I Found The New Biome in Minecraft! (Nether Update) - Part 41

  • Published on: 25 March 2020
  • the new nether update in minecraft is epic lads
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  • Runtime : 19:28


  • タクン
    タクン   7 hours ago

    You speak japanese sooo good :D

  • rotted_cereal
    rotted_cereal   15 hours ago

    "Crying is for crying people" Me: thinks of him when Lee died

  • The Banana
    The Banana   1 weeks ago

    Felix: when was the last we got a new biome Me: 1.13

  • Yoo
    Yoo   1 weeks ago


  • Nikola Milev
    Nikola Milev   1 weeks ago

    Atleast he knew that he needed to wear gold in the nether update

  • Aiman Hakim
    Aiman Hakim   1 weeks ago

    When u look at his minecraft world....u can see he’s genius and creative

  • Hanz Salazar
    Hanz Salazar   1 weeks ago

    the meatball is now called bitten meatball

  • Noah Chen
    Noah Chen   1 weeks ago

    Pewds: gets such rare fire resistance potion pewds agian: drinks potion and never uses it for good things

  • Dheer Jain
    Dheer Jain   1 weeks ago

    You should make a spawn in netherworld world

  • Anime.person
    Anime.person   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone notice one of the pigmans traded him nethirite ingots but he didn’t notice and pick it up

  • Mateusz Antoniewicz
    Mateusz Antoniewicz   1 weeks ago

    I will ask you one question: Do you eat empty meatballs?As I thought

  • Puppet N pals
    Puppet N pals   1 weeks ago

    Is it just me or anyone else miss the zombie pigmen? The piglins aren't the same....

  • yexotic gaming
    yexotic gaming   2 weeks ago

    Pewds : no don't push me off Also pewds 2minutes ago : drinks fire resistant

  • Mr.Chicken Mr
    Mr.Chicken Mr   2 weeks ago

    bro you gor four netherite ingots from trading and you don't seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????

  • dittocopys
    dittocopys   2 weeks ago

    16:45Dream: I wonder how I will change speed running.

  • anton xd5
    anton xd5   2 weeks ago

    Hello piewdiepie i from Poland and i thanks polapotola this is she name in Minecraft

  • Lemon Guy
    Lemon Guy   2 weeks ago

    Pewds: sing a nice song while u flyPewds again: sings a whole worldMe: ILL MINE ALL DAY ILL MINA ALL NIGHT ILL MINE NON-STOP TIL THISE DIAMONDS ARE INSIDE

  • Edmar Infante
    Edmar Infante   2 weeks ago

    Did you guys didn't knowdist and you too pewd the three piglins they traded you netherite

  • bhagath pillai
    bhagath pillai   2 weeks ago

    felix: i am a friendly personproceeds to shoot the piglins with the bow

  • Just An User
    Just An User   2 weeks ago

    Lol when Felix was trading with the pigmen ,one of them dropped 2 netherite ingots and Felix didnt even notice

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man   2 weeks ago

    felix i'm filipino and bulbul means girls pp hair

  • Kueh Rou Tiin
    Kueh Rou Tiin   2 weeks ago

    crying obsidian is a rare block, be pleased you got it in return from the piglins.edit: accually i dont care felix do what u want