Multiverse: One Universe or Many?

  • Published on: 07 August 2014
  • The inflationary theory of cosmology, an enduring theory about our universe and how it was formed, explains that just after the Big Bang, the universe went through a period of rapid expansion. This theory has been critical to understanding what’s going on in the cosmos today. But now, this long-held notion—which seems to suggest as-yet-unproven and perhaps unprovable features such as the multiverse—is under increasing attack. Through informed debate among architects of the inflationary theory and its prime competitors, this program explored our best attempts to understand where we came from.

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    Original Program Date: June 1, 2013
    MODERATOR: John Hockenberry
    PARTICIPANTS: Andreas Albrecht, Alan Guth, Andrei Linde, Neil Turok

    Multiverse: In the Beginning 00:00

    John Hockenberry's Introduction 4:33

    Participant Introductions 6:35

    The Big Bang theory. 8:34

    The vacuum of space and the Higgs field. 12:33

    What is inflationary theory? 15:40

    What does the inflationary model explain? 21:36

    What is the experimental evidence of the multiverse? 26:22

    What is so exciting about the Planck satellite?31:56

    The CMB and what it means to a multiverse. 40:43

    What came before the big bang? 46:45

    Does string theory help predict there is a multiverse? 53:45

    Having no choice is a hard choice to make. 1:00:33

    Is the horizon of a black hole is much like the edge of the universe? 1:05:11

    Is there a difference between a multiverse and two universes colliding? 1:11:23

    Depending on infinity for predictions. 1:16:15
  • Runtime : 1:22:35
  • Multiverse One Universe or Many inflationary theory cosmology Big Bang rapid expansion science of the multiverse understand where we came from Andreas Albrecht Alan Guth Andrei Linde Neil Turok John Hockenberry CMB Planck satellite horizon of a black hole New York City NYC world science festival World Science Festival full program 2013


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  • SAJP
    SAJP   13 hours ago

    Indeed, a great panel and discussion, but some statements I find inexplicably nonsensical, like, “human thought is finite, so the universe must be finite.” Also, Turok has stated many times previously that ‘there are no gravity waves, so we will never find them’, but LIGO has indeed found them, so basically the credibility of his ‘simplicity of everything’ theories are now lingering somewhere around Kelvin’s statement, “Man will never achieve lighter-than-air flight.” How does he respond now? Very interesting.

  • John B
    John B   3 days ago

    The Universe is just One of so many, you can't count them... They are ALL produced by Program BOOKS , forming 'Holographic Simulations' displayed in a Display Register. of 'The Processing System of LIFE" .... LIFE ( AWARENESS ) "The Real Self" is the Observer, and does NOT represent or even look like any species, including the human species.

  • Ralph Latham
    Ralph Latham   5 days ago

    Sooo...they Universe is a ginormous CONDOM ...full of.....stuff?Sheeesh!

  • James Luckhurst
    James Luckhurst   1 weeks ago

    Bad video, bad concept, bad scripting. Just plain bad

  • FootPlaysStuff
    FootPlaysStuff   2 weeks ago

    my favorite part are the credentials of the guests

  • William James Rapp
    William James Rapp   2 weeks ago

    IF multiverses exist just imagine how immensely gigantic our own universe is that we can not see any other ( possibly equally immense ) universes floating around outside off our own.

  • Mark Mitchell
    Mark Mitchell   2 weeks ago

    Many.......different versions of reality...spheres in the foam of the multiverse

  • Millenial Musings
    Millenial Musings   3 weeks ago

    This is so speculative it's not even science anymore lol its just shower thoughts

