AMONG US but it's Ace attorney

  • Published on: 17 September 2020
  • This is how every meeting plays out in among us. Probably the only Among us meme and among us animation I'll ever make.
    Soundtracks are Ost's from Ace attorney

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  • Runtime : 1:18
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  • Litho Laboratory
    Litho Laboratory   23 hours ago

    Among Us but everyone just runs the meetings through AO

  • Jacob Barker
    Jacob Barker   1 days ago

    Lawyers and Prosecutors will still never be this cool.

  • Jack
    Jack   1 days ago

    red sussss 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • TheHeraSquad
    TheHeraSquad   1 days ago

    Im pretty sure red is edgeworth only cuz of his animation and his voice when saying OBJECTION! & Take That!

  • Nilanjan Mallik
    Nilanjan Mallik   2 days ago

    People in private lobby: Literally lawyers with 10000 IQ People in public lobby: absolutely 0 IQ

  • Amir Rawnak
    Amir Rawnak   2 days ago

    The chat you wanted when you joined a public lobby:

  • EdDit
    EdDit   3 days ago

    А почему там написано rus хотя видео не на rus

  • azis cakep
    azis cakep   3 days ago

    Oh My Goh Blue Is So Genius Beat Impostor Ass Kicked Out from The Space ship

  • Emre 1
    Emre 1   4 days ago

    Comment Us: Sus is everyoneThe Game

  • Nikki Green
    Nikki Green   4 days ago

    Black looks kinda weird cuz of how black is basically black and the outlines are too not to mention the brows

  • Brent Brent
    Brent Brent   4 days ago

    I hate to be a party pooper, but I just noticed this and decided to comment it. 0:19 "And what about you, blue?" Well actually that's cyan 1:01 "The storage and admin room are polar opposites on the map!" And uh, no they aren't. they are basically right next to each other. 1:06 You would had no way to make your way from admin all the way to storage! Um, actually you just would have had to walk down a very very short hallway from admin and then you are in storage.

  • Rüzgar Kaya
    Rüzgar Kaya   5 days ago

    Cyan:Phoneix WrightRed:Miles EdgeworthBlack:Mia FeyYellow:Franziska Von Karma

  • Zylan
    Zylan   5 days ago

    Among us players in this video: EinsteinsAmong us players in the actual game:Blue:vote redGreen:KViolet:KYellow:KRed: WTF*Red was not the imposter*

  • Zeno Kwon
    Zeno Kwon   5 days ago

    among us : sus for all - the imposting turnabout

  • Mark Imbing
    Mark Imbing   5 days ago

    Red: calls cyan blueMe: “Wait, that’s illegal.”

  • Yeh_undertale_yeh
    Yeh_undertale_yeh   5 days ago

    Yellow: you have no way to make it from storage to adminMe: wha- it’s literally like 2 inches away!

  • Howling Moon-chan
    Howling Moon-chan   5 days ago

    One problem,the admin room is next to the storage it’s not polar opposites.

  • Black Out9358
    Black Out9358   6 days ago

    Anyone know the song in the first half of this video?

  • Zayar201
    Zayar201   1 weeks ago

    Bruh that’s wrong it’s cyan 0:01

  • Ghghgh 1337
    Ghghgh 1337   1 weeks ago

    Редко встретить такую качественную и креативную анимацию от русского автора.

  • Moonblasted
    Moonblasted   1 weeks ago

    OBJECTION!Storage and admin are not polar opposites. If you go up, then go right. You walk into admin. TAKE THAT!

  • Олексей Creator

    почему тут английский а не руский вроде как тут название видоса ace atorney RUS ну и на английском почему так?

  • Les Racz
    Les Racz   1 weeks ago

    Bruh the admin room and storage room are connected but at least you tried tho this is a good joke just add a little more sense

  • Marianox 364
    Marianox 364   1 weeks ago

    They banned me from a lobby just because I say Objection a lot

  • Grebnedu
    Grebnedu   1 weeks ago

    0:38 It is at this moment, he realized, he f*cked up

  • Grebnedu
    Grebnedu   1 weeks ago

    0:27 "Very poor choice of words"

  • Rick Astley
    Rick Astley   1 weeks ago

    But Storage and Admin are right next to each other..

  • Diana Masterson
    Diana Masterson   1 weeks ago

    Are they on the skeld or on Mira hq i mean they say that admin and storage are polor opitsits then at the end it shows the skeld so idk

  • Quak
    Quak   1 weeks ago

    Wow... well, in servers with randoms it's a different story. One time I did prime shields & medbay in front of someone and they called and emergency meeting saying I faked shields, even though it lit up... there was no excuse too since visual tasks were on... and they were crewmate. That's just pure stupidity.