Survivorman Bigfoot | Willow Creek | Episode 5 | Les Stroud

  • Published on: 14 December 2020
  • Les tracks Bigfoot in the ancient red cedar forests of Northwest California.

    Sixty miles in-land from Eureka, California sits the land of the Hoopa Valley Tribe. Here, the wide trunks of ancient red cedar trees stand like old guardians; their disorienting and protective branches stretching for miles towards the northwest sky. It’s easy to get lost here. And this old forest is dangerous. It’s the densest black bear territory in California…and a hot spot for Bigfoot activity. Les heads back out into the wilderness in search of Sasquatch. Les isn’t a believer – not yet. He needs irrefutable proof. He’s got to catch one on film. The town of Hoopa is swimming in Sasquatch stories. Les sifts through the evidence, talking to the locals, looking for signs, and attempting to invoke an encounter.

    Directed By Les Stroud
    Starring Les Stroud

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  • Runtime : 43:38
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  • Leslie
    Leslie   6 months ago

    This is the video that made me want to immediately subscribe to this channel! Do glad I did..I've been binge watching older videos all day!! Love your channel❤️🙏

    BAMA SQUATCH   23 hours ago

    Love this area . My. Favorite survivor man episode

  • Jamahl Ketchell
    Jamahl Ketchell   1 days ago

    Sorry to burst everyone bubble but this white man will find nothing and don't believe anything a white man will tell you about bigfoot. Want answers talk to any local indigenous tribe!

  • thick as a brick
    thick as a brick   1 days ago

    Maybe Bigfoot is the remnants of the line of cain from the bible. Cursed to walk the earth forever and marked so they're shunned by all humanity. The curse is why we cant find the proof.

  • Gary Krugman
    Gary Krugman   1 days ago

    Les. i have been a bigfoot believe for a long time. Its been 42 years since that time happened,but will never forget it. This happened on the niobrara river south of spencer nebraska about 5 miles. At the time the river was really low but there was a main stream of the river that was apprx. 20 feet wide and about 5 to six foot deep. The average big man couldnt of crossed itto save his soull. I was hunting geese on the river with a friend of mine and we were on a sand bar right along the main channel. Wehad set out a few decoys and were beded down for night about 1 ocklock in the morning. There was nature at its fines everything was making noise. And the moon was as full as you could get it. You could walk and see your shadow. But a few minutrs later it was just like God shut the record player off. Every thing went deathly quiet. My buddy and i got up and was looking around and spotted a creature walking on two feet from our right to left. It was apprx 200 foot away from us. I looked at my friend and we both spoke profanity. But we both realized that this creature was going to cross the river. Well it hit the river and instead of walking across the stream it walked up stream. there was white water coming over the top of this creature. It went apprx 100 feet and crossed the river and went up into the hills and into the cedars. To our shock amd amazement we didnt try and find it or any tracks. But it had come out of a group of trees. with swamp between it and the river. I am assuming that it was traveling up the river to the rocky mountain.

  • XxMadManxX
    XxMadManxX   2 days ago

    I love how open minded Les is and more of that is desperately needed in todays world. I’m the same way logical yet still spiritually open.

  • Steev Thompson
    Steev Thompson   3 days ago

    If I selected an area of woods and had you go there on a certain date and time etc, I bet you I could stay within sight of you for 24hrs without you having a clue where I am. And I’m just a guy sat in my stupid house, so imagine Sasquatch who are born live and die in the woods and pride themselves like samurais on their woods skills and evasion technique mastery. They probably spend years competing together to develop their gifts. Anyone familiar with the yellow stone footage of bigfoots walking bear buffalos? Some claim it is just humans but idk it gives me weird vibes and they look very tall to me. I feel like I’m seeing a group of brothers or close friends who grew up together and have challenged each other for years.

