Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack - Season 5, Episode 8 - Full Episode

  • Published on: 23 May 2019
  • This episode includes: Falcon Lake UFO, Inside Frontera, UD: Loving's Lost Love and Disappearing Dad.
  • Runtime : 45:47
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  • René' Cruz
    René' Cruz   1 weeks ago

    Seen this in the 80s! 🛸🪐👽👾

  • Mandy Côté
    Mandy Côté   1 weeks ago

    Corruption is part of manInherited from Adam and Eve Rebellion which is disobedience with God who is the Great Creator

  • Mandy Côté
    Mandy Côté   1 weeks ago

    don’t speculate it’s government they are in cohorts with Satan the hater of man

  • John Smith
    John Smith   1 weeks ago

    God his son reminds me so much of that comedian Jim Breuer.

  • ApatheticBroadcast
    ApatheticBroadcast   2 weeks ago

    Williams-Loving's story always kills me. bless her and bless fred lyle

    BIG SEXY   2 weeks ago

    Even tho I'm grown the song or theme if you here it like 2 or 3 in the a.m. still gives me the chills.

  • Lee JG Anderson
    Lee JG Anderson   3 weeks ago

    I Hope I Get a Miracle In My Life❣️🌟😌🌟😌🌟😌🌟❣️

  • DJ B-Illy
    DJ B-Illy   3 weeks ago

    Ufo stories righhhhtt haha. I’m gonna just stand there and speak to the aircraft lmaooo

  • Hilda Martin
    Hilda Martin   3 weeks ago

    They always send some one to space why not they come here

    NATURAL SPIRIT   3 weeks ago

    The UFO was a probe and it was getting fuel from the Earth .Could have came from the future also. 300 years or more

  • Juan Rivera
    Juan Rivera   3 weeks ago

    There would be tire Mark's if kidnapped

  • Sarah
    Sarah   3 weeks ago

    The late Steven Hawkins once warned us about contacting aliens and how they might get rid of us on sight similarly to the way Christopher Columbus did when he invaded America....

  • lisabeth crawford
    lisabeth crawford   3 weeks ago

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if that "flying disc" were a giant drone. Made by who, I wouldn't know. Possibly some US government experience or something from another universe flying through and periodically stopping and taking samples. Who knows, but my guess is as good as anything I've heard so far🤷🏼

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith   4 weeks ago

    Win I was a kid my mom would have me watch this show with her and this dude scared the shit out of me especially win they had the ghost story's on I would shit my pants but my mom loved it and now that I'm grown I love scary shit thanks mom

  • Thomas Howard
    Thomas Howard   4 weeks ago

    Lol the first one with a UFO is a hoax and he just wanted to be the center of attention for the video.

  • Bennett Stephenson
    Bennett Stephenson   1 months ago

    Maybe Steven Drinks too much alcohol fells and hert himself a drinking man see the world upside down

  • Troy McCain
    Troy McCain   1 months ago

    That old man had a nice acid trip 🤣

  • ghost mode
    ghost mode   1 months ago

    Listen to Steven's son at 14:20. He doesn't say "my Dad," he says "Dad" to the camera and audience. As if we're part of his family. Never trust anybody that talks to you like this. This is a huge giveaway that someone is full of BS.

  • ghost mode
    ghost mode   1 months ago

    First Steven tried English. When his English received no response, he tried Russian. Then Polish, and then German. And then Steven tried French, then Spanish, then Portuguese. Then he tried Mandarin, Latin, Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew, and then Steven tried Hindi.

  • J.London
    J.London   1 months ago

    Lol i thought that was Chris Chan in the thumbnail

  • Jorge Kago
    Jorge Kago   1 months ago

    What year wast this episode? How long was the Americans in denial about foreign intelligent life for 1960's - 2010?? I'm not sure I'm asking? Are they up with the rest and confessed yet?

  • Jorge Kago
    Jorge Kago   1 months ago

    The Russian guys son still only wants to accept two of the three possibility. It's not explained or it's governments playing with two crashed ships. Not the most likely which is it's an non earthly foreign intelligence attracted to the radioactive location. And maybe the government guys just missed it. Or maybe it's another location. Maybe the ship had returned to the same location..

  • P
    P   1 months ago

    Fred Lyle was a saint

  • Naved Kool
    Naved Kool   1 months ago

    We need more Fred Lyles in this world

  • K. Kato
    K. Kato   1 months ago

    I love the creepy intro music.

  • edward gorton
    edward gorton   1 months ago

    Wow I wasn't expecting this to pound the nostalgia button the way it did. Loved this show as a kid

  • Vince Bella
    Vince Bella   1 months ago

    You fuckin bitch why didn't you call the F.B.I...