BFB 8 but its cursed

  • Published on: 26 February 2021
  • absman :
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    Creator of bfb (aka jacknjellify) :

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  • Runtime : 10:39


  • Fourtle
    Fourtle   2 months ago

    Original episode made by jacknjellify : : video is a test to see how many likes/dislikes will i get

  • Kayla XD 2009
    Kayla XD 2009   2 weeks ago

    0:05 Who's that in fries?!? I really need to know.

  • imanina binti naimulah
    imanina binti naimulah   1 months ago


  • Zackwithn
    Zackwithn   1 months ago

    3:33 When you fell down from heaven

  • YB
    YB   2 months ago

    3:33 its not firey speaker box its hamod hadidi

  • Teardrop
    Teardrop   2 months ago

    I saw the if you see this you are cool

  • Teardrop
    Teardrop   2 months ago

    I saw the if you see this ty are cool

  • Diana Thomas
    Diana Thomas   2 months ago

    Wut de β€œfour” is this......IT’S FUNNY πŸ˜† you are so cute πŸ₯° with your fourtle picture

  • Elijah Le
    Elijah Le   2 months ago

    I noticed bubbles mouth is gray, that really β€œmatches” this curse :)

  • 110 games
    110 games   2 months ago

    This is the most cursed cursed bfb episode i ever watch

  • Chris Meloche
    Chris Meloche   2 months ago

    I was expecting the intro to have realistic objects

  • blody animation
    blody animation   2 months ago

    A hint for us fourtle why did you say if you read this, you are cool sign