Forbidden memes - YLYL #0065

  • Published on: 17 September 2019
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  • Runtime : 13:27
  • SATIRE Forbidden memes memes pewdiepie meme pewds pewdie pdp meme review ylyl you laugh you lose you laugh you lose pewdiepie try not to laugh


  • Savannah Herrera
    Savannah Herrera   57 minuts ago

    I hope you have a great day person scrolling through the comments. I would appreciate if you would view my recent video. You are loved :)

  • yoman 5054
    yoman 5054   19 hours ago

    06:11 exaclty, see the thing is Maria does not age.

  • Baicus_IL
    Baicus_IL   1 days ago

    The dog is acually dissolveing

  • ALosh iQ
    ALosh iQ   1 days ago

    3:24 looks like siren sound

  • Gustav Levein
    Gustav Levein   1 days ago

    12:28 Notice the saw being a swedish Clas Ohlsson saw

  • tiny gremliin
    tiny gremliin   1 days ago

    Pewdiepie: you're probably sitting on an explosive gas chair right nowMe: just vibing on the floor

  • Mepose
    Mepose   4 days ago

    Time right now is 4:20

  • btrglm
    btrglm   1 weeks ago

    1:28 Reminds me of Connor slapping Hank to wake him up

  • rainxddrops
    rainxddrops   1 weeks ago

    pewdiepie lost 456.4k subs on this day. why?

  • UnlikeZero
    UnlikeZero   1 weeks ago

    Why do Laugh at myselfCause I AM the joke..

    AWESOMEMAN 3407   1 weeks ago

    Pewds: "Get off your chairs now!"Me: Laying on floor "Bold of you to assume I have money to buy a chair."

  • Debojyoti Laskar
    Debojyoti Laskar   1 weeks ago

    8:37 - 9:00 is the best advertising strategy i have ever seen in mywhole life

  • skrwYU
    skrwYU   1 weeks ago

    9:40 floor gang was born

  • batsoop
    batsoop   1 weeks ago

    id give noodle girl my noodle ;)

  • ThatGuyJames !
    ThatGuyJames !   1 weeks ago

    You could buy a pc, a trash pc none the less, but a pc for 399Edit: but the chair is obviously a much better investment obviously much better send help please

  • Ran-Dumb Boi
    Ran-Dumb Boi   2 weeks ago

    Video: “Nice”Pewds: “We did it”Video: “Honorable mention”Pewds: “NOOOOO”

  • Straw Hats
    Straw Hats   2 weeks ago

    3:33 I must bleach my eyes and drown myself in holy water

  • KC K
    KC K   2 weeks ago

    Keep up the good work

  • ZoiZoi
    ZoiZoi   2 weeks ago


  • marmick mathur
    marmick mathur   2 weeks ago

    The chair fact I didn't know it I learned something new today

  • Yuan Garcia
    Yuan Garcia   2 weeks ago

    Pewdiepie idk or anything I've never subscribed to him before

  • Senu
    Senu   3 weeks ago

    2:15 song?

  • Bloop Blah
    Bloop Blah   3 weeks ago

    I threw up after pewds played the girl sucking a noodle through her lip for the 3rd time🤢🤢🤢

  • Jean Chen
    Jean Chen   3 weeks ago

    I think its so funny that after the bridge incident everytime the word comes up he goes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  • Nehan
    Nehan   3 weeks ago

    That guy with the cake meant it was doracake then he gave it in oven then its doremon

  • Tony Vee
    Tony Vee   3 weeks ago

    the add that I watched before the video started was a pewdiepie G-fuel add

  • nvnn
    nvnn   3 weeks ago

    epic gamers

  • Bhonnyhop
    Bhonnyhop   3 weeks ago

    Imagine the honable mention is noodles.

  • Katt Vlogs
    Katt Vlogs   3 weeks ago

    What was he spraying the roach with???😂😆😅