    USA TAMONDOMUNI   3 weeks ago

    What Is Evolution? In fact, if you have a non-vicious vegetarian normal brain like that of Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and USA ta Mondomuni you don’t have to ask such a question to anybody so that you may know the correct answer to it. That is by cause the English word “evolution” is self-explanatory or self-definationary—it is from the Latin word “evolvere”, meaning “to open”, or “to unroll”, or “to unfold”. Thus, understandably and abovestandably, evolution is starting to exist and exploding or growing outwards—it is a conscious, or NOT an undirected movement or development from within a conscious yesthing, NOT ex nihilo or NOT from or out of an unconscious nothing. Otherwise, there will be NO movement, NO development, NO life and NO Universe (Unity) at all. Indeed, evolution is an existence or creation from or out of a conscious living thing or yesthing, NOT from an unconscious nothing, NOR out of an unconscious nonliving thing. What Are Nothing and Yesthing? The antonym or opposite in meaning to the word “nothing” must be my original word “yesthing”. The “thing” in “yesthing” and “nothing” literally means “assembly”, or “(that which is) assembled or created”, or “entity”, or “being”, that is, “an observable object that has matter or material (mass or energy), space and time”. The word “yes” in “yesthing is from the Old English word “gese” or “yea si”, which literally means “be it”. Therefore, “yesthing” literally means “be it a thing”, “be it assembled”, “be it an assembly or an entity or a being”, or “cause a thing to exist”. The word “nothing” or “nihilo” is “not a thing”. The “no” in “nothing” is from the Old English “na” (the wife of “no”?), the contraction of “nea”—“ne” is “not”; “a” is “ever”. Thus, the word “nothing” correctly means “NOT matter, NOT material, NOT energy, NOT space and NOT time”, or in short, if you love shorts or shortages, “NONEXISTENT”, or “not ever a thing”, or “not at any time an assembly”, or “that which is not and cannot be assembled or created at any possible case and time”. Thus, it must be a true truth that at all times, NO thing or NO object or being that has matter or material, energy, space and time could have been assembled or created or caused to exist or live from or out of nothing.Indeed, in nothing, there is NO matter or NO material, NO energy, NO space and NO time from/with which to begin to exist, emerge or evolve. `Therefore, the Latin old saying must be true that “Ex nihilo nihil fit.”—that is to say in English, “From nothing, nothing is formed [or created].” How plain! Therefore, it must be a true truth that ONLY from or out of the First Yesthing, who is our First Mother (First Matter, First Space and First Time), the true Supreme Being, could All the material things, like the hydrogen, you and me, in the so-called Universe, have been created or evolved, or caused to live, or brought about into existence. Therefore, it must also be a true truth that the conclusion of my fellow brilliant scientists and authors: “From nothing, our Universe begins to exist.” must be wrong or stupid. The correct and wise must be the reverse of USA ta Mondomuni: “From yesthing, our Unity begins to exist.” Thus, understandably and abovestandably, our First Mother must be the self-caused and self-created, NOT the material Universe (Unity) itself—that is contrary to the Unified Theory of some of my fellow brilliant philosophers and scientists. Thus, I tell you truly, our First Mother (First Matter) must be the one and only being, the Singularity of Stephen Hawking and other brilliant scientists, who came into existence through spontaneous evolutionary creation accompanied with the First Space, the very beginning of all spaces, and with the First Time, the very beginning of all times—‘twas more or less 365 billion years agone. Soon after that most special event, other living things, or yesthings, who are the material (mother-from) hydrogen atoms, our First Mother brought forth into existence by birth from or out of Her yesthing sexy body of infinite mass and energy (Almighty)—that is exactly what “nature”(“born”) is—NOT by creation from or out of the nonsense and nonexistent “nothing”. There Are NO Non-Living Things Etymologically, the English word “life” is from the Old Norse word “lif” and is from the Old High German word “lib”, which literal etymos, that is, true, meaning is “body”. That is the true truth that