Taking Accountability

  • Published on: 26 June 2020
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  • shane dawson


  • Zeruth
    Zeruth   1 minuts ago

    Read before you comment please? People do and say these kind of things anyway but instead of an “audience” they just have a class room, a gathering, an argument in public or in the living room, with 1 person or not, we’ve all done something for the “audience.” We’ve all had mistakes like these in a different view, but the same experience. It’s not just Shane I’m talking about. ANYONE WHO WAS YOUNG ON THE INTERNET. And what is the most likely cause of us being like that on the Internet? Parenting, in some way shape or form, you missed knowledge and perception, predicting, so there you are getting bigger and bigger, more adrenaline, a chase, and you’re not WATCHING WHERE YOURE GOING THE WHOLE WAY. I have a feeling majority do that today young or old. Take what you will with that perspective

  • Angela’s World
    Angela’s World   5 minuts ago

    I still love you Shane. I believe you’re a good person, everyone makes mistakes over and over but never I mean NEVER apologize for who you are. I’m sorry all this happen/is happening, I love you no matter what other people say, even if you tell me you did something so horrible I’ll always be by your side, I’ve been here the whole time and I’m not giving up on you, I hope this comment helps you get thorough just a little bit during your nights. I love you Shane.

  • Ooga Booga
    Ooga Booga   9 minuts ago

    Yikes this was posted on my birthday

  • Annie Grace
    Annie Grace   10 minuts ago

    I just watch actual footage of what you’ve been accused of and it truly made me physically uncomfortable. I have looked forward to your videos and I use to stay up all night binge watching your videos... supporting you so much. Come to find out, your core is so gross. I truly feel irritated with myself to not look into these accusations sooner.. As a pregnant teen, I’ve been through it with pedophiles and I be damn if my child goes through it. No matter the gender. And the fact to think that you have covered up this other side of you... with such a nice person.. sits so wrong with me and grosses me out and I can’t believe people like you exist.. is such shocking standards. There is no apology or apologies that can truly make up for the comments and stuff you’ve made. I believe the reason you dismiss it do well is because there’s no proof you physically molested a child.. there’s mainly words and little actions involved.. and you make into a joke so people don’t think of it as weird at first. It’s just all giggles until that child mentioned it and someone explains that is wrong. So in your eyes, I think you believe that you are “just making jokes... no harm.” I can’t believe this. Unsubscribing of course... I hope others read this just so they can open their eyes like I just did.

  • people suck
    people suck   14 minuts ago

    I miss the old Shane:Making dumb shit with Garrett and drewUsing girl productsMaking food for his catEtc.I get that people change, and there are reasons for that. I'm just used to the happy, funny, Shane.

  • David C
    David C   16 minuts ago

    being depressed isn't an excuse for sexualizing a child.

  • Liz DeMeo
    Liz DeMeo   19 minuts ago

    Shane hearing that you sexualized children broke me, I was a 6 year old when I started watching you, I looked up to you, I wait for spooky boys and conspiracies and now this, my trust in you have evaporated in to dust up in space into the sun, I have black friends and family I skipped pass the hate vids on you on YouTube and tiktok but now I'm not you betrayed us Shane...you hurt us

  • Reva Pink
    Reva Pink   21 minuts ago

    I love you Shane. I uploaded a video about you. I support you. I don’t love you in a crazy fan girl way I love you in a human to human way and I hope you are well. Xox, ree

  • Ashtonnj
    Ashtonnj   24 minuts ago

    U still said racist things man

  • Rabbit _D
    Rabbit _D   26 minuts ago

    I don't understand the situation. viewer really shouldn't define others by actions that they took ages ago... Canceling is fuckig retared

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith   27 minuts ago

    I think Shane is a good person and I've always believed that. People want him to pay for the things he has said, have jail time or be cancelled from everything but why can't he just have mandatory therapy sessions to talk about any of these issues/inappropriate jokes? I don't think he deserves ANY of this hatred.. Not for a second. Why can't his past just be his past? ..because he is a celebrity in the public eye I guess.. damn.

  • Gray gacha
    Gray gacha   27 minuts ago

    𝑼𝒎𝒎𝒎 𝒄𝒉𝒊𝒍𝒆 𝒂𝒏𝒚𝒘𝒂𝒚𝒔

  • Jonas
    Jonas   28 minuts ago

    Aye who has the links to his problematic videos

  • Harley Mcarthurking
    Harley Mcarthurking   29 minuts ago

    u don't have a heart this is just so u can get money so u don't have to wake up early to go to work

  • AshlynnB
    AshlynnB   31 minuts ago

    I think if the majority of us grew up and matured in the spotlight and posting vids on the internet, we would all have regrets. You also are a victim of abuse. I hope all of the hate towards you ends soon.

  • R T
    R T   31 minuts ago

    Glad you're awake now

  • carlos bleh
    carlos bleh   31 minuts ago


  • Emily Marchand
    Emily Marchand   34 minuts ago

    What he did was awful and I genuinely thought he was a horrible person until I looked this up on the internet and saw this apology. This is the genuine apology that we needed to hear, thank you for not just sitting in front of the camera while crying and playing the victim. Thank you for this genuine apology and I 100% forgive you and hope other people do too.

  • Polina Litvin
    Polina Litvin   35 minuts ago

    Pleasee please don’t leave :( you still have soo so many people who love you and support you . ❤️

  • Beavispdx
    Beavispdx   36 minuts ago

    Reason sexualize isn’t Shane depression a children and, Anxiety.

  • Yaridia Gallegos
    Yaridia Gallegos   38 minuts ago

    Really!? Y’all are really bringing up his characters like 8 odd years ago?? Ignorance is bliss but the reality sucks...

  • Harley Mcarthurking
    Harley Mcarthurking   39 minuts ago

    and u don't deserve have all that money u have u take it and don't give back just delete ur channel