I Fixed 17 of BFB's WORST Animation Errors

  • Published on: 23 February 2021
  • I Fixed 17 of BFB's WORST Animation Errors

    In this video I Fixed 17 of BFB's WORST Animation Errors!
    It took a while, but the video is done! Also don't harass the BFB Crew about this, everyone makes mistakes.
    My Discord servers: https://discord.gg/ARC4b5tDpH​ and https://discord.gg/ZgX5SpHVR4
  • Runtime : 8:4
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  • Aiden-Bella-Babi y
    Aiden-Bella-Babi y   3 days ago

    I actually noticed tge foldy and woody disappearing one maybe in 2019 i also noticed tge pen opening eyes 2ice too and the broken background and the only puffball and yf talk AND The fj having no mouth

  • Katey yay
    Katey yay   1 weeks ago

    3:16 Ahem?! WHERE'S BELL'S STRING?! Fix. It. Now UnU3:00PM 4/9/2021

  • Paul Ashikanen
    Paul Ashikanen   2 weeks ago

    Mistake 2: Firey not burningIn the episode, Firey is not burning his wavies.

  • Paul Ashikanen
    Paul Ashikanen   2 weeks ago

    Mistake 1: Pie’s mouth is brokenIn the video, Pie’s mouth is cutted 1 side of it.

  • FlamerGamer49
    FlamerGamer49   2 weeks ago

    1:35 stapy hi 1:42 Wait wasn't stapy just there? How did he disapper

  • Orange Guy
    Orange Guy   2 weeks ago

    David having 4995 votes is an error, as it is too many votes for David Stickmin to have.

  • ket YT
    ket YT   3 weeks ago

    grey limbs (that i never notied befoe) TRULY is a wost mistake EVER

  • Myclvex
    Myclvex   3 weeks ago

    yknow there can be reasons on how these arent mistakes a ton of these probably aren't even mistakes!!

  • Koby King
    Koby King   3 weeks ago

    On the last one there were no mistakes because X arms was on the paint

  • snakYT
    snakYT   3 weeks ago

    Most of these mistakes are better before they were fixed and most of these mistakes require OCD to notice

  • Wyatt Johnson
    Wyatt Johnson   3 weeks ago

    BFB: has not noticeable mistake arch fly: THIS IS A THREAT TO ALL OF BFDI

  • Paytmation Gilrtronic

    What about in bfb 14 the grass patch on barf bag disappears and for some reason the lava reversed it was in the hole then it was not so bomby can say it just intered the hole just make it where it did not enter before bomby said it

  • Liy
    Liy   1 months ago

    are you using ibis paint x to fix it

  • Mr. Donut
    Mr. Donut   1 months ago

    i feel like thes arnt reel at the same time,i havent wacthed bfb in a while

  • Kirami Mioka
    Kirami Mioka   1 months ago

    2:33 I'm not sure if this is really different... It is same btw.

  • Max Jurado
    Max Jurado   1 months ago

    There is actually some mistakes in the fix that part. you can see that bell string doesn’t have a string in the twinkle part and also pause the video because there’s a frame I have to show you in @3:54 you could see that Bell string changes but you will have to pause the screen at the right frame and then you can see what I mean

  • Senk Studios
    Senk Studios   1 months ago

    In mistake 5, u forgot that bell didn’t have her string u should have fixed that

  • Aiden Alexander
    Aiden Alexander   1 months ago

    1:48 I got some pause luck. On Saint Patrick’s Day.

  • Team Oofers
    Team Oofers   1 months ago

    when ballony got pop by stapy his limbs and head should have not just dissapeared

  • Kendy Gaming
    Kendy Gaming   1 months ago

    I Think Mistake 8 is cause forgot to change limb color after make limb of dora