BFB 1 but loser never shows up

  • Published on: 21 June 2020
  • Oh no Loser got lost lol) What they do? finnd out (FANMADE)

    for the 0.01% who haven't seen BFB 1 before this video, or if you forgot what happened in the first 2 minutes of the original, WATCH NOW

    also, the apology in the credits is solely directed to the voice actors of said characters [ i am physically incapable of replicating your voices well sorry guys :( ]


    again this is fanmade, whether or not this is actually how bfb would play out without loser is beyond my knowledge, this is just my take

    (also maixi is me lol)
  • Runtime : 23:48


  • Zaiga34_ LiamAiden
    Zaiga34_ LiamAiden   11 hours ago

    Really pencil. Why did you do thi- WHY did you do this WHY! WHY

  • Kendy Gaming
    Kendy Gaming   1 days ago

    15:16 they altenate too is dada, baba(Dora sound)

  • Linda Patlan
    Linda Patlan   2 days ago

    I’m going to your job in five I am going

  • l0ser
    l0ser   2 days ago

    ALT TITLE: BFB 1 but Loser never shows up and most of the characters got done going through puberty

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man   2 days ago

    Now this is pretty amazing

  • Ozzy Baba
    Ozzy Baba   3 days ago

    If it’s [A] real thing well, let’s just say I will watch you career with great interest, you won a subscriber

  • Caribou
    Caribou   4 days ago

    I wish this became a series

  • rainbowpiggy goldpiggy

    I have two questions when are you going to make an episode 2 and I vote for teardrop

  • Stepher Reyes
    Stepher Reyes   1 weeks ago

    You forgot to fix his arm there was one arm missing

  • Jenna Holt
    Jenna Holt   1 weeks ago

    The voice differences kill me on the inside when I hear them

  • bfdi films
    bfdi films   1 weeks ago

    You should make this a full series