Patrick Mahomes, LeBron James, Lakers/Celtics, Zion Williamson (1.21.20) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast

  • Published on: 21 January 2020
  • Topics
    ► Patrick Mahomes (0:15)
    ► LeBron James (25:03)
    ► Delonte West (50:55)
    ► Cromartie vs. Revis (59:20)
    ► Lakers/Celtics (1:14:06)
    ► Zion Williamson (1:24:40)
    ► Jaylen Brown's dunk on LeBron (1:32:48)
    ► Mahomes' jersey sales (1:42:39)
    ► Harden's slump (1:50:08).

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    Patrick Mahomes, LeBron James, Lakers/Celtics, Zion Williamson (1.21.20) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
  • Runtime : 1:52:55
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  • Cody Fast
    Cody Fast   8 months ago

    “Somebody threw something at briny because he doesn’t like LeBron” Say who...¿ lmao Some young kid did a kid thing to another kid who has more attention around him than others, but NOTHING AT ALL implies that the kid didn’t like LeBron.. smh lol How’d LeBron get the most attention out of a young kid throwing a piece of paper at Bronny lol

  • Kake Kutter
    Kake Kutter   8 months ago

    So people pose to miss out on their kids life because of a job that's CRAZY...misa your grandparents funeral over a practice not a game PRACTICE smh....then say he wrong for prioritizing his family over winning wtf smh

  •   8 months ago

    Good point by Shannon I never thought of it that way. Then many other people on the team are gonna say we’ll wait a minute! My kids have a soccer game

  • OgPage
    OgPage   8 months ago

    Some QBs playoff stats are padded, it's easy to get wins when your playing scrub teams in the wildcard round

  • Tyson Tucker
    Tyson Tucker   8 months ago

    Damn y'all talked about lebron his son and his dad back to back to back 😂😂😭😭

  • B F
    B F   8 months ago

    The Fakers got smoked by the Celtics and Lebron got bodied by Brown plus the Fakers have a losing record against the top 5-10 teams in the league.....

  • CrazyBoi 888999
    CrazyBoi 888999   8 months ago

    Lord forbid a black man takes time to hang with his kids 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • CrazyBoi 888999
    CrazyBoi 888999   8 months ago

    Soon as skip said he doesn't have kids his statement became irrelevant.

  • Sancho
    Sancho   8 months ago

    Shannon roasted em. Straight facts bout Brady n QBR, and PFF

  • D Wood
    D Wood   8 months ago

    1:32:53 😂😂😂😂

  • Sandman247
    Sandman247   8 months ago

    Another example of old and moldy LeBron James

  • Jmccan21
    Jmccan21   8 months ago

    lakers scared me with that loss against the celtics,

  • Krum Parvanov
    Krum Parvanov   8 months ago

    Lebron James needs to be a great parent too 😋