Match the Pet to the Owner | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on: 09 January 2020
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    A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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    Match the Pet to the Owner | Lineup | Cut

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  • Runtime : 10:12
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  • defxsoul
    defxsoul   5 hours ago

    The fact that I've owned every single one of these animals at one point in my life

  • cereal aka hep
    cereal aka hep   11 hours ago

    There is always that one person in a cut episode that everyone talks about in the comments

  • Arthur Shutts
    Arthur Shutts   20 hours ago

    “They have the same daddy”“oh ,WOAH”

  • Kclar
    Kclar   20 hours ago

    "is this a sonic?" 😂

  • Baby Bath
    Baby Bath   22 hours ago

    As soon as he picked the pig up I was screaming “PUT THE PIG DOWN” 😭😭

  • SERVER1992
    SERVER1992   1 days ago

    Does the “weird girl” have an instagram??? 😶😶😶

  • LittleSparrowChirps
    LittleSparrowChirps   1 days ago

    That lady who was guessing was so rude and made so many unnecessary comments. I don’t understand why they let someone like her on set if she isn’t very personable. I believe most of the comment section agrees, it was really quite annoying to hear such snarky remarks.

  • Andrea Saviour
    Andrea Saviour   1 days ago

    I'm more interested in the Hedgehog Girl and the Bird Boy.

  • Abbie A
    Abbie A   2 days ago

    When he jumped I jumped 🤣

  • ashish arayath
    ashish arayath   2 days ago

    The guy who have worked in a veterinary hospital seems hiding a lot of his emotions. He doesn't seems like him self. There's something or someone he wanted make happy by being someone else.Am no psychologist, just the stuff I felt from the way he behaves. Seems like he thinks 100 times before he do a jester.

  • ashish arayath
    ashish arayath   2 days ago

    Snake owners are weirdos?Why would people say that?I love snakes more than my family


    if the rude girl read this, i only wish her that her she shall not find her charger anymore, same with the airpods. I hope that she shall have soaked socks every time it's raining. I wish that everytime she pees in a public restroom, i hope it's always full and out of water and toiletpaper. I hope some random bird take a poo on her windshield ( if she even had a car lol ) every single day. And lastly, i hope she will have bad results everytime she do her hair in salon so i suggest to do it yourself : ) have a nice day young lady.

  • LikeWhatIzzy
    LikeWhatIzzy   3 days ago

    Woman: who doesnt love bacon?!?laughs in muslim

  • kennny
    kennny   3 days ago

    So, this is your bird.Asian dude: Yes, this is my bird.Me with a green mind: 👁👄👁

  • Miss Rose Le
    Miss Rose Le   3 days ago

    When I heard the dragon was named Bumi I was like OMG AVATAR

  • Pumpkin Magik
    Pumpkin Magik   4 days ago

    I live with my parents right now but when I’m gonna get my own apartment I’m gonna buy a rat :)

  • Rosie Cottons
    Rosie Cottons   4 days ago

    The two girls on the left were giving me reptile vibes

  • bebistoesucka
    bebistoesucka   5 days ago

    The girl who owns the snake IS SO BEAUTIFUL 🤩😍

  • Yoko Banana
    Yoko Banana   5 days ago

    I owned three snakes. I’m definitely not like, a “ weirdo “

  • Federica Mottadelli
    Federica Mottadelli   6 days ago

    Lol uhm I absolutely love snakes yet there's nothing particularly weird about me, I'm easily grossed out (not by snakes though) and I'm definetely not a gamer. Stereotypes my old friends.

  • jdro.r
    jdro.r   6 days ago

    4:45 “Woahh this niggas tryna kill me” 😭

  • Tatum Shane
    Tatum Shane   6 days ago

    Wth do I know someone with every single pet featured

  • Tatum Shane
    Tatum Shane   6 days ago

    I could not eat bacon while owning a pig

  • Tatum Shane
    Tatum Shane   6 days ago

    My aunt has three goats and They are freaking adorable

  • Shyla Pollard
    Shyla Pollard   6 days ago

    No-one guna talk about the shade the girl threw calling a pig arianna Grande lol

  • mana daveta
    mana daveta   1 weeks ago

    The girl seems dumb, hedgehog classified as a rodent, a python tryna kill her, nahhh sis bye

  • The Pikas
    The Pikas   1 weeks ago

    The gurl in the crop top is cute and im 12

  • spooked mgooked
    spooked mgooked   1 weeks ago


  • ella glover
    ella glover   1 weeks ago

    How did a bearded dragon BITE her??? Bearded dragons don’t have teeth and they don’t bite. They are one of the chillest reptiles.

  • Saijai Soon
    Saijai Soon   1 weeks ago

    My mom had A LOT of SNAKES she had like more than 6 and she said she even saw a purple snake

  • RydPlayz Tyrity
    RydPlayz Tyrity   1 weeks ago

    When somebody pcks up the pigthe pig: SCREEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM