The Voynich Code - The Worlds Most Mysterious Manuscript - The Secrets of Nature

  • Published on: 09 May 2014
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    It is the world's most mysterious manuscript. A book, written by an unknown author, illustrated with pictures that are as bizarre as they are puzzling -- and written in a language that even the best cryptographers have been unable to decode. No wonder that this script even has a part in Dan Brown's latest bestseller "The Lost Symbol".
  • Runtime : 50:21
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  • maki prais
    maki prais   1 days ago

    an incredible translation of the manuscript by Irenka.

  • Dani Wagner
    Dani Wagner   2 days ago

    Just thought of this...could be a reach, but what if the book was created after the person had suffered a severe head injury that confuddled the words and altered the person's vision. The person journalled what they had seen and learned since the injury. Which makes me think that someone who has suffered a similar injury might be able to give us insight on what it could mean. Just a random thought.

  • skuLl_13
    skuLl_13   6 days ago

    why don't you try the archives of the Vatican? just a guess

  • skuLl_13
    skuLl_13   6 days ago

    if that is a work of da Vinci take note the Vinci is somewhat like to draw on mirror image

  • Alarian theory
    Alarian theory   6 days ago

    Drawings are protecting the coded language of Voynich Manuscript. Everyone who studies it gets trapped in elaborate drawings of plants, constellation and naked woman. If it is what I think it is, its author is an incredible genius. Out of context drawings are the charm protecting the code!!!

  • Arielle Koury
    Arielle Koury   1 weeks ago

    Whatever it's a history book. They burned her up in nuclear waste and did experiments on her until she was able to escape and travel way back in time. She was researching treatments to relieve her post traumatic stressdisorder.

    LYODZ   1 weeks ago

    I make like this idea too using a smartphone without data

  • Richard Peterson
    Richard Peterson   1 weeks ago

    oh yes.brillient idea.lets partially destroy a very old text to see if the answer will just jump out and bite this point,it will have to be digitalized to insure it's survival

  • AV Jokes
    AV Jokes   1 weeks ago

    Only I can tell u the secret of this book This book is from hogwarts library

  • Louise Bozagie
    Louise Bozagie   1 weeks ago

    I am smart...super smart. It's the work of a young student. It doesn't make sense, because it student doodles when he was bored. Wise up.

  • Morten Lindberg
    Morten Lindberg   1 weeks ago

    It's written on parchment from that period, that does not mean it was written in that period, it means the parchment was from that time, not the text???

  • Michael Knox
    Michael Knox   1 weeks ago

    Hey... Michael here, has any one tried translating it into binary... In angelic language numbers never lie

  • susan bersee
    susan bersee   1 weeks ago

    I wonder if Josh Gates would be interested in this mysterious book.

  • Rebekah Smith
    Rebekah Smith   1 weeks ago

    The answer to the text is in the book! In one of the spirals! That they showed moved in circles!

  • Stephen Cross
    Stephen Cross   1 weeks ago

    It originates from the time of Atlantis. Their science was based on psychedelics and zodiac. Trouble is we don't have the concepts to translate the words of the manuscript. Its now a lost lineage. But good luck! Haha

  • Alejandra Ramirez
    Alejandra Ramirez   1 weeks ago

    And what if it was a woman who wrote it?? What if is a "the book of shadows" from a witch (healer)? hum?

  • TheDarlowiak
    TheDarlowiak   1 weeks ago

    Give it to the Poles , they will crack it with ease, remember Enigma WW 2.

  • Prabuddha Ghanshyam
    Prabuddha Ghanshyam   2 weeks ago

    I find many diagrams resembling plants/flowers found in India. They may be found elsewhere also in same climatic conditions. Can't say anything about the script.

  • Mebane Cheek
    Mebane Cheek   2 weeks ago

    Well probably help to stop giving it a fake name the real name of the book not the guy who bout it

  • Molasses Cricket
    Molasses Cricket   2 weeks ago

    The manuscript has not been decoded because it is written in the language of one of our fathers that came from the stars. It’s contents describe the biological ingredients that were used to make human beings. It was copied from a much older manuscript in order to preserve that knowledge. That is the reason for its existence. I do not understand why we humans always need to be either over simplistic, or overly complex.

  • Mabelblac
    Mabelblac   2 weeks ago

    What if the ones that didn’t resemble languages are or were slangs known to few people?

  • Mustajab Hakim
    Mustajab Hakim   2 weeks ago

    Di indonesia juga ada bahasa suku yang hampir punah. Mungkin bahasa di buku ini pun demikian

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo   2 weeks ago

    Why do people think the style of writing means words 🤔 they probably aren't ment to be read like we read today 🤷‍♀️

  • Cate jud
    Cate jud   3 weeks ago

    But old manuscripts must be touched with gloves...

  • Marty Dowd
    Marty Dowd   3 weeks ago

    Why are they handling it without Gloves? Thats bad technique

  • Nicho Chan
    Nicho Chan   3 weeks ago

    I kind of looks like an old-school grimoire that had to be written in code to avoid the church calling out which craft. I wouldn't doubt it either.

  • Kyle Henderson
    Kyle Henderson   3 weeks ago

    Notice how every video about this is careful not to show a lot ? And it’s always weird angles

  • Neil Mcmac
    Neil Mcmac   3 weeks ago

    Better simple to break , it was someone writing down what Joe Biden said

  • Jimmy Inglis
    Jimmy Inglis   3 weeks ago

    The dating machine dated the paper to the 15th century not to when the book was actually written. The book could have been written in the 16th century on paper made in the 15th century so it could be anyone who wrote the book.

  • jeh manji
    jeh manji   3 weeks ago

    ..he was an alchemist . legit one