ATF as an Engine Oil substitute? Let's see what happens!

  • Published on: 02 April 2018
  • WIll automatic transmission fluid (ATF) work as a replacement for engine oil in the crankcase? Does ATF as good or better than engine oil? Does it "clean" sludge better than engine oil? Let's find out!

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  • Runtime : 10:4
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  • Joey Eckelbarger
    Joey Eckelbarger   2 days ago

    When I bought my 2009 dodge ram 5.7 (15000 miles) it had a sticky lifter so I use 1 quart of transmission fluid in the oil about once a year before oil change and run it 100 miles. Sticky lifter gone havent had a issue since. Truck runs great have had it about 8 years there's about 170000 miles on it.

  • gordygroover
    gordygroover   5 days ago

    I feel dumb commenting on such a old thread, but my 2001 Tundra gets a quart of ATF (after I drain a quart) right before I do a regular oil change. I drive the rig at highway speed for 50 miles and drain the oil as soon as I get home . Not sure what the inside of my motor looks like but even after 3,500 miles my oil is still as clear as water.

  • justin foltz
    justin foltz   1 weeks ago

    On the newer Chevy trucks to fix oil pressure surge

  • Robert Applegate
    Robert Applegate   2 weeks ago

    One thing that ATF is good for is quieting the squeaks in the rubber bushings at the end of leaf springs. A few squirts from an Eagle pumping oil can a few times a year works pretty well.

  • Fe Fe
    Fe Fe   3 weeks ago

    maybe make a video using motor oil mineral and synthetic, atf and other fluids in 2 stroke engine, but it should be on new engines and with inspecting crankcase, these engines are cheap from china to get

  • C D
    C D   3 weeks ago

    I wouldn’t recommend doing it in an old engine, especially if it hasn’t had regular maintenance. Yes it would remove sludge and build up, but that same sludge and build up in the engine is what’s keeping it from leaking and burning and smoking like crazy.

  • Hitendra Sarthi
    Hitendra Sarthi   3 weeks ago

    Sir can we use atf full synthetic oil to space of ep 90 grade gear oil. I want to change my bike gear box to full synthetic oil but I can’t find ep90 full synthetic oil for my Bullet can I use motul multi atf in gear box

  • joshua hamil
    joshua hamil   3 weeks ago

    1999 uzj100 land cruiser. At 247k developed a ticking whining noise. Enough of a tick and chatter that I felt like it could be a lifter. A local race car driver told me about atf in the engine, says he runs it always. I put one quart syn ATF to 6 quarts syn oil. I always ran mobil one syn for 6-7 k between changes. A couple just oil changes didn't change the noise. It would come and go. Seemed like more frequently after car sat at work for 12 he shift. So after ATF mix, no noise and have been going about 6 months and 3k. Motor seems quieter smooth and gas milage has not changed, no temp problems. The other factor is I switched to rotella T6 5-40 full syn with the ATF in it. I'm about 3k now and it still looks like honey on the dip stick. I run K&N pro filter with the wrenchable end.

  • Boring Old White Guy
    Boring Old White Guy   4 weeks ago

    So I have to ask...just how many lawnmowers have you gone through now? :)

  • Marko
    Marko   4 weeks ago

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  • MegaFishguts
    MegaFishguts   4 weeks ago

    add 1 liter of atf to engine oil 500kms/3oo miles prior to oil change to clean up gunk

  • MegaFishguts
    MegaFishguts   4 weeks ago

    2 stroke also cleans up engines added to gas tank and isn't as hard on rubber seals in the carb/fuel system

  • MegaFishguts
    MegaFishguts   4 weeks ago

    add a liter to a full gas tank on an older engine to clean valves

  • Mike Runnels
    Mike Runnels   1 months ago

    Thank you project farm. You are amazing! We have a 1988 craftsman push mower 4.5HP, I think it is a Tecumseh motor. Oil was never changed and it is grey and struggles to cut the grass even with a new blade. I don't have any money or any fresh oil but I do have a sealed Mobile ATF transmission fluid quart and I am going to put it in to see what happens. Wish me luck and thank for the video.

