• Published on: 21 March 2017
  • We blindfolded and brought each other to some crazy places.

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  • Runtime : 11:27
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  • Kate Norvell
    Kate Norvell   6 days ago

    I love how they use a lu lu lemon headband as their blindfold xD

  • Tanmay Jain
    Tanmay Jain   1 weeks ago

    Romeo Lacoste: This is my first time with a blindfolded person Everyone: First time? Are you sure?

  • liv johnson
    liv johnson   2 weeks ago

    The outro music tho. Something about it make me so happy 🤣

  • ugabuga bugauga
    ugabuga bugauga   2 weeks ago

    Anyone else on a quarantine edition Dolan twins marathon😂??

  • Addison Lyons
    Addison Lyons   2 weeks ago

    I’m a lion lol I’m so bad at making jokes. Like if you get what I mean.

  • Betch Teehee
    Betch Teehee   2 weeks ago

    3:22 can we just take a second to appreciate how FINE Grayson looks

  • Amelie Bureau
    Amelie Bureau   3 weeks ago

    urgh i can’t even watch romeo right now he disgusts me 🤮

  • Libby Costin
    Libby Costin   1 months ago

    You guys are so awesome!! Keep up the amazing work uploading such funny, creative videos that make so many people smile every day! Through such hard times, your spirits are so high and that makes everyone who watches you happy too. You guys deserve everything you have and you should be so proud of how far you have come together. Keep up the awesome work!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Maryam Mohamed
    Maryam Mohamed   1 months ago

    7:50 Ethan is always screaming for help 😂🤣🤣🤣I cant breathe

  • Ita Gallaher
    Ita Gallaher   1 months ago

    roses are redviolets are bluei'm on a Dolan twins marathon and so are you

  • Shookkxxkie
    Shookkxxkie   1 months ago

    I love how they cheered when he jumped off the high dive😂

  • Gianna Styles
    Gianna Styles   1 months ago

    Ok but like the fact that Grayson can firemans carry Ethan

  • Ramy Farah
    Ramy Farah   1 months ago


  • brooke julia
    brooke julia   1 months ago

    grayson is such a cute little bean 🥺🥺

  • P e a c h y
    P e a c h y   1 months ago

    I just had the worst experience ever........my cereal is stale 😔✌🏻

  • madison banks
    madison banks   1 months ago

    9:46 when some starts coughing next to me. No corona

  • raena
    raena   1 months ago

    Someone call up Carole Baskin

    SILVER   1 months ago

    THE BOYS went way far with this!! Absolutely loved it! Also the tatt with E in a heartNarrow! Awwwww..sorry not sorry, gray! Haha!

  • Nicole Serrano
    Nicole Serrano   1 months ago

    9:08 omg that is exactly why grayson is my favorite person ever

  • Freeda Ziegler
    Freeda Ziegler   2 months ago

    No one:Absolutely no one:Ethan at 0:52 *makes a zombie noise *

  • Maja Popovic
    Maja Popovic   2 months ago

    "are you going to give me a breast implant or something" - Grayson

  • Alessandra Contos
    Alessandra Contos   2 months ago

    Who else is watching all there old videos while in quarantine?

  • Kaci Rushton
    Kaci Rushton   2 months ago

    2020 binge watching Dolan twins? Anyone? No? Just me ok! 😂 quarantine??

  • Jasia G
    Jasia G   2 months ago

    10:56 had me dying! Anyone here during the COVID-19 outbrake?

  • Ikram Hassam
    Ikram Hassam   2 months ago

    Did anyone knows the CONTRACT SIGNATURE!?

  • Hi T
    Hi T   2 months ago

    rewatching old dolan videos cs of quarentine @ 1:37am

  • antonia calvilla
    antonia calvilla   2 months ago

    Omg that one at the water park imagine someone pushing u off like a cliff and you not know omg my heart dropped