our “body” is what the word “life” means correctly originally, and it is what that word “life” must still mean today—it is one of the wise ways to live a truly meaningful life here on earth—and don’t get around it to look for another meaning for life—otherwise, you will become a crazy fool. It must be a true truth that there must be NO such “non-living matter”, or NO such nonliving material or substance, which my fellow brilliant materialists and evolutionists believed, from where what they wrongly called “life” arose and subsequently evolved or developed entirely by natural means. That is by cause material life or all material living things or entities, animal and non-animal, came ONLY originally from the living First Yesthing, the First Matter, by natural means. The very act of constant moving of all atoms in all materials, even in the pronounced “dead on arrival”, or non-living cement, gravel and sand, must be the sufficient proof and evidence:• That every atom, every material being or substance must be living or must naturally have an everlasting life and must naturally have self-consciousness, memory, mental life or intelligence a zillion times higher than the intelligence of the brilliant non-living-matter evolutionists and brilliant religious creationists. As such, just like us human beings, whose consciousness is due to the consciousness of the atoms, and who, without the direct direction of our First Mother, are able to design and make houses only by our own conscious selves, the material atoms only by their own conscious selves, without the direct direction of our First Mother, must also be able to design or create living human and non-human beings. In fact, we are all made up of immortal material atoms and it must even be a stupidity to question, wonder or quarrel about whom of the Gods or Aliens created us. In just a do-size portion of our material body, that is, life, there are about 10 billion everlasting, moving materialists, antichrists, socialists, communists, scientists and philosophers who are called “atoms”. That must even be the main cause why, with observational evidences, the materials or atoms in stupidly supposed “nonliving” things in nature have been known to arise, exist, evolve and to develop into millions of different kinds of possible material beings by “natural means”. What does “natural means” mean? The material hydrogen atoms of whom evolutionist Hoyle stupidly believed came from nothing and are non-living that make up 91 percent of our visible Unity, the wrongly called “Universe”, are actually all living and came from Yesthing. They are all brought into existence by the process of bearing in the supremely hot womb of our First Mother—that is why they are “material”, that is, “mother-from” in “nature”, that is, “born”. They were these born material hydrogen atoms that, by their own selves that are naturally equipped with the perfect negative and positive electromagnetic energies of consciousness, assemble themselves together to form first as helium atoms, the helios or suns, who are also mothers, in whose thermonuclear wombs all the heavy elements, such as carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms, are assembled or created, developed and produced. They are all the necessary immortal creatures to create the heavens and the earths, that is, planets, plants, people and all other material beings, but absolutely NO immaterial beings, such as elohim, jinns, angels, gods, demigods, devils and demons. Thus, clearly, there must be teleological purposes for the consciousness, immortality and evolution in our Unity (Universe) and/or in our lives, but definitely NONE of them is spiritual or religious. “Natural means” means “super-intelligent means” by cause being natural is really super. That is, that said “natural means” correctly means “by the evolutionary process of bearing in the supremely hot womb of the First Mother to bring forth Her offspring”, or “born of the true First Mother, the true Supreme Being”; and such a condition or state in life must be super, indeed, a zillion times super than being born (nature or natus) to or being a child of any king and queen of the United Kingdoms or of any kingdom in heaven. Thus, it is NOT even humbugging that we are all superhumans and all of us living materials did NOT evolve from things that are nonliving and that have no consciousness. NOR did we come to life from NOTHING and NOR do we go to death for NOTHING.

