I Found The New Biome in Minecraft! (Nether Update) - Part 41

  • Published on: 25 March 2020
  • the new nether update in minecraft is epic lads
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  • Runtime : 19:28


  • Vasi Jojo
    Vasi Jojo   4 days ago

    He made the world now he is destroying it

  • steeeve
    steeeve   4 days ago

    Felix in the next episode:* Standing in full enchanted netherite armour *So I did some mining off camera

  • Adam
    Adam   4 days ago

    15:50 he says fluge svamp which is amanita muscaria

  • Flaming_ Artemis
    Flaming_ Artemis   1 weeks ago

    Felix: "Disgusting nameless cat"Me: Isn't that cat version of Sven?

  • Lion Patrol Gamer
    Lion Patrol Gamer   1 weeks ago

    "disgusting nameless cat" he literally named him 2 episodes ago

  • I drink milk
    I drink milk   1 weeks ago

    Any one know the sound track at 8:16 to 10:00 ?

  • Carol Nalda
    Carol Nalda   1 weeks ago

    filex leveas minecarft his animals cryi noth crys cave uptate crys to

  • Gacha squid
    Gacha squid   2 weeks ago

    pewds: the nether got an update?me: must be one hell of an update

  • Marceline Duwana
    Marceline Duwana   2 weeks ago

    "Don't hurt me I'm Swedish and I'm nice"Me=yeah... Sure you areflashback= OMG UR A NAMELESS DISGUSTING CAT I THOUGHT U WERE ULLA BRITTA!!! "

  • April Madrid
    April Madrid   2 weeks ago

    Does enyone notice he got enderpearls in first trade?

  • April Madrid
    April Madrid   2 weeks ago

    Does enyone notice he got enderpearls in first trade?

  • cole thomas
    cole thomas   2 weeks ago

    Pewdiepie will you always be my friend?Please answer

  • Radioactive Squirl
    Radioactive Squirl   3 weeks ago

    there is a new mob called strider if you ride on it you can walk in lava

  • marblERkin
    marblERkin   4 weeks ago

    PewDiePie: *trades with piglins and first try gets ender pearlsSpeedrunners: :(*

  • rohan sdev
    rohan sdev   1 months ago

    Actually pewds look like doctor strange with small hair

  • Caiden Funnell
    Caiden Funnell   1 months ago

    Those unzombifinde pig people are known as piglins and they flex on you and are dumb dumbs

  • Lospereye
    Lospereye   1 months ago

    The charm of his first Minecraft series is returning a bit! I just miss water sheep