Is Non-Ethanol Gasoline Really Better? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 21 January 2019
  • Is non-ethanol gasoline really better for fuel efficiency? What about carbon buildup? In this video I use a generator with electronic fuel injection to measure fuel efficiency, an engine with a see-through cylinder head to observe the combustion process, and an additional small engine to measure carbon buildup. Hope you enjoy the video! I enjoy reading your comments. So, please let me know what you thought of this video, and I look forward to your future video ideas! Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
  • Runtime : 9:4
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  • wildmanjeff42
    wildmanjeff42   48 minuts ago

    Thanks for the video. I have never had any problems with ethanol fuels in my small engines. I do not drain for winter in my mower (usually use it a few times to mulch leaves down that blow into the yard late in the fall) and my blower gets used frequently just to blow off patio for 30 sec every time I mow in the summer/spring time. weed eater is only thing that goes for 6 months or so without being used, and is an old echo, and usually starts on 2nd or 3rd pull. I use the standard ethanol fuel in my 2019 Dodge Ram as well.

  • romeo hernandez
    romeo hernandez   7 hours ago

    What I notice when I use gas with 10pc ethanol is that my car’s tail pipe is blacker. And when run my finger into the tail piipe there is carbon.

  • gary mathews
    gary mathews   13 hours ago

    I get better gas mileage with non-oxy gas in my cars ,when I fill them up with it .my small gas motors will start up and run great after a long winter of not running them ,if I leave non-oxy in the tank .the non-oxy has less chemicals in to plug up carbs

  • Enjoy!
    Enjoy!   13 hours ago

    before I watch i'm gonna say Hell Yes It's Better!

  • Richard Lahan
    Richard Lahan   23 hours ago

    Ethanol has been used in cars since the early 80s. Cars are designed with ethanol blended gas in mind. I know that older cars not designed for ethanol blended fuel had problems with metal corrosion and gaskets snd seals being dissolved when it was first introduced.

  • Nodak81
    Nodak81   1 days ago

    For people worried about corrosion and damage, the biggest thing is to just use a fuel stabilizer. I bought my house over ten years ago and most of my lawn equipment at the same time. In all that time I have never had any fuel problems, even my snowblower which sits for months and months with the carb full of fuel hasn't had any problems.

  • Craig Arndt
    Craig Arndt   2 days ago

    This was great to see. In a carburetor, those little orifices get corrosion in them because ethanol is hydroscopic. That’s why so many homeowners can’t figure out why after a month or two their machines won’t start. Ethanol loves to degrade primer bulbs too, it cracks those things in no time. I work on many ethanol related small engine fuel problems. In a vehicle that is driven daily, it’s not an issue, but yard equipment or recreational vehicles it’s problematic.

  • vsv nrg
    vsv nrg   2 days ago

    the main reason there is fear about ethanol in fuel is because the oil companies only sell 90% as much of fuel because the other 10% is ethanol. so they got the marketing companies onto it to sell fear. very few cars are old enough to have seals and gaskets that are effected more by alcohol that gasoline/petrol. in short, the ethanol fear campaign is bullshit. and where i live i can't buy it anymore.

  • Harman Pabla
    Harman Pabla   2 days ago

    Have you tried to run the lawn mower on just gasoline fumes?

  • Drake Anderson
    Drake Anderson   2 days ago

    What state is your farm in? And I loved the video that had you showing how you make hay and such. Keep it up!

  • Robert Romero
    Robert Romero   2 days ago

    ethanol is a political payoff to corn farmers.

  • highlanderc
    highlanderc   2 days ago

    Your carbon buildup could be because of incorrect fueling due to stoich differences. I am sure that on your fuel injected lawnmower you would see the difference since it has an o2 sensor and can correct for it. on E85 fuel piston's will come out with very little carbon buildup and will generally clean with wd40 and a quick wipe.

  • joseph hansen
    joseph hansen   3 days ago

    At least this guy is honest,,,,,, and u dont fined that, on net,or tv anymore ,,,,,

  • Ronnie Pirtle Jr
    Ronnie Pirtle Jr   3 days ago

    It doesn't have as much bang for the buck per gallon.Petroleum versus ethanol. Science is science!

  • Liam De Roeck
    Liam De Roeck   3 days ago

    When theoreticly speaking ehtanol fuels have less energy then petrol.Also heared it could damage certain types of fuel lines.

  • Svtford4x4
    Svtford4x4   3 days ago

    Looking forward to the carb testing

  • SunRedux
    SunRedux   3 days ago

    Space time warping in this video! Nice!