    USA TAMONDOMUNI   3 weeks ago

    Why Is There NO Universe? The ancient Latin-speaking people were the coiners of the word “universus”, the very Latin word from which the English word “universe” came. The word “universe” was first recorded in English on about 1325-75 of this Common Era, about a century before the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus (Mikolaj Kopernik) was born. The word “universe” literally means “against one’s self”. The Latin word “uni” is the combining form of “unus”, meaning “one”, or “usa” in Visayan. The word “versus” or “verse” is the past participle of the Latin word or verb “vertere”, meaning “to turn” – “to turn so as to face against something or someone or one’s self as an enemy or opposite” – must be its meaning that until now its past participle form “versus” literally means “against”. Thus, the English word “universe” literally correctly means “against one’s self”. However, the whole nature or creation of which Einstein, Hawking and all the other scientists and nonscientists had or have been calling as “universe” is “an orderly harmonious system” and “fine-tuned”, meaning correctly “that always all the material atoms and all their particles have been consciously operating in perfect true truths, wisdoms and unity”—it is their material and natural or inborn perfect negative and positive electromagnetic forces or laws that automatically guide them in all their perfect ways or activities Therefore, the whole nature or creation is NOT “against one’s self”, but rather is “in favor of one’s self” or “for one’s self”. Therefore, it is a true truth that the whole nature or creation is a “Unity”, NOT a “Universe”. This is the true Unified Science of the wisest atheist antichrist materialist scientist and philosopher USA ta Mondomuni—that is contrary to the Unified Theory of my fellow brilliant scientists and philosophers where they theorized that it is the material (mother-from) universe that brought about its own existence from nothing. Impossible! The suffix “ty” in the word “unity” denotes a state or condition. Thus, the word “unity” literally means “the state or condition of being one”; or “the state or fact of being united or combined into one”; or “a whole or totality as combining all its parts into one”. Thus, the Unity is truly a complete or perfect “orderly harmonious system” and “fine-tuned”. That is also why the Unity has been scientifically known now to be “the same everywhere” and “utterly homogeneous” and even if it can be scientifically proven wrong tomorrow, the true truth would remain that the Unity, the wrongly called “Universe” or “Against One’s Self”, has long been correctly called since the past when it was clearly understood by my fellow brilliant scientists and philosophers as “Cosmos”, a word from Greek “kosmos”, meaning “order”. Actually, before Hubble's discoveries in heaven, our Milky Way Galaxy was originally so-called the "universe" due to its spiral structure and was believed to be the one and only universe. But by the then the biggest, 100-inch-in-diameter, telescope, Hubble discovered that there are multiple universes beyond our own so-called universe. Thus, multi-verse or multiple universes have long been not a theory but rather a science---but that's if and only if galaxies are universes. Howbeit, in reality, the entire space does NOT contain any "universe", that is, literally "against one's self", but rather "for one's self" galaxies, which show that the entire space with its galaxies is NOT a universe, but rather a unity. Ergo, there is neither a universe nor are there multiple universes in reality. How plain!Surely, Stephen Hawking, or even Albert Einstein, did not know the correct answer to the question: • “Who created the Creator of the Universe?” That is simply by cause that question is itself fraught with wrong concepts. They are “Creator of the Universe” and “Universe”. I have said they are wrong concepts due to these following true truths: • That there is NO such a “Universe” created by a Creator; • That the so-called “Universe” is NOT a universe; • That the wrongly called “Universe” is a “Unity”; • That there is NO existent Creator of a nonexistent Universe; • That the so-called “Creator” of the so-called “Universe” is NOT a Creator; • That the wrongly called “Creator” of the wrongly called Universe is a “Creatrix”, NOT any male or masculine Creator God of any religion. Proof? See two of USA ta Mondomuni‘s 84 true Holy Books, entitled “Who Created the Creator of the Universe?” and “Why Is the True Supreme Being a Mother?” at Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to light up or make bright your mind like mine so that we could have Peace and Order or Cosmos, NOT Universe or Against One’s Self, in our world that can be easily kindled or set on fire to explode as a giant hydrogen bomb in a religious and political thermonuclear war. The So-Called Material Universe Must Be NOT Eternal NOR Infinite The so-called Universe must be definitely NOT eternal or NOT timeless NOR infinite:• Simply by cause the so-called Universe must be definitely the one and only born (natus or nature, NOT begotten) Child of our definitely one and only All-Loving First Mother, (the First Cause First Matter, First Space and First Time);• This our Supreme Mother must be whom my fellow brilliant scientist and philosopher Stephen Hawking described in a conceptual way as the “Singularity”, a point or being of “infinite mass and energy” (that is, “all-mighty” or “most powerful of all”), but “almost no size” (that is, “invisible” but NOT “spirit” or “breath”) with whom the material (mother-from) so-called Universe started to exist. Why Is There NO Mother Nature? A scientist is an expert in science, especially one of the material and natural sciences. So far, as far as I know, NO so-called scientist has ever known what “natural” or “nature” and “matter” or “material” are except me—incredible? The “nature”, which the so-called scientists and non-scientists have very long, long, long been examining, observing, and talking about, is actually the “all-seeing eye” through which they can look and see our true First Mother (First Matter, First Space and First Time), the true Supreme Being, who is the true Origin of all material things or beings and all phenomena, good and evil. The very word “nature” is from the Latin word “natus”, the past participle of the Latin word “nasci’, meaning “to be born”, NOT “to be popped up out of nothing” or “to be created ex nihilo”. Therefore, “nature” correctly literally means “brought forth by birth” or “born”. Born by whom? Born by the “Our Father which art in heaven” of Jesus and of all other wise real crazy fools? NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Indeed, the truly half-wise scientist says, “Mother Nature.”, but the truly wise scientist USA ta Mundomuni says, “Child Nature.”

  • New Guy
    New Guy   3 weeks ago

    It’s 11:00 o-clock and I am all up in my universe. 😏

  • Chyn
    Chyn   3 weeks ago

    universe is a sphere of nikola tesla 3,6,9 triangle inside geometry math of circle.

  • Chyn
    Chyn   3 weeks ago

    two colliding universe is same universe 1 and universe 0 as quantum entanglement in recycling between positive and negative charge. compare universes to ions

  • Chyn
    Chyn   3 weeks ago

    universe same as ion in quantum computing and inflation of universe is negative cold charge and acceleration of universe is positive hot charge. nikola tesla code 369

  • Ramaraksha
    Ramaraksha   3 weeks ago

    The question was answered right at the beginning with the example of evolution - we don't know how life started but once it did, life has exploded into the various forms we see today

  • Ramaraksha
    Ramaraksha   3 weeks ago

    For such a brilliant person, he doesn't know when to stop talking

  • VI VI
    VI VI   3 weeks ago

    It's always the math right?🤣

  • williamina vanbottle
    williamina vanbottle   3 weeks ago

    What is this film? He keeps talking about..."The Big Bang"Well, I'm game for anything as long as it's legal.So, talk to me about "The Big Bang" "A Ball Of Light."I'm all yours for the rest of the night...Completely.

