

  • Awesome Yeah
    Awesome Yeah   3 weeks ago

    You rap as good as fûcking RUSTAGE. That rap was one cool play 😀😀

  • Angelo ANN
    Angelo ANN   3 weeks ago

    3:26 Ryan lied, Sean didn't spit in his cup

  • Master Sticks
    Master Sticks   3 weeks ago

    7:13 does anyone else ever imagine what it would be like if their ceiling fan just fell all together? Or just me?😂

  • Vavang zogene
    Vavang zogene   3 weeks ago

    Dear Ryan, ur the coolest youtuber and the greatest all round guy in the world😎😎😎😎😎😀😀

  • Aljay Piano
    Aljay Piano   3 weeks ago

    Repent from your sins! The Lord loves you! Jesus is coming! Please wake up, how many times the Lord warned you, don't waste the chance the Lord is giving you, come back to him! Repent! He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance, repent! Have Faith in the Lord, turn away from your wicked ways, Jesus is coming! Today is the day of Salvation, JESUS IS COMING! WAKE UP!

  • Dani Prasnicki
    Dani Prasnicki   1 months ago

    ryan higa is still the best youtuber change my mind, this man raised me

  • Raw Rival
    Raw Rival   1 months ago

    Doesn’t Ryan usually do the title dear Ryan last but this one he had one after

  • mandy jogi
    mandy jogi   1 months ago

    Dear ryan can you make a lego building taller than you

  • Ranuki Fernando
    Ranuki Fernando   1 months ago

    He said it, ' if you want to steal the video, just steal it, don't put ur stupid reactions to it.nobody cares.. No body does' haha louder

  • Wiebe Martens
    Wiebe Martens   1 months ago

    Daar Ryan, can you take a day/week off to do some awesome self care? (things you like to do to de-stress/relax (like lthe cliche warm bath wit loads of soap) to your liking)

  • Sekitan
    Sekitan   1 months ago

    Ryan does look like vanoss maybe like six or seven years ago