Inanimate Insanity Plays AMONG US!

  • Published on: 20 November 2020
  • Check out @jacknjellify's video: “If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge”

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    Inanimate Insanity contestants have joined to play Among Us! Who to trust, who to follow?! In Among Us, no one is safe from elimination. Are Nickel, Knife, Fan, Toilet, and Balloon up to the task? Let's find out who the impostor is in this UNSCRIPTED ADVENTURE!


    Inanimate Insanity created by Adam Katz.
    Series directed by Adam Katz, Taylor Grodin, Brian Koch, and Justin Chapman.

    Among Us created by InnerSloth

    VIDEOS EVERY SATURDAY!... Except for this week! Next Saturday, the “BE Knifed" saga continues!
  • Runtime : 17:27
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  • Ivayla Razhgeva
    Ivayla Razhgeva   8 hours ago

    toilet: OMG balloon nobody likes you>:)fanny: okay guys just calm down relax....toilet: HOW WILL WE RELAX NOW!!!!!fanny: BY NOT SAYING OMG BALLOON NOBODY LIKES YOU OF COURSE YOU DUMB IDIOT

  • Mattplayz X
    Mattplayz X   11 hours ago

    I’m so tired I I really wanted to see your vids then I found this

  • Saba Al Shami
    Saba Al Shami   13 hours ago

    Do more shows of this among us I know among us the game I have the app and I watched some crafts on it 😎😎

  • Chester Li
    Chester Li   1 days ago

    I hope BFB has a thing like this video

  • Ziagaming789
    Ziagaming789   5 days ago

    Did they stop making episodes or something?

  • Zer0Under
    Zer0Under   6 days ago

    Nickel has the option to leave the game

  • Pinka Playz
    Pinka Playz   6 days ago

    Fan: Nickel why are you chasing me around?!Nickel: Well uhh idk!Toilet: Maybe he just likes you!

  • Teauszaei
    Teauszaei   6 days ago


  • cili moon
    cili moon   1 weeks ago

    on the first round when knife was doing coms it was funny how everyone was just like " nope not going there, knifes there"

  • Alterroks
    Alterroks   1 weeks ago

    "You're a personal issue"-Balloon 2020

  • Jackson H
    Jackson H   1 weeks ago

    Toilet is 1of my favorite who is your favourite character

  • Ali Ammar TV
    Ali Ammar TV   1 weeks ago

    @AnimationEpic, this is how Fan are died! 1:49 When Knife reported it!!!!!From Ali Ammar TV "Gave me 1000 Subscriber!!!!!"

  • _Ghost3eD_
    _Ghost3eD_   1 weeks ago

    "Hahaha, yeah"beep"OOOOOOOOOOHH"

  • Oofsoo
    Oofsoo   2 weeks ago

    I wasn't surprised If knife was the killer. The fact that you made a remade of jacknjellify is really cool. Yall must be good friends

  • iris hawk
    iris hawk   2 weeks ago

    Toilet: I'm in medbayEvery humans needing to go potty: Naurto runs to medbay

  • Toy Teardrop Bfdi
    Toy Teardrop Bfdi   2 weeks ago

    Fan:Nickel why were you chasing me around!?Nickel:uhm I have to idea😅 Toilet:Maybe he really likes you :DNickel: -_- bruh he likes Test tube

  • cartoon cutie
    cartoon cutie   2 weeks ago

    Green is a circle tool and white is a knife cyan is a toilet red is balloon and yellow is uhhhhhh i dont know what yellow is it

  • Jerome M
    Jerome M   3 weeks ago

    The way everyone freaks out when everyone is nearby is the definition of me

  • Rudy Garcia
    Rudy Garcia   3 weeks ago

    Fan he sounds like he curly hair and glasses