Dyno Testing $5,000 Worth of ELECTRIC Turbos! Double the BOOST!!!

  • Published on: 05 December 2019
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  • Runtime : 19:17
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  • Tony Hancock
    Tony Hancock   2 days ago

    double to the lean outs and double the holed piston crowns. what about fueling?

  • Ol i
    Ol i   2 days ago

    Thanks for the test.How much will it gain for already normal turbo V6 engines?

  • biggetl
    biggetl   2 days ago

    You can buy a complete GM crate engine with 330 hp for $5000.

  • mike burns
    mike burns   3 days ago

    So what's the draw about electric turbos? Instant boost?

  • stimul8
    stimul8   1 weeks ago

    Pick up a late RX8. Try these suckers on a rotary.

  • Jason Schlencker
    Jason Schlencker   1 weeks ago

    Great vids mate. I would like to see a vid of 1 turbo verse 2 of those turbos on a 3.6l quad cam vvt v6 high compression engine like in my 2008 Commodore Omega, which is the same as your Pontiac G8. It is a smooth revving engine. Regards, Jas.

  • Brevillance
    Brevillance   1 weeks ago

    i feel like a car built and fabricated to use these (and better piping...lots of obstructions in that Y) could possibly see some solid gains....worth 5k? na, but on something better built to handle them they might actually do fairly well who knows

  • Gepard mic
    Gepard mic   1 weeks ago

    i like to see that on a VW Lupo L3 :-)

  • Carlos Oliveira
    Carlos Oliveira   1 weeks ago

    Pode parar sua busca. Eis aqui o comentário Br que você procurava 😂😂😂.

  • Ludger Dawood
    Ludger Dawood   1 weeks ago

    Tgis guy is cool, I thought turbo was initially to choke the motor cleaning the gunk out with gas but hey this sure look fun

  • GenTech Mike
    GenTech Mike   1 weeks ago

    Having four grown men in it at the track probably doesn’t help

  • Liquor in Front Poker in Rear

    This is great! Its time to up grade the Lincoln LS...Hey guys, check this out! Thailand is, I think, king of turbos. They would make Gail Banks proud, if they purchased Banks turbos. But these guys run nothing but turbos. A Mitsubishi 4 cylinder diesel with 4 turbos under the hood and 3 in the bed of the truck w/ Nitrous. Also, check out these toothpicks [boats] they race on the river in Bangkok. All have small motors with turbos that are amazingly fast. Anyway, I thought you might like this so here's a link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37aQO8bp3HM&t=426s&ab_channel=CBMedia [15 minute video, mark 3:30] ..And a link to these boats. You're going to love this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kB0qtd6IVOc&t=178s&ab_channel=CBMedia

  • Remutar 69
    Remutar 69   1 weeks ago

    Is it bad that i wanna put Something like that into a Civic hybrid ore honda cr-z. I mean... why not?

    DEAN WATERS   1 weeks ago

    I think you should couple up another 💥

  • Ed Willoughby
    Ed Willoughby   2 weeks ago

    I am very interested in what this would do on a 3.8L that already makes 350 hp. Yes, a Genesis Coupe . Is that too much to ask?

  • Vincent Harwood
    Vincent Harwood   2 weeks ago

    Good to see young men having good clean fun the lack of gloves eye protection is sad .Some of that Chinese crap could slice your face off. It not properly riged or guarded. Hope they don't damage the self's or others

  • Grant Ashmore
    Grant Ashmore   2 weeks ago

    Would it work on a hybrid car. if you could make the turbo 120v and hook it to the hybrid battery?

  • james
    james   2 weeks ago

    You need a twin compound set up. It would only be another $5000 in electric superchargers.

  • james
    james   2 weeks ago

    You need a twin compound set up. It would only be another $5000 in electric superchargers.

  • Christopher Morgan
    Christopher Morgan   2 weeks ago

    You should press and release the button in sync with the shift points. Giving the battery on the unit a second to charge back up

  • Garrett Cook
    Garrett Cook   2 weeks ago

    Ok since u got 2-3 tq amps on hand have a 4cyl vs v8 vs v6 build off with you electric turbos etc... That'd be cool af!!!

  • OpAfCasey
    OpAfCasey   3 weeks ago

    So Check this what if you made a pulley system on turbo so instead of being powered by the exhaust how about the motor it’s self like a blower?

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith   3 weeks ago

    Doesn’t the Freedom factory have a drag strip

  • Shockz HD o
    Shockz HD o   3 weeks ago

    Seems like a good porno I would like to watch

  • Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel   3 weeks ago

    discovery science channel white apron it looks good mythbuster 9:38

  • chip turd
    chip turd   3 weeks ago

    He looks like he has make up on