2 Year Old Controls Our Lives For A Day! Ft. Elle

  • Published on: 16 April 2019
  • We were feeling too adult like so we let a 2 year old control our lives for a day

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  • Runtime : 24:41
  • Dolan Twins 2 yr old controls our lives for a day elle ace family ethan dolan grayson dolan


  • Roohi Gill
    Roohi Gill   10 hours ago

    why does elle lowkey look like lily-rose depp

  • tori loehn
    tori loehn   11 hours ago

    20:17 a spongebob ice cream bone truck 😍

  • Erin Mckenzie
    Erin Mckenzie   13 hours ago

    Ethen holding el’s hand is the cutest 🥺

  • frito
    frito   13 hours ago

    Two 6’ foot men walking in ridiculous outfits holding hands with a two year old 🤣🥰

    JAZZ PALACIOS   17 hours ago

    when it came time to tell elle a bed time story lol

    TAYLOR THE PIG   1 days ago

    bro grayson is gonna be a good day i mean ethan too but gray just hit different i want a kid so bad and i’m 14 haha

  • trv96
    trv96   1 days ago

    16:15 Elle screams like Catherine does xD

  • sana amer
    sana amer   1 days ago

    is that red from oitnb at 12:46 ?

  • Zoi Ward
    Zoi Ward   2 days ago

    OMG! Both Dolan twins would be great dads one day!!!! ☺️😍😍

  • Lilia Carnal
    Lilia Carnal   2 days ago

    Ethan and grayson being father material for 20 minutes straight.... anyway did yall see how HUGE they look compared to ELLE?!?!?!?!

  • Jane Rizk
    Jane Rizk   2 days ago

    I'm just waiting for when she grows up and watches the vid.

  • Ms. Purple
    Ms. Purple   3 days ago

    it might be so cute when they having a baby sister

  • Ms. Purple
    Ms. Purple   3 days ago

    hope for more videos with elle with other siblings in ace family

  • Meggles Flair
    Meggles Flair   3 days ago

    No one:Me on my first Dolan marathon:(liking every video before watching so they get the clout they deserve)

  • nochuu
    nochuu   4 days ago

    the fact that a 2 year old can pick better outfits than me says a lot

  • Levon Davis
    Levon Davis   4 days ago

    Nobody: Dolan twins: remember that one time with the tue tue

  • Izzy B247
    Izzy B247   4 days ago

    they would be such great dads

    ISABELLA FAY   4 days ago

    my advisory teacher was in that shot with the contact lense solution

  • micsfabz
    micsfabz   5 days ago

    im literally crying at the height difference sdbgfjhakkdnfk she smol :'> 2:04

  • Nguyen Mi
    Nguyen Mi   5 days ago

    I’ve watched this video since its first dropped and not until now did I realise, that’s Elle from the Ace family 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • j r
    j r   5 days ago

    Ethan's ice cream 😂

  • Ciara O'Neill
    Ciara O'Neill   5 days ago

    so im just rewatching some videos and i just REALISED something. they went to the store, and unless they walked, the had to take a car. which means that one of the twins had to strap he into her seat( probably gray because we all know how he is) IM CRINE

  • Taylor
    Taylor   6 days ago

    85 is not hot i live in arizona it is 115

  • AbigailXoxo
    AbigailXoxo   6 days ago

    Elle is literally making them her slaves 😂