Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 22 August 2019
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution is out now on Nintendo Switch! Relive iconic moments from the animated series from Yu-Gi-Oh! to Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS! Turn the tables in Reverse Duels to experience Duels as Seto Kaiba, The Gore, and more! Duel with friends with local-play or versus the world in Ranked Duels!

    Available now! https://bit.ly/2M6sBoG

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  • Runtime : 1:31
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  • energy ruin
    energy ruin   1 months ago

    The thing that ruined this was link summoning

  • Volkner Bat
    Volkner Bat   1 months ago

    I miss the 5D's! In the DS games players can adventure around

  • themrmystery47
    themrmystery47   3 months ago

    Nintendo can you upgrade this so we can make more than 32 decks please.

  • N1 gr
    N1 gr   4 months ago

    Was playing this last night

  • AnimeMoments
    AnimeMoments   4 months ago

    whats the point in this game if its the same as the other one?

  • Alvin De Rama
    Alvin De Rama   5 months ago

    Planning to buy this game, besides the base game, do I have to buy some kind of DLC or buy a pre-made deck?

  • A. B. Rodriguez
    A. B. Rodriguez   5 months ago

    What's the explanation behind only having three monster zones ?

  • ThePokemonBiohazard
    ThePokemonBiohazard   5 months ago

    Damn... this looks like a free phone app with in game purchases. Sure asf not paying 40$

  • Frenzied Unicorn Productions

    It kind of feels like the graphics did not actually evolve all that much comparing to Tagforce Evolution on Ps2 xD

  • Bongoe World
    Bongoe World   8 months ago

    Does no one else think that playmakers intro should beYusaku fujikiPlaymaker

  • HelterSeltzer
    HelterSeltzer   8 months ago

    This game is the most updated rules... now some of the rules are changing at April 2020.

  • spike mcClucky
    spike mcClucky   9 months ago

    How can the mobile game have voices and a decent background/animations of the cards coming out , yet a 40 dollar game has ugly backgrounds/no voice/ very little card animations.

  • dewae115
    dewae115   9 months ago

    "partial nudity" where tf

  • Sloane Walker
    Sloane Walker   9 months ago

    And the ‘partial blood’ and ‘mild nudity’ is where exactly?

  • M. R.
    M. R.   10 months ago

    This game is selling for 19.99 from Target right now, just a heads up for anyone in the USA thinking of picking up this game. Please keep in mind shipping and taxes will drive up the price to around 27 dollars unless you do store pick up.

  • oDo HaYo
    oDo HaYo   10 months ago

    Can we have a pc version and have updated cards

  • D Money
    D Money   10 months ago

    They need to do online tournaments

  • Luis Raul Diaz Rios
    Luis Raul Diaz Rios   10 months ago

    Now that I actually get to play them, I hope they add the latest Magic Musket and Sky Striker cards... maybe Aromages too?What are you hoping for from the update?

  • TheDBZSquirrel
    TheDBZSquirrel   10 months ago

    wish it was like the psp yu gi oh game where you could explore the areas

  • X00x Z00z
    X00x Z00z   10 months ago

    Does it let you choose the order for "SEGOC"?

  • The Anonymous
    The Anonymous   11 months ago

    Atem : Black MagicianYusei : Stardust DragonYuma : HopeYuya : Odd-eyedYusaku : Decode TalkerJudai : Thunder Giant..... ThUnDeR GiAnT ??? why? it should be Neos!!!!

  • Shaddow Black0
    Shaddow Black0   11 months ago

    I want Playmaker to beat Atem so everyone can stop makin yugioh videos that atem beats playmaker..

  • Yusei255
    Yusei255   11 months ago

    This is now releasing outside of the switch.

  • genzel sorrell
    genzel sorrell   11 months ago

    So can you play with any character from any of the series

  • art boy247
    art boy247   11 months ago

    Dear Nintendo can you please give us a update for the new yugioh game on the year 2020 please I just wanna see new cards new strategy and new summoning cards if you have more cards just let us know, love your yugioh fan Jonathan. ps it's time to duel

  • Toni Arantegui
    Toni Arantegui   11 months ago

    Any plan for update this game with new Cards? This should be awesome.

  • Mauro Sad
    Mauro Sad   11 months ago

    So you can't make your own deck...?

  • josh butler
    josh butler   11 months ago

    lol dick move making only for switch should have made it for pc :P

  • Michael Moukakos
    Michael Moukakos   12 months ago

    update please more history, more animation, more cards love this game