  • Wes Robertson
    Wes Robertson   3 days ago

    I've never understood why everyone keeps sightings to themselves because everyone would think they're "crazy"... I'd be telling everyone.If your standin in line at a Circle K behind a Bigfoot buying two monsters, a pack of Newports, and gettin 10 on pump 2... You might be Crazy.If your at a friends house and you look over to see a Bigfoot layin back in the recliner playin Mortal Kombat...You might be crazy.If you finally get a bigfoot in the bed of your truck and drive around town showing off the first squatch body yelling about how "this assholes been getting into my garbage every week for the past year and driving off in a tank!" Then claiming they live in your backyard building tanks, choppers, and ordering munitions from overseas and are planning on a military takeover hence why the government is killing them off. And you get a life sentence for murdering a garbage man. You might be crazy.

  • turbob18c1 em1
    turbob18c1 em1   4 days ago

    How the hell could we put something in a zoo that outsmart humans?

  • Nick Garlick
    Nick Garlick   4 days ago

    I really wanna see one... on camera. Not in person haha

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User   5 days ago

    Wtf ... Les , 14 commercials on this one video ... are you getting paid for all of these ? If not , Youtube is taking advantage of you and your experiences !

  • Robert Myers
    Robert Myers   5 days ago

    I might say maybe just don’t see the puzzle is complete .

  • Alex Deremo
    Alex Deremo   5 days ago

    Interesting consideration:The two splayed toes phenomena. What if it isn't splayed toes and they're a smaller footprint hidden in a larger footprint. "Step in my steps to hide our numbers"Also, near the end you're talking about a big hollow tree and they're knocking on it. Then a big hollow tree falls to reveal dry wood? Maybe it was trying to help you the whole time and y'all were just as dense as the trees you couldn't knock on?

  • John Barichello
    John Barichello   6 days ago

    They are a people. Sasquatch are human not modern human but none the less human. Blacktail are the most elusive deer species on N. American cont.

  • El Duderino
    El Duderino   6 days ago

    Wow this was the best one I've watched so far. I've had almost all those things happen to me before sometimes under really strange circumstances. I believe this also was no coincidence. Great stuff Les 👍

  • MrHammyHunter
    MrHammyHunter   6 days ago

    I'd never heard of Les before, but I'm binge watching now. Loving it.

  • David Pringle
    David Pringle   1 weeks ago

    You can absolutely tell that little drunken Indian woman is making that story up.

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith   1 weeks ago

    Always loved and respected Les, but never realized he sounds a bit like Dexter. Now I'm having issues watching these with out thinking about Dexter in the woods hunting Bigfoot. "He may have alluded the researchers, but he won't allude me. Eventually his time will run out...."

  • Arnulfo Gonzalez
    Arnulfo Gonzalez   1 weeks ago

    I think that there's some bigfoot"s that don't mean no harm to humankind and there's some that want us in there's like back in the days when some of the native Americans were willing to help the new arrivals pioneers and their were some native Americans that didn't want the new arrivals here....

  • Lester Gillis
    Lester Gillis   1 weeks ago

    "Twisting action" is how they dispatch deer once they have been caught. There have been deer bones found that have been broken by "twisting".


    100% I believe demons where messing with the cameras but then Your guardian angels knocked over the dead tree to provide You all with dry wood. The knocking was most likely the big foots alerting that You all were there.


    Native American cultures just think they are mystic spiritual because they are so elusive but we are talking about the strongest animal on Earth that a Zoo cannot contain as well as a primate that could possibly live to be 100 years old for all we know just like a snapping turtle or a tortise, and with that being said their may not be a large number and could even be endangered for all we know then on top of that they are in all of these endless valleys of land which Your right is a needle in a hay stack. And they probably burry their own when one dies, they most likely are the smartest animal as well. So in 20 more years we could end up finding dead bodies of these things when the population grows. Just like the giant Squid they said was also a myth in the 1700s, no one believed except for the salior out on the seas who seen them first hand. Now with modern boats we see them on sonar radar. Also they have washed up dead on shore and the entire world heard about it because of technology and media. Bigfoot will be well known soon, as a large Gorilla, not a decendant of Man but a larger version of Ape. Thats it.


    Pretty strange that the Scientific community rejected Todds videos as fake and its even more disturbing that the Government and Scientific community seem to both be quick to deny the millions of sightings of both UFOs and Bigfoot, for what reason do they cover this stuff up? Bad people the Government and Disshonest Scientists are, to hell with their BS agenda which is crooked and makes the millions of normal honest people who have seen these portrayed as loony or crazy. Also God gave Us Mankind full dominion over His Earth and not the bigfoots. God made the bigfoot as well and ofcourse they are to be respected like any other beast of the feild but they dont have dominion we do so we can go any where we want broken branches or not. Great video. Im sure the bigfoots are wonderful creatures as well.

