The Try Guys Try To Survive A Major Earthquake

  • Published on: 04 December 2019
  • We're getting ready for the “big one”... just in case! We want all of you guys to be prepared too!

    For more information about how to prepare for earthquakes and other emergencies visit:

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  • The Try Guys
    The Try Guys   7 months ago

    For more information about how to prepare for earthquakes and other emergencies visit:

  • Itsparker c
    Itsparker c   4 hours ago

    Man, I bet you that the big ones coming this year, the worlds already falling apart, why not make that literal?

  • Sydney Walton
    Sydney Walton   20 hours ago

    When you don’t have to worry about this cause you’re in Florida but you have all the high temperatures, hurricanes storms tornado etc

  • Kay Martinic
    Kay Martinic   21 hours ago

    Hey! Chilean here! I survived a 8.5 earthquake and I tell you: after the earthquake you will be very disoriented. Go to you car, grab the little fire extinguisher to be ready for any fire that may occur (unlikely) and listen to the radio. Don't turn the motor on, just the radio. They will tell you what to do, and most importantly, they will tell you where the epicenter was, and list the casualties and missing people. Don't go inside and keep your family near the car and wait for the "Replicas" that WILL occur in the span of the next 5 hours. To calm kids down the next day you can go to your local store and ask for ice cream, they usually give it away bc the power is off and it will melt soon. Good luck!

  • Ari
    Ari   1 days ago

    Better not happen in 2020 i stg

  • Frankie B
    Frankie B   1 days ago

    american's old house: built in the 20's or 30'sBritish old house: built in 1842

  • Greysen
    Greysen   1 days ago

    Scientist: we're overdue for the big one2020: 👀

  • Kayla Starr
    Kayla Starr   1 days ago

    Me: laughs in NYAlso me: cries in blizzard and freezing temps

  • LittleCutie ABDL
    LittleCutie ABDL   1 days ago

    I am just watching this today right now hoping by watching i don't curse it to happen, anyone ever felt they were responsible for something by just watching? even though rationally they aren't, just maybe always in the wrong place at the "right" time...maybe the pandemic is getting to me but earlier in the year i thought and I ain't kidding at all, think whatever you like, that the world will be shut down from something and it happened. I've had premonitions of things that happened with the world or wished somethings many times and it happened. It's scary because they are passing thoughts and you remember having the picture in your head that you had them before, yet it's difficult as to how to put it into simple words. It's a weird feeling.

  • Gabriela Felix
    Gabriela Felix   2 days ago

    If a earthquake happen in Brasil, we are fucked (in Brasil that doesn’t happen)

  • Hi I’m Nani
    Hi I’m Nani   3 days ago

    Never realized how much of this I watch and how great it’s entertainment value is. The opinions of 4 totally different yet equally interesting people backed by a team that feels quite seamless. Great job! Will continue to be watching for years to come.

  • sis ter
    sis ter   4 days ago

    "How to survive an Earthquake"Laughs in PhilCries in Tsunami.

  • Meredith Wells
    Meredith Wells   4 days ago

    4:34earthquake guy: the door could knock you to the groundzach: laughs

  • - that one person -
    - that one person -   5 days ago

    "How to survive an earthquake"Me: Laughs in TexanOh- there's not really an "also me".

  • Empty ツ
    Empty ツ   5 days ago

    You know...I used to hate living in the uk but know what I think I’ll stay...😂😂

  • vena solo
    vena solo   5 days ago

    The next major fuck up thats gonna happen in 2020 im calling it rn

  • Shushii Roll
    Shushii Roll   6 days ago

    Ive experience my first earthquake when i was 8 yo. I was sleeping in my bed and when i woke up i saw the furniture shaking and then i was like : ok i guess ill die.

  • Cara Drabble
    Cara Drabble   1 weeks ago

    trt guys try living off the grid for 24 hours would be something I would love to watch

  • Just_me :P
    Just_me :P   1 weeks ago


  • Casey Davis
    Casey Davis   1 weeks ago

    We have small ‘earthquakes’ in McAlester, OK all the time. Why you ask? Bomb testing at the army ammunition plant.

  • Demon Eon
    Demon Eon   1 weeks ago

    The Big One: Hasn't happened.2020: Interesting

  • error_ dabi
    error_ dabi   1 weeks ago

    y’all i bet the big one is gonna happen this year

  • XC907skier
    XC907skier   1 weeks ago

    All Alaskans have had to deal with some sort of major earthquake

  • _TOM_
    _TOM_   1 weeks ago

    Everyone sitting on the couch: oh aha okay so we have to do this and thatNed: "legit being a dad"

  • Anes Ammardjia
    Anes Ammardjia   1 weeks ago

    Hell yeah 17 minutes straight of being in anxiety, like I don't fave any

  • Naomi Harland
    Naomi Harland   1 weeks ago

    Anyone else thought the expert looked like Gaston from beauty and the beast

  • Double_Cheequed_ Up
    Double_Cheequed_ Up   1 weeks ago

    "How to survive an earthquake"Me: laughs in FinnishAlso Me: cries in TORILLA TAVATAAN

  • Maddy the queen
    Maddy the queen   1 weeks ago

    I slept through an earthquake while my family was freaking out

  • themonsterfrombird box

    Me in the uk who will probably never experience an earthquake Write that down write that down

  • Elizabeth S
    Elizabeth S   1 weeks ago

    My dad got a first aid kit for Covid 19 it also had a whistle in it. We have now started calling it his "rape whistle" (before you all get mad at me I am a survivor I'm allowed to make those jokes). And we keep playing with it.