  • BmoreTrading
    BmoreTrading   3 weeks ago

    Recall being in High School astronomy 20 years ago and my teacher going on and on about our universe. I asked could there be multiple universes? He said that discussion comes in college.

  • jason farley
    jason farley   4 weeks ago

    And the less we know..the more we have to learn

  • Liquid Donkey
    Liquid Donkey   1 months ago

    I should be in the universe where I get paid to watch YouTube

  • Dentist
    Dentist   1 months ago

    Sometimes scientists are bored thats why they keep on bringing of new theories

  • Rob
    Rob   1 months ago

    It is 2 universe. On one side of the black hole is the singularity/big bang in the beginning, the opposition is the end of time. We are in a loop, like 2 mirrors facing one another.

    CHERUBIM   1 months ago

    Great asmr for sleeping let me tell you.

  • James Stone
    James Stone   1 months ago

    was dark matter and/or energy part of the singularity? does dark energy push mass away from it like magnetic poles do? if dark energy wasn't a part, was it already expanding itself and lowered the 'pressure' on the singularity it had repelled into a singularity earlier allowing it to burst, then filling in the voids created pushing it apart?

  • Angie Lala
    Angie Lala   1 months ago

    Dr Greere was waaay ahead of his time/ ditto!You’ll never get it if your ego don’t get it 🧀

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis   1 months ago

    "Multiverse" is the LEAST provable idea any human has come up with exactly because it requires going outside this universe. Even Satan cannot do that.

  • Tuomo S
    Tuomo S   1 months ago

    People, you need to read your Bible! God created everything! Jesus Christ is the only way!

  • Will Arnett
    Will Arnett   1 months ago

    "The more we think we know about/The greater the unknown..." (RUSH)

  • Alicia Milam
    Alicia Milam   1 months ago

    No big bang theory..the true God of heaven made earth and he describes how He did it in the BIBLE dont lie to people life hard enough without all the genesis chapter 1 2 and 3...then read matthew 24 where God warned of pestilence covid 19. .next wars famines the mark of the beast revelations 12 n 13 this is demonic to make up such things n people wont read the bible to know truth .look up tulsa all his descoveries...they found the particals of when God called all things to be..frenquencie look up tulsa rice video .these atiest scientist even steven hawkin in the wheel chair b4 he died tapped into something thru the cern machine and admited b4 he passed there.. is a God..its scared him so bad down there he stoo his studies but they scientist pick it back up n they think guys they opened a portal to let the bad fallen angles come big bang just God heaven hell the devil and u a see if covid didmt show people that its all true Gid real Jesus all true i beg u all go investigate ask God to show u..n the get baptized full body in water not sprinkled live right..and read the whole Bible start at matthew..then find the lost books of the bible they took out to hide more truth .one more thing if God not real y they tryig to track down Christ bloodline?? God commin and its supper exciting we are trying to tell u totol holy ghost TRUTH.there afterlife only for the one who believ in the God of HEAVEN..n God made us that no matter how bad we all have a measure if faith change our minds dont be decieved what do u have to loose guys??

  • Nathan Lea
    Nathan Lea   1 months ago

    Could Singularities, black holes and big bangs all be different words for the same thing?As this is an absurd suggestion, let me dumb it down for the mathematicians...IfBlack Hole = Singularity AndSingularity = Big BangCould Black Hole = Big BangIf Singularities are required at all, could their role be to transfer information in the parent universe (as a black hole) to energy in the child universe (starting as a big bang and continuing to feed it with dark energy)? Would this naturally result in an evolving multiversal family tree with information (like DNA) being preserved throughout the conversion process guaranteeing life as a by-product of a highly evolved universe?

  • Iron Head
    Iron Head   1 months ago

    Most definitely many, how many people do we have living on this planet? For each 1 is someone’s world, replicating the earth, and it’s features. Not only we have people and memories, we have recorded history and computer databases that holds records on everything, and everyone, it’s also possible it’s a type of a prison planet. But it’s not, God and the universe are 1, the universe is the gods mind, and along with that we have many people with minds, therefore we have multiverses, that spread out like a network, also we have a box theory going on at the same time.