Now That's a Snow Storm! - Winter Storm Jonas - Multiday Adventure

  • Published on: 25 March 2016
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    A Winter Storm Warning is issued.
    A State of Emergency is Declared.
    A Lone Wolf Heads Out!

    I hope that you all enjoy the adventure.

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  • Runtime : 45:16
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  • Seamus McBride
    Seamus McBride   3 weeks ago

    I can hear your mom now when you were a kid, "Would you PLEEEEASE just SIT STILL for ONCE!!!"

    RICH LOVIN   1 months ago

    I would like to enjoy this video but I can't since it has no captions. I am deaf.

  • M L
    M L   2 months ago

    Wakeing up to a very large bear sniffing are socks in alaska.we were outdoors with a lean-to.he ran away but that stoped our fishing trip.we found out have fast they can run after yelling at the monster.i was station in Alaska that ended camping outside in alaska.this is a true story and it changed my of how fast and big bears are in Alaska.

    TAMMIE MEADOWS   2 months ago

    I know this is your land and you love to camp in extremes, but if I had a shelter,aka the “barn” that’s where I would set up camp. Then no snow on top of a tent. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • zzloneranger noname
    zzloneranger noname   2 months ago

    I did a trip up to riding mountain manitoba Canada in the middle of the winter in a small cabin- 50 .almost froze in the middle of the night. Fire went out.another to me hiked hike from manitoba to Alberta in the middle of winter night slept in a grain elevator 2nd night in a old barn but the walk was awesome meet some great people. Anyway that was in the 70s

  • Dominick Francione
    Dominick Francione   2 months ago

    I have two sons just like your dad. I bring them on adventures in the woods all the time. I hope they look back on these adventures with as much affection as you do.

  • Jean Williams
    Jean Williams   2 months ago

    I need to say this. The day your wife called to say she was taking your daughter to the emergency room. You stopped to make coffee. After I saw that you would have to go live there.

    RAUF KHATRI   2 months ago

    Hi bro what is your good name? please

  • Daetyme
    Daetyme   3 months ago

    Bring your kindle so you can read :)

  • SFCRambo60
    SFCRambo60   3 months ago

    In 1973 Morehead City to Cherry Point MCAS got a lot of snow. My Squadron was the only Squadron working. We took an EA-6A and a RF-4B and pulled them into the hanger and fired them up to blow the huge chucks of snow off the flight line and taxi way. A couple times we had over 10 foot chunks of snow blow up in the air. We had a truck hooked to the nose gear to keep the planes from moving forward as we backed them up.Another time in 1967 I was out at Philmont Scout Ranch and had a cub bear tear my sleeping bag up while mom broke into our bear bag. The Chipmunks and a Badger took the food bag down so the bear could pick and choose what she wanted. Than the others got their turn.

  • Nancy Vaughn
    Nancy Vaughn   4 months ago

    As I listen to you describe the cold and wind, my feet feel cold. Be safe.

  • Nancy Vaughn
    Nancy Vaughn   4 months ago

    You are so prepared for the three snow days.

  • Nancy Vaughn
    Nancy Vaughn   4 months ago

    Love those big rocks. You are so into it ☺️.

  • Tân Cảng.
    Tân Cảng.   4 months ago

    - I like to go camping in the heavy rain, storm or heavy snow season. Sit in a tent to eat and drink, and then look at the beautiful scenery of snow or wet rain. Sept, 8 - 2021.

  • Tân Cảng.
    Tân Cảng.   4 months ago

    - I like to go camping in the heavy rain, storm or heavy snow season. Sit in a tent to eat and drink, and then look at the beautiful scenery of snow or wet rain. Sept, 8 - 2021.

  • Kevin K
    Kevin K   4 months ago

    -6 °C I'm comfortable. Don't do me like that man. I'd freeze already. Haha

  • danskbb
    danskbb   4 months ago

    your reviews cost me like 1400 usd, but i love it! here's an invite to winter adventure in sweden in the home of fjällräven, swedens high coast. pm me!

  • Ledicarus Media Paranormal

    No first aid kit? And don't forget to take a light pocket novel to read, or burn, if you need to.

  • Ledicarus Media Paranormal

    My channel would be boring because I would camp out at the rock outcropping every time, it's an awesome spot.I used to ride a toboggan down the hill, it was fun, I never wore one on my head, that would be painful and heavy.

  • kempo899
    kempo899   5 months ago

    Did I hear dogs barking?

  • Derek Lucero
    Derek Lucero   5 months ago

    I lost my interest of camping when I was shivering on the back deck of an M1A1 Abrams in the Colorado snow in a usgi sleep system hoping the engine would keep the deck plates warm til my watch…… but for some reason I love these videos and keep buying the gear from some of these videos 😒

  • Jeff Morton
    Jeff Morton   5 months ago

    Can you light a candle inside the tent to raise the temp by anything noticeable?

    HOLY ETI   5 months ago

    And not to sound negative but for an outdoor gear review, you would think you'd know what the gear you°re meant to be reviewing is called , good luck ...

  • Laquisha Lida
    Laquisha Lida   5 months ago

    its really good of you to share your experiences especially advice on what to take on a snow trip camp...

  • Macsnapshot Photography

    Love these vids you do an awesome work! At this point of time i'm in the middle of a heat wave and believe me it's refreshing to watch . Just one question If all else falls and your tent is ripped in a winter snow storm would you build an igloo ?

  • Proud Fire Dad DelFrate

    Have you ever thought of picking 1 or 2 (new campers) viewers and taking them on a winter camping excursion with you and showing them some tips & tricks of winter camping. I, myself have winter camped one time when I was in Boy Scouts, years ago, and we learned to make and sleep in snow cave in the Sierra Mountains in Cal./Nevada and it was an amazing experience and would love to do it again sometime. Thanks for the channel and all the info you give out.

  • James Basham
    James Basham   6 months ago

    I am new to watching you and have to say I really enjoy watching! I love camping and like learning new things. I want to say I’m very sorry about your Mother n Law! If you get a chance read the Bible! It will give you all the answers about after this life. Praying for your family!

  • Conar C-D
    Conar C-D   7 months ago

    Watching this one again Luke. Still a kick As* adventure!! Can't wait for this coming winter! You should start a camp, and charge true aspiring adventurers to take them out and show them what to do and more importantly, what NOT to do!! Keep em coming brother!

  • heyward fisher
    heyward fisher   8 months ago

    An emergency for three ft of snow? Hell in one weekend we out here in AZ we got 42 inches.

  • Kim West
    Kim West   8 months ago

    As kids, we were at a camp in Gatlinburg, TN. The camp counselors decided to have a Varmint Race with the winner getting $10. We had a half hour to go into the woods to find a varmint. I found a frog, my sister found a centipede and my brother snagged a salamander. It was in the 90s when the race began. We figured for sure my sister would win. Her centipede took off like a bat out of Hell and halfway through the race it stopped. Little thing fried on the pavement! My frog hopped its way to first place! Great memories!

  • Danny Clark
    Danny Clark   8 months ago

    Who does your music some of its amazing?..

  • Paul V
    Paul V   8 months ago

    I can’t tell you the last time we had a snow like that in SouthEast TN. I love snow but hate how cold it gets lol, but being out in it gives you time to just meditate and ponder on your life and can give you a different perspective on things going on.

  • Brian Puffenbarger
    Brian Puffenbarger   8 months ago

    Why not put your tent in the shed use the wood stove for heat and cook on. If u have it ûse it thats what i call i would have me a pantry boxed and locked up up there. I would build that shed in to a get away cabinet