  • Nicholas Soullier
    Nicholas Soullier   1 weeks ago

    At 16:21 there is a scream in the video, right as Les pauses as he is talking. Listen with headphones or crank it up. It is so clear!

  • American Girl
    American Girl   1 weeks ago

    @8.14. What kind of tree marking is that on the right? Extra camera person this time, eh? Hi Max!

  • J W
    J W   1 weeks ago

    Where do they LIVE? They must be underground. I think they are somehow related to the Nephelim. DNA was taken, came back as Human mychodral DNA, woman. NO HUMAN MALE DNA! THEY ARE SUPERNATURAL. THEY ARE SPIRITUAL. GEN 6. BOOK OF ENOCH. THESE ARE SENTEINT BEINGS. IVE SEEN UP CLOSE FILM OF DAYWATCHERS. NATIVES USED TO TRADE WITH THEM!

  • animeAJ productions
    animeAJ productions   2 weeks ago

    Do you love your parent/child? Prove it with physical evidence. You can amass all the verbal examples you want, but there is no physical evidence that love exists or is real. You can choose to not believe love exists or is real all you want, regardless of what anyone says, because its your choice to believe what you want to believe is real.Revealed religion is an extremely poor analogy for why believers must provide proof to those that choose to skeptics.

  • Drew Roe
    Drew Roe   2 weeks ago

    Spirit was beating it's drum in anticipation of the passing of your test... 🙏

  • Git'Er Done
    Git'Er Done   2 weeks ago

    Ouff, good one! The only skeptical thought I may have had was that maybe that tree that fell was the dead head making the knocking noise. But if the noises continued after your fire was started, you KNOW, that's not the case. And I'm 100% a believer, just to be clear. But I'm also an Empath. When you said you were provided with dry wood, I was in tears because I knew instantly it was a gift and you had proven your worth. I'm also sure you found one of their, "knock," trees. Nothing more will send out that hollow thunk than a big ol' hollowed out cedar. That bark looked pretty beat up from the outside too.And it also just came to me that that's exactly the reason why they haven't had to interfere with you Les. You respect the woods while you're in there, you don't need to be reminded. 🎯❤️🇨🇦

  • Chad Whitfield
    Chad Whitfield   2 weeks ago

    Notice how Les here continues to say he's not saying one way or the other if bigfoot exists? It's because if he claims they do then he can be sued for all the "evidence" his crew fakes for these.

  • ymimad49
    ymimad49   2 weeks ago

    I personally believe they are hybrid creatures. partly this world, partly supernatural, which is why they can hide from us, why we never get real proof, dead bodies, etc. nephilim-type creatures maybe. they are real, but they arent all natural, they are supernatural.

  • Charles Quick
    Charles Quick   2 weeks ago

    Never underestimate The Grate Creator.... We are living in his creation...we either Respect The Grate Creator and his world and his world of nature or we fail his test of life!

  • froglaps40
    froglaps40   2 weeks ago

    I bet fewer people have seen mountain lions breeding in the wild than have seen Bigfoot/ sasquatch.

  • Ziggy Stardust
    Ziggy Stardust   3 weeks ago

    Too many variables added.For electrical problems bring an engineer.Col.John Patterson faced a seemingly unsolvable problem in Savo, Kenya.Had he listened to all the reasons people were saying people were dying, he would have failed to figure out the truth.Good episode Les.

  • Alex Leiby
    Alex Leiby   3 weeks ago

    The only thing keeping the “hoopa” economy going

  • Jay Decker
    Jay Decker   3 weeks ago

    Tear scrip of underwear to get fire going

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown   3 weeks ago

    Spooky vibes theiugh my pho e screen. Its so arrogant to insist denial of other species in these parts all around the Planet. Our children and theirs need to be aware of these truths. Our Ancestors knew and respected these Unknowns. We should too. God bless from Scotland. 💙🙏🥀