BFB 18: Take the Doomspire

  • Published on: 30 July 2020
  • “We had to put BFB in Roblox quality due to budget cuts”

    I don't own any sounds from Jacknjellify

    The game I play:

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    Oh for Petal's Sake merch!
  • Runtime : 15:9
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  • Okenku
    Okenku   7 months ago

    Fixed the shirt links!

  • Bryan Half
    Bryan Half   1 weeks ago

    Idea : recreated x finds out his value on roblox

  • Bia Ruiz
    Bia Ruiz   2 weeks ago

    this is old the new one have new faces

    GAUTAM SHARMA   3 weeks ago

    I tried playing that game on roblox, but there's a problem....It only shows a blue screen and doesn't load at all! HELP ME!!

  • Reef Plays
    Reef Plays   3 weeks ago

    I like how you do to gelatain in the intro very funny

  • Karina Walter
    Karina Walter   3 weeks ago

    7:59, 8:15, 8:39 and 8:46 Teddy bear squeaks.

  • Gallant Nikki
    Gallant Nikki   4 weeks ago

    Why are you making fake BFB videos?! I am not subbing anytime soon!

  • ReryX08 !
    ReryX08 !   4 weeks ago

    I love how the shirts are in the description lol

  • Frisk ,
    Frisk ,   1 months ago

    4:20 lollipop watching

  • Um
    Um   1 months ago


  • Lucy Craig
    Lucy Craig   1 months ago

    Sorry mommy did I do a no no again? Ruby's mom well yes but actually no.

  • FaydVin
    FaydVin   1 months ago

    13:26 cary is david

  • Adel77
    Adel77   1 months ago

    9:49 fiery turns winner

  • Jevil
    Jevil   1 months ago

    Sorry mama i did a no no

  • Allisha Brown
    Allisha Brown   1 months ago

    to get a chance to play this game the name on roblox it is bfb roleplay 3d