  • Adam Corria
    Adam Corria   1 months ago

    We have a 2000 ranger 3.0 ffv that we bought used and neglected but ran good and the price was right but after a few months of just back and forth to work for my wife it developed a tweety bird chirp that i thought was a belt or accessory but after some diagnostic work we listed to the heads with a stethoscope and could determined that one of the roller lifters was sticking and causing the noise. So we tired the "engine restorer " and it didnt do a thing so we were figuring it was going to be a tear down but decided to try the old "trans fluid fix" and wow it made some very odd noises for about 5 to 8 mins. But after it ran for about 10 the noise was gone and so was tweety bird. So we drove it carefully for a few days because we were worried about possible bearing failure but the engine has actually gotten quieter and quieter that even before the bird. We are going to change the oil in a couple of days as we are sure it has to be filthy . We only put 1/2 a quart in it and it seems like a different truck now. Well we also have a 2003 f150 5.4 4x4 start up tick and tick while driving so we figured we would try it in it as well and after about a hour and a half drive we parked in front of our house and got out to move stuff in the garage so we could pull it back in and we noticed the only noise coming from the truck was the ac compressor running as it was 90 degrees out. We just put it in today 6/5/2020 so we will see how start up goes tomorrow but so far its quieted them both down alot , the f150 has 197xxx on it and half quart as well. I never believed in these old mechanic wives tails but this seems to be true.

  • matthew sanders
    matthew sanders   1 months ago

    Pretty interesting, but the way you are supposed to do it is for example, if your engine takes 5 qts of oil add 4.5 qts of oil and .5 quarts of transmission fluid and change the oil again at 250-500 miles, mostly helps for lifter tick, also same works for marvel mystery oil

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith   1 months ago

    Doing a little binge watching of your channel. Love how thorough you are with your testing. I can see how you have improved your testing over time. My favorites are the comparison of products. Great job!

  • Nanu N
    Nanu N   1 months ago

    It could have been good to do a 2nd run with fresh transmission fluid, to see if any more metal bits were flushed out of the crank case, or caused by the transmission fluid.

  • Oldcoinsandstuff1
    Oldcoinsandstuff1   1 months ago

    Many years ago I had a Chevy PICK-UP with a 327 in it. I ran the piss out of that truck and I’m not sure if the cam went flat or a lifter stuck but atf didn’t work that time.. I put a 350 in that truck and ran it harder than the 327. One day I got backfiring out the carb just like the 327 but this time the atf actually worked!! After that I stopped running the old 67 that way and sold it. Sometimes it does work.

  • Big Smudger
    Big Smudger   1 months ago

    I use ATF in my Harley Davidson primary, works just as well as primary oil, clean shifting and gear selection. You seem like you're ex military, you're persona suggest this! Excellent videos too, I wish I lived on a farm!!

  • ZaphodsPlanet
    ZaphodsPlanet   1 months ago

    Would be funny if you could find an engine as bad as this: and try the same treatments to see if the ATF would work at al.

  • Oorfmeister
    Oorfmeister   1 months ago

    Great vids, excellent diy test methods! Can you test gear oil as a substitute for engine oil ? Typically 75w 90 in manual transmissions and differentials!

  • Andrei Dobrev
    Andrei Dobrev   1 months ago

    I have a friend from Syria, he told me that in his country every second oil change on trucks/lurry’s they did put hydraulic oil in the engine and ran it for some minutes. And then motor oil. I tried this on a Range Rover v8 I had, and i believe it worked pretty good! But don’t use the thinnest one 😉

  • ferkemall
    ferkemall   1 months ago

    The blow by aspect would have been interesting if the engine was fitted with Perfect circle piston rings ! /UK

  • ACDC1998Zippo
    ACDC1998Zippo   1 months ago

    I would use ATF as an engine cleaner in worn engines like your ford ranger for example. on healthy engines i would use a designsted oil flush

  • ghost 123
    ghost 123   1 months ago

    Flammability yes its totally flame able

  • Josh Christian
    Josh Christian   1 months ago

    ATF WILL quiet lifters just long enough to sell that turd.

