Young Woman Dances Around Hospital Room During Chemotherapy

  • Published on: 04 December 2019
  • Ever since 27-year-old Kimberly Nguyen began chemotherapy, all she’s wanted to do was dance. She was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and said her trick to battling cancer at a young age is to remain positive, which she does by dancing as much as she can. “You have to always look at the positives and find the energy to look forward to your future,” she said.’s Johanna Li has more.
  • Runtime : 3:2
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  • Imperfectly perfect
    Imperfectly perfect   2 months ago

    Idk if you guys know Alexa and Katie but she totally gives me Alexa vibes i LOVE her so much lmao😂❤️

  • A. N.
    A. N.   5 months ago

    Btw, the last name Nguyen is pronounced “Win” or “when” not new in.... O.o :/ I’m just saying tho..

  • Draven Griffin
    Draven Griffin   9 months ago

    🙏 1:49 💝🔥💚 december 2019? 👇 👇 👇💟

  • The Lame Artist
    The Lame Artist   9 months ago

    I was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma in november a month before my cancerous tumor was on my spinal cord and I am now suffering the consequences of being disabled and it sucks. I'm getting a lot better with my walking. I've been in remission for 7 months now. I was turned down by my family doctor to get an MRI and was told my lump was my fat. Its life changing and it was scary. I just wish I got diagnosed sooner before my legs were paralyzed.

  • Jacqueline Y. Ford
    Jacqueline Y. Ford   9 months ago

    Her Attitude is what keeps her alive!!! She is so Beautiful! GOD Bless her!🥰

  • Full Send
    Full Send   9 months ago

    My very close friend was diagnosed with cancer in his leg. He’s a junior in high school. After ten grueling weeks of chemo lasting 3 days each he needed surgery. They didn’t know if it would be a knee replacement or amputation. Thank god it was a knee replacement. He did awesome and now is in his final 30 weeks of chemo! It’s terrible seeing him like this and with no hair but I’m thankful that he is alive!

  • emily she
    emily she   9 months ago

    الله يشفيك يارب

  • Isaias Morales
    Isaias Morales   9 months ago

    I thought it was that one lady who pretended to have cancer but good thing it wasn't

  • Madeline L
    Madeline L   9 months ago

    My brother had non-hodgkins lymphoma! He was in kindergarten

  • Promise You
    Promise You   9 months ago

    Might as well I wish her a speedy recovery

  • PunnyMegan
    PunnyMegan   9 months ago

    That's the same cancer my mom had. She had to take something called red devil chemo which made her really sick.

  • Dana Burks
    Dana Burks   9 months ago

    Dance your ♥‿♥💙🧡💚Heart out Kim.

  • Kapin _bryan
    Kapin _bryan   9 months ago

    The ways she moves u wouldn't know she has chemo is bald

  • Debby Smith
    Debby Smith   9 months ago

    She is so strong even thou she has cancer so strong may help her true her sick bless up my sister all is not gone

  • Jay Khan
    Jay Khan   9 months ago

    Chemotherapy sounds fun, she is having a blast

  • R candy
    R candy   9 months ago

    Well thats another way to beat it

  • qigung
    qigung   9 months ago

    This looks like a hoax cancer story. No one has this much energy while undergoing chemotherapy. Regardless, what an annoying and self-absorbed narcissist.

  • Tito
    Tito   9 months ago

    She’s gorgeous... make a speedy recovery, Love ♥️🌹🌹

  • Juan A
    Juan A   9 months ago

    Even without hair she is still a very beautiful woman prayers for her recovery

  • mia
    mia   9 months ago

    ok but she looks better without hair

  • joe's channel
    joe's channel   9 months ago

    I guess shes ok then. GET OUT OF THE HOSPITAL!!