  • dfitzism
    dfitzism   3 days ago

    I had a pit bike that u was going to run on E85. Had to change carb jets to get proper air fuel ratio, it was a pain

  • Ethereal Rose
    Ethereal Rose   5 days ago

    I have zero issues with the ethanol fuel in my gen sets but I also turn off the gas and let it run dry so it should be out of the carb and fuel lines.My only issue is usually my chainsaws. Hard to start on old gas. The cutoff switch cuts the engine doesn't allow to dry. So I think there's a little something to it if it's sitting in the carb long term or the lines long term. I don't notice any extra fouling or carbon.

  • Barney Miller
    Barney Miller   5 days ago

    I used non-ethanol in my car for years @ 60mi/day and consistently saw a 2mi/gal increase on mileage.

  • josh cheatham
    josh cheatham   5 days ago

    I drive a D21. Since ethanol has been added to gas I've had to replace nearly my entire fuel delivery system. Taking into consideration the standard wear and tear. One component that I have to replace FAR more than I should is my fuel pressure regulator. It does have rubber components. Ethanol is a solvent. I personally think since my vehicle was designed without running on alcohol in mind. It may be the cause. Just my thoughts on figuring out why I have to replace these Parts more often than before

  • Jacques Scherman
    Jacques Scherman   6 days ago

    This is really great all your videos is awesome and i really injoy them

  • fuck commies
    fuck commies   6 days ago

    I've always been told ethanol gas for injectors and none ethanol for carburetors

  • Dakota SPL
    Dakota SPL   1 weeks ago

    Gained 2 mpg by running non-ethanol in my 95 Dakota. I've never hit 300+ miles to the tank running ethanol regardless of octane as i have tried them all and similar driving habits over past few years. And substantially less engine ping as well.

  • aaron schmidt
    aaron schmidt   1 weeks ago

    As always awsum , many thanks for all the engineering that you do to save us lots of $ ,,

  • Matt Caldwell
    Matt Caldwell   1 weeks ago

    Any small engine mechanic (me) will tell you it's fucking horrible. It will glog up carbs and destroy fuel lines.

  • jason stalder
    jason stalder   1 weeks ago

    well done as always. I've always been on the ethanol train but it has its limitations but benefits as well. having built a few turbo motors, its really apparent that it has a large benefit in power and less harm to the engine

  • arciefan
    arciefan   1 weeks ago

    I use ethanol fuel and will continue to do so in my small engines. I have them all in a nice dry storage building and keep a dry erase board up on the door that I record start ups . Once a month all of them that haven't been used recently are started. Generator, chainsaw, back pack leaf blower, 2 mowers, one tractor and one walk behind self propelled. I have yet to have an ethanol related problem and I've used ethanol fuel ever since it came out. Let any engine sit for a season regardless of what fuels in it and you're asking for trouble.

  • ch3no2killz
    ch3no2killz   2 weeks ago

    This sounds like "Smoke and Mirrors", how can e-10 give better eff. when gas has more BTU's per gallon?

  • Ted Wheeler
    Ted Wheeler   2 weeks ago

    Thanks - love your videos. It may be my imagination, but when pausing the closeups of the spark plug and valves, I think I do see more carbon buildup with the ethanol. Look closely at the electrode on the plug and at the seat around the exhaust valve. Seems significant for such a short test run.

  • munsters2
    munsters2   2 weeks ago

    Another concise, informative video. Thanks.

  • Clayton Epperson
    Clayton Epperson   2 weeks ago

    I have two questions for you PF one dose taking that mesh cover off of the motor where you can access that nut to put the drill on hurt anything and my second and most important question where do I get that pen

  • Crabby Hayes
    Crabby Hayes   2 weeks ago

    My gas-powered 2-cycle leaf blower runs so much better with no ethanol in the fuel. And I have not needed to rebuild the carb for years.

  • Joe Guillory
    Joe Guillory   2 weeks ago

    Lawnmower ran at idle, while putting a load on it , as cutting grass, might show a difference...?

  • Christopher Saylock
    Christopher Saylock   2 weeks ago

    For future vids. ...I would like to see the effects of a larger wheel on a cars performance. I switched my car down to the correct size tire losing an inch in height and what a lose of performance the car puts out

  • Christopher Saylock
    Christopher Saylock   2 weeks ago

    Taryl fixes all has a year long test if gas and additives effects on mower engines over a year long period