  • Erwin Padgett
    Erwin Padgett   1 months ago

    Dexron 3 is the best for Cleaning the engine and crankcase. Not just ATF only but with oil. I have used this many times and advised people to free up sticking lifters. I also use ATF in the Fuel system as well. With this Ethanol Gas we have to use today it. Ethanol has caused many Fuel Pumps, Fuel Injectors, and seals/O-Rings to fail. I have worked on vehicles in my years and have never seen the Failures we have today due to Ethanol in the Gas. It cause clogs as well from Tarnish build up and it creates havoc on Fuel Systems.

  • Sahil Jain
    Sahil Jain   1 months ago

    Sir your vids are the best,Can you please make vid on testing engine oil as transmission oil in the transmission itself (hot -cold) conditions

  • Niels Eijzenga
    Niels Eijzenga   1 months ago

    i cant deffinately see that after the atf there is more scoring on the piston walls

  • Allen Rice
    Allen Rice   1 months ago

    I've heard of people using ATF in the gas tank. Bout half a quart to a tank. Said it helps the fuel system somehow. Lol I don't know anything about that tho.

  • Willie Means
    Willie Means   2 months ago

    I use 1 qt as motor flush, never have a problem, actually with regular motor flush, the valve seal can crack, that is why the engine smoke. That won't happen with transmission oil.

  • Gary Heaton
    Gary Heaton   2 months ago

    I LOVE how you started that mower with an impact gun!! Genuine genius pal...I have no clue why I have never seen it done just makes so much damn sense! 👍 I just wish I had thought of it..about 45 years ago!! Thanks! Great always! 😁✌

  • Eamonn Price
    Eamonn Price   2 months ago

    I am a believer in this process, here is my (long) story! I grew up in the Car Culture which is something I can not get out of my blood, and I like it that way. I have three projects right now, aside from helping family and friend car projects. I am also a Fabricator and design Special Effects for the Movie Industry, Museum, Space Industry, and Theme Parks. I mention this because I mentored under many a OldTimers from Drag Racing and more, one of which is Kent Fuller and his Son Steve Fuller. Kent is in the Hot Rod Hall of Fame, Steve is mostly in the Movie Industry. I was told this trick long time ago. I believe it has helped me in some of the old cars I bought / built / daily drove. The worst was an old military truck from Austria, the 710M Pinzgauer. It has a Portal Gear Reduction at the end of each axle (4 in total for the 4x4, there is a 6x6 as well) right at the wheel that raised the centerline of the axle giving more space to drive over rocks while also gearing the final drive higher (5.99/1). Big straight cut gears with big roller bearings in separate baths of gear oil at each hub. One front had a ton of metal shavings/dust and Black slug lining the walls, so much that the magnet looked like a metal cotton ball!! I got her up to temp on the freeway, drained the old oil, poured in new gear oil 2 separate times, and the 3rd and 4th time added a 50/50 mix that had the ATF. Drove freeway for about 50 miles. I got Sooo much of the black slug off the walls that clung there and more metal shavings , including making the inside look damn near pressure washed!! I was amazed. Finally I added the best gear oil that I could, I think I went synthetic, even though people were saying it would cause a leak... So what, I was just glad that I didn't have to Completely rebuild the hub, gears, and bearing that I priced at $1500 in hard to find parts. Excluding my labor to rebuild it. End of the story is that I drove on that hub for 7 years daily, No issues and saved me money. The new owner has had no issues. WOW! Thanks for the tech video, it confirmed it for me. It's fine that you did a straight ATF pour, get the most extreme result and worst case scenario. It is recommended to mix with oil because ATF is not meant to carry the stresses and still act as a lubricating film. My guy said to consider it like washing your hands with soap, you still need water. The ATF with high detergents acts as such. Cheers

  • stewie 46
    stewie 46   2 months ago

    You should try using 32 and 46 grade hydraulic oil as engine oil see what the outcome is I think it would be interesting I used 46 hydraulic oil in my focus st to get home from work when I was 17 a ruff haha, it did work but not sure on the damage or how long it would of lasted. keep the good content